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[News+Pic] 090329 – 090330 DBSK Stalking Mission in Bangkok (Part 1)

Hi guys now I have a free time to edit this post again ^^ (8:05pm on 2009-03-30)

Let’s start with 2009-03-29 around 10:30pm, some of my friends who waited for the boys at (Dusit Thani hotel  lobby) called me and said there were lots of fans waiting for DBSK at the lobby and I was  busy taking shower or something so I went downstairs kinda late (like 11:30pm)

Last time at SMT concert there were like 30 fans waiting at the lobby but this time i saw like 90 – 100 of them since the security guard kinda let everyone in at the 1st place (SYC team did make the complaint with the hotel later on)

The boys arrived to the hotel around 2.00am.

Image Hosted by </p> <p>

Yunho+Changmin were walking together and Jaejoong + Yoochun.

Out of the blue Yunho did stop near in front of me (and other ppl near where I stood) and did take a look at all the banner then SMILED *orgasm* I am so sorry hubby…. I was trying to focus on you but typical Yoochun gotta keep staring on the floor lol *gets slapped by Chunnie*

I spotted Changmin’s handsome aura. Though he didn’t really look at the fans but oh my goodness, his handsomeness did attack me!

For Jaejoong… I was kinda impressed with the way he walked. If you asked me “which DBSK members that you think he can walk manly and gracefully at the same time” I’d say “JAEJOONG” ^^

Then Jaejoong was kinda leading everyone to the same elevator that they used to use. So the security guards gotta direct them to another lift.

Image Hosted by </p> <p>

Image Hosted by </p> <p>

On the way to another lift Jaejoong was smiling at the fans who waited around that area too.

Image Hosted by </p> <p>

While Yunho was waving to the fans near that area.

I did make a proper complaint with the manager. I don’t get it for the hotel guests like my friends and I were paying to stay and we were not that near to the elevator but those who sneaked in got a chance to be near the boys *sighs*

But thinking about this in the good way, they only got a chance to see Jaejoong peace sign and Yunho waving only, while Yunho stopped in front of me to read the banners, lol and he did make an eye contact with everyone ^^

Wait a sec….did I forget about Junsu??? lol yeah Junsu walked with his manager. Then the lift door closed, all the boys were standing still. Jun-chan was in the middle. Out of the blue the door was opened again and everyone saw Jaejoong smiled shyly (like giggling)

I didn’t see Yoochun but I can still sense Changmin’s aura. Junsu looked soo damn sick by the way.

Then I went up stairs to eat dinner (at 2:30am in the morning) and updated you this 090330 DBSK at Dusit thani (as soon as I could set my brain back into my body….too excited you see)

This is the commander’s bed lol

Image Hosted by

Yeah I slept on the floor as usual but what’s more important is the bathroom!!! If you lift up this curtain, you will see..this hahahahahahahahaha

Image Hosted by

And DBSK were staying at one floor above me. I hope their bathroom is gonna be different than this lol

I mean imagine Junsu was taking a shower and out of the blue Yoochun lift up the curtain lol

*gets slapped by YOOSU*

I’ll make a new post….for the part 2 of the stalking mission all right ^^


this was what i posted before going to bed………..

It is 1:21 am now. I got back home safe and sound and also saw our boys off at the airport already ^^ now DBSK are on the way back to Incheon.

Still got like tons of stuff to share. I’ll give u an example

  • HoSu at Dusti Thani hotel
  • HoSu at Health land (massage place)
  • Yunho stopped infront of us just to read the banner
  • Jaejoong smiled after the lift open again
  • Chunnie was grabbing Jaejoong’s waist and Jae didn’t know what to do except wrapping his arms around Chun’s shoulder lol
  • I consider CHUN+Yunho+JJ+Junsu smile at us (me and SYC back up staff) as my best BIRTHDAY gift
  • I think i got all the clips on DBSK in and out at Dusit thani hotel
  • I think Yunho remember SYC group already lol
  • I will share u the good and the bad experiences of seeing DBSK for 6 times in one day
  • People were calling out for Junsu but SYC had the way to call for JAEJOONG attention (yeah i didn’t type it wrong…it’s 2KIM hehehehehe)
  • Stalking DBSK at Novotel airport (they had a dinner at Chinese restaurant there)
  • Junsu was sick (so Yoochun gotta come up stair to look after him) waahahahahahaha
  • I can’t describe the way Chunnie smiled at us….cuz many ppl were trying to stop me from CLIMBING UP THE STAGE waahahahahaha
  • SENSITIVE ISSUE, I’d like to make the official apology to DBSK on behalf of Thai immature and childish Cassiopeia who did try to ATTACK the boys at Dusit thani hotel (and I saw it with my 2 eyes that Yunho gotta run away) U________U
  • Did I mentioned I was starring right behind JUNSU’s butt??? lol

I’ll edit for more details and PIC promise ^^


  1. Omona Unni~

    You did really good job!! n SYC staff too T______T

    i really thank you you to do this T_____T

    really really really THANK YOU!!

    im taking ur promise unni!!

    n those who did it dont yu no what gonna happen?? You r bad do you no that??

    evyone wants to see them, wants to touch not only yu yu did really…!!!


    Unni!! ah~ i don’t kno what to say right now!!

    but congrate with ur BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT!!!

    keep health!!

  2. let me say one more thing



  3. Picture of Chuns hand around JJ?? Please tell me you do!

  4. O.o
    you lucky!! T___________________________T
    i would like to do that as well ^^
    but kiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa >.<
    i think so you’ll be happy ^ç^
    if it would me..i couldnt sleep at night thinking about them <3333
    aww~~ you didn’t metioned about pince min..where was he?? eating? xDDDDDDDDD
    aww wish some day i will see them ! (L)
    thnz 4 shariing^^

  5. wahahahhahahhahhahaah!!! it seems you guys have fun there!!
    omo!! just thinking about! how you try to climb upstair *wondering what chunnie most think at that time then xDD*

  6. hehehe…sounds like you had a blast..but nothing on Changmin?? >.<…

    i wish one of them smiled at mee…^^

    and those who tried to attack them…scarryyy TT

    got the boys’ smiles ^________^
    you guys must have a tiring but extremely happy moments with TVXQ~ so lucky~

    waiting for more details and pic!
    especially the ChunJae moment ^0^

  8. you must be gotta out of this world ryte now with this brilliant experiences with the boys…oh my..i just feel envy with you…

    junsoo kamo butt?..oh my god…really lucky to see that with your two eyes…hurmm…

    n it’s also ur birthday unnie….so so lucky..i bet you will remember this birthday for the whole of your life….hurmm..

    i’m speechless…just imagine how you control yourself for not kidnap one of those prettty boys…

    hurmmm…unnie..thanks for sharing this…huhuhu…

  9. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah sounds like so much fuuuuuuuuuuuun,, and one heck of a birthday gift! what more can u asked for, besides the smiles of our boys on your birthday as if saying “Happy Birthday, Baby!!”

    you are so damn lucky,, meeting them not so long aga on SMTOWNCON, and meeting them now on the pressconf, and will be meeting them again on their concert!! waaaaaaaaaah *envy u!*

    thanks for sharing us your story,, n________________n

  10. omg. that sounds amazing!

  11. Did I mentioned I was starring right behind JUNSU’s butt??? lol

    unnie, you’re so lucky xD

    i have no idea that they’re coming to Thailand at all!! (well, it’s not like i live in thailand anyway xD) but i was so busy and havent use my computer in like weeks and TT TT, i missed the boys!!!! why didnt anyone told me so i could prepare b4 i scream like crazy??? xD

  12. Chompoo@AYU..
    didn’t u keep checking out the news in out site darlin??? I told u about this 1 hour after this news become official

    @everyone i am up now and ready to share u the stories

  13. @SYC tyme u meet them can you tell them to drop by at malaysia..lyke to have a drink at malysia airport or just to go to toilet at malaysia airport or sumthin lyke that….just drop by during their flight between korean n thai…huhuhu..

    damn..dyin to see them at m’sia…i really regret becoz when they came to malaysia during CF at their HUG tyme..i was “who’s this korean?…”

    and now i’m dying slowly because of them..

  14. so I have a question. For the bkk concert will it be 2 days?
    And which hotel will you recommend should I want to stay?

  15. omg unniee~
    u r so luckY!!

    really cant wait for the pix ^^

  16. awwww…. so lucky!!!

    Happy Belated Birthday Chompoo!! best & unforgettable birthday huh coz chunnie finally smile at you *yay*

    thanks for your effort to bring us exclusive news everytime… appreciated it lots!! take a rest ya after a long hard day of stalking mission… 🙂

  17. that’s really awesome !!!

    can’t wait for the pics ^^

  18. unnie…
    I’m so jealous!!
    Loved to see DBSK again..
    Can’t wait for the concert~~
    what do you mean by ATTACH unnie??
    Thanks for sharing..
    can’t wait for the pics!! ^^

  19. @Chompoo: akh! sorry dear! i must’ve been a bad reader then,, hehe ^^

    Smile to you???????????

    I want that
    I want that
    I want that
    I want that

    even just a smile ^3^

  21. Chompoo@everyone

    so sorry the pic is LQ cuz i wanted to see the boys with my 2 eyes more than just via the camera U____U

  22. wah unnie!
    you must had the Best Birthday ever!

    btw, can anyone tell me why they were in Bangkok?

  23. เอ๊ะ ทำไมห้องน้ำอยู่ใกล้เตียงนอนจังอ่าคับ

    เหอๆ พักชั้นไหนเอ่ย


  24. I dunno what else to say..your stalking mission sounds fun…
    I envy you..

    oh btw how I wish can hug Junsuii..poor baby still sick…lol I sound like a mommy now..ahahha

  25. i can’t wait for part 2 of your adventure !!!

  26. *claps* you did a great job!

    attacking dbsk?? T_T

    by the way, how much it cost you to stay at dusit thani? hehe

    i love the bathroom XD

  27. […] [News+Pic] 090329 – 090330 DBSK stalking mission in bangkok (Part 2) Before reading part 2 , plz go back to read part 1 […]

  28. Chompoo

    To be the presenter for YAMAHA

    ชั้น 14 จ้า ทงบังอยู่ชั้น 15

    @Hanah JJ
    heheheheeeh it was very fun!

    part 2 is up ^^

    9000baht a night ^^

  29. 555++
    unni you are too funny!!

    why dont you try to sleep in the bathtub O_O??

    *slapped by Chompoo unni*


    unni~! im just kidding!!

    you did reaaly gooood job!! Thank you to SYC staff too !!!

    im waiting for part 2!!!

  30. lucky unnie!

    u gotta be under their body … no literally, but still!! you breathe the same air (we all did xD)!! unnnie, i feels like hugging u ❤

  31. SO lucky can meet them in person…I’m planning to go to Bangkok to see their concert for both day..but can u help me to book the ticket plz..I’ll pay it later.. 28th June is my would be a great gift if i can watch their me please….

  32. UNNIE!!

    SYC STAFF is the best of the best!!!
    how i love you guys~~ TT^TT

  33. […] [News+Pic] 090329 – 090330 DBSK Stalking Mission in Bangkok (Part 1) Hi guys now I have a free time to edit this post again ^^ (8:05pm on 2009-03-30) Let’s start with 2009-03-29 […] […]

  34. legra@Jun:

    haha… SYC staff.. LOL

  35. woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
    (super excitd)

    it will be the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT!

    you deserve it unnie,
    after all of your hard work!!

    DAMN!! so jealous.
    thx for always sharing unnie.
    n chukaeyo^^
    saengil chuka hamnida~

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