Posted by: sharingyoochun | November 15, 2008

[Vid] DBSK – Wrong Number Official MV

can’t breathe! Somebody help!!!! DBSK are tooooo hotttttttttttt Now uploading HQ vid and will share with u in this blog ^^

credit: yuulinajoongie@YT

Download MPEG (HQ)

File name: TVXQ – Wrong Number – [sharingyoochun]
mediafire | sendspace

Image Hosting by

credit: yoobin-HQ.skyrock + sharingyoochun@wordpress


  1. ok dear rite here waiting hehe. i saw it just know and i also cant breath with Jay lying on the floor aish must do something. and yunhooo what a hot man in the bathtub. dont forget junsu expression of the charisma look hehe love it

  2. Chompoo:

    Unnie now i am downloading…vid not sure if it’s MQ or HQ but gonna share it with u though….grrrrrrrrrrr i have a big problem accessing to my mediafire from work (night shift)

  3. OMOOOOOOOOO……….I dunt lyk Daddy U-No here………..*Mommy Jae kick me*aaaaaawwwwwwwww

    But, Thanks for sharing dis one onnie yah….

  4. Wow…just finish watching the mv…
    Its really shock me that suddenly Jae Joong oppa rap in the song..then follow by Yunho oppa..^^
    Usually its Yoochun oppa will rap alongside with Yunho oppa..
    But its ok….i love the way Jae Joong oppa rap..^^
    And wow…Yunho’s oppa body are awesome…hehe

  5. OMG! it’s out! my hearts beating so fast right now,, i’m so downloading the MV! yay!!! thanks so much!

  6. OMGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!Yunnie in a tub,i wanna 2 join in.Jae on the floor 0-0
    damn slick dance move

  7. *sighs* know what,, no matter how hot yunho looks on the tub,, i just can’t get my eyes off of yoochun,, he’s to shiny to me,, kkk

  8. yunho is killing me here!!!

    love jae`s rap … he sounds really great/hot!!

    love this mv … it shows dbsk`s masculine and elegant side aaaaah.. jut love it !

  9. thank u so much..i cant wait to see this HQ=ish..lolz..i love love this mv..and SU was just breathless!!!

  10. Chompoo:

    you girls are going insane (just like me last night) still in progess of finding u the HQ vid (and streaming it myself) I’ll upload again in this page okie (sticky my butt to withyoonho clubbox now)

  11. LOL,, ok, you guys can totally ignored me now, coz i posted too much comments here,, but,, just noticed that wrong number audio on the MV is actually a different version from the album (vers A & B, dunno bout the one on vers C),,
    there, i said it,, kkkk cheers!

  12. Shinta:

    eeh?? Cheongmal?!! I will listen carefully then (later, but,,hehe coz now my lappie is far awayy from me.

    Hey, dun worry about leaving many comments here! We’d love to have em all! I so love you guys who spend some of ur time typing for us ❤

  13. changminnie getting more HOTssss in this MV… *dies*…
    yoochun clear crystal skin…
    uknow hot body…
    junsu charismatic look…
    *do it again and again and again!!!*
    jaejoong lower cut shirt…
    *rolling around the floor….*
    thanks a lot allowing me to download tis MV…

  14. Hi there… i have problem to download the mv… it stated that “The key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on Mediafire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or Mediafire.”

    is anybody have same problem with me or just me only have this problem…


  15. Shinta:

    Fiffy… I have checked the links, both of them, are fine… I dunno why did that happen to you~

    sorry.. maybe try again later on? maybe when u tried it before there were a lot of ppl accessing it so it’s down or something?

  16. thank you very much for sharing unnies!!!
    Yunho is soooo HOT…
    I wish Yoochun was driving…
    coz somehow Junsu (in my idea) didn’t suit driving!! ^^

  17. omoooo!! ommoo!!
    i cant breath…
    my nose starts to bleed…

    these boys really know how to make our heart beat faster,and make us go wild n crazy!!

    i agree wit all da comment above..
    i’m so glad i dun have a heart attack..
    or else there will be a headline in msia newspaper: “A 19 yr old girl got coma cuz watching DBSK Wrong Number”
    notice how i promote them too??

    p/s: sorry to chompoo unnie,shinta unnie n legra unnie..cuz i start to talk nonsense here…

  18. whoaaaaa……gotta download it…..faster2x..

    to chompoo-khap khun kap

    to shinta-makasih banget yaa

    to legra-thank you very2 much….

    huhu….can’t wait to have the hq mv….=]

  19. […] Download Mediafire MQ avi/wmv or HQ MPEG « TUGAS E-TECH 2 CHARLI 51007011 (BAB III) […]

  20. jae joooong!!!!!!!!!

  21. Junsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……

  22. i want the dl link! T-T

  23. Chompoo@j3sslyn

    kindly go to our exteen link (scroll up)

  24. Thanks <333

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