Posted by: sharingyoochun | January 31, 2009

[Pic] DBSK in Seventeen Magz (Mar’09 issue)

How many magazines do we have to buy in this month? (yeah and eat it as if it’s a meal)
*gets kicked by Cassiopiea*

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credit: as tagged+alwaysjaejoong+sharingyoochun@wordpress


Yunho hands off your wife for a few seconds,plz



  1. they look soooo hot! i wanna hav it!!
    thx for sharing!! u guys r amazing!!

  2. hehehehehehe…

    yunnie just can’t stop himself from showing a bit of his love to his wifey…
    there will always be a yunjae moment in every single pic they took..

  3. errrrmmmm…
    but, honestly..
    I dont like their clothes.
    But, TVXQ still handsome, 😆
    like always..

  4. oh no yunho! put your hands there forever! XD

  5. yunho:
    “i’ll never let you go wifey,,
    you’re mine! forever!”

    yunjae moment is everywhere n anytime~!

  6. the boys are now appearing in teenage mags in japan?!!! cool…

  7. hehe its good to see them together like this forever ah ah *_* hehe i can eat dbsk’s pics as my dinner, breakfast,lunch, snack XD

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