Posted by: sharingyoochun | January 31, 2009

[MP3] Wasurenaide (a capella ver) + Bolero (Piano ver)


So… I just found these mp3: Wasurenaide (a capella version) and Bolero (piano ver).

Wasurenaide (a capella version) is an official track, as hidden track (okay, so it’s not a hidden track, lol thanks to ICD for telling us so) is just a ripped mp3 taken from Wasurenaide song in Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide single. So it’s confirmed that the hidden track is only  どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? -Royal Mirrorball Mix-

While Bolero (piano ver) is another great score from tvxqpiano@LJ.

The a capella is not….. really a capella for me ^^:: I think it’s more like the boys were rehearsing to Wasurenaide before recording. I would prefer their fabulous Ha Ha Ha a capella singing other than this one, but you can listen to each of their vocals better so it’s still worth to listen to ^^

Just check them out <33

File Name: TohoShinki – Wasurenaide (Acapella Ver.) [sharingyoochun]
Size: 10.7 MB
Duration: 4:36
Link: Mediafire

credit: qoojunkie@z-degrees + sharingyoochun@wordpress

File Name: Bolero(tvxqpiano@LJ) [sharingyoochun].mp3
Size: 5.6MB
Duration: 6:07
Link: Mediafire

credit: tvxqpiano@lj



  1. already listen to the wasurenaide acapella version…
    just like you, i like their acapella version of ha ha ha better…
    but its still ok coz’ the song was written by jae…

  2. thanks for sharing the acapella version of wasurenaide..
    this is my most favourite song in the single..
    it would be great if the song is in full version..

  3. thanks for the upload.
    i seem to hv missed the hahaha acapella, going back to grab it. thanks again!

  4. thanks.. but i dont understand… hidden tracks?? wth, ive bought the cd & its not there?? heeeelp ==””

  5. I thought I’d point out that the acapella track above isn’t an official track. It’s simply a track done by a person (probably a fan) who ripped the vocals out. It’s quite obvious/an easy thing to tell especially because of the beginning and also they sound like they are singing in a tin ^^; I’m more than 100% sure about this since i’m a mixer myself. you can easily do that with all the other tracks so yearh… wherever you got the information/source from it wasn’t true.

  6. Shinta@ICD:

    ahhh really???

    I’ll edit the desc then. thanks 4 the info ^^

  7. thanks! ^^

  8. thx for sharing!!!

  9. Thank you

  10. Thanks! 🙂
    Is it just me or does it end weirdly (Wasurenaide)? IDK maybe there was a downloading error, but mine sorta cuts off at the end :\

  11. Honey, I think your Wasurenaide is edited. They do it to a lot of songs, removing the arrangement to leave the vocals and all. 😀 I have the single, and it isn’t in it. 😀

  12. legra@rai:
    yup, it’s not actually an acapella version… it’s just the voice with the bgm being edited out… but since it’s only the voice, haha, people tend to call it acapella ^_^

  13. thank

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