Posted by: sharingyoochun | January 31, 2009

[Vid] Tohoshinki – Bigeastation 95 [Engsubbed]

Part 1

Is it HoMin moment otherwise why Changmin wanna introduce himself as Yunho? LOL

Shikkari Changmin??? (Level-headed Changmin) wahahahahahaha

In the end Jaejoong gotta make Bolero sexy voice as the fan request but somehow I RMOTFL when i hear it lol

Part 2

credit: whisperpuppies

Note from her “Hey, this is a quick sub, so there may be more mistakes (than usual!). If you find any specific ones, please send me a message with the correction so I can fix it. They were mumbling quite a lot in this one. Also, part 2 will take me longer to sub and upload since school starts tomorrow! So please enjoy this one and wait patiently for the next. “


  1. okay!
    i will always waiting for the next vid,,
    nomu nomu gomawo

  2. jejung really sound like he have a cold instead of sexy hahahhah 8D

    thanks for the video
    it sure made my day again 8D

  3. jj sound like ajusshi~ xD
    i rofl sooo hard : P

  4. haha minnie looks at JJ when they sing ballad..hehe I never noticed that one le

  5. haha 1st there was HoMin. then there was some XiMin. and i look fwd too like jae joong for XiMin conversation haha. haha that fan complaint about Minnie behave to Junsu.
    then there were JaeMin haha. i also never notice that. i’ll look again later for ballads perf. haha its time for Jae to tease Minnie. lucky there r Yunho there that just jealous about whole situation and end it there.
    then tehre was YunJae when Jae suddenly said Yunho name hehe

  6. aah…haha
    dat funny lol
    10z 4 sharing

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