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[Spazz] Happy 4th Debut Anniversary, Tohoshinki!!!

Do you remember that today is Tohoshinki’s 4th debut anniversary (for their Japan career)??? ^_____^

If you forget, then don’t worry. We almost, as well XD

Why don’t we make a flashback of their journey in Japan up til now??
Plus, I think it will make a good prologue for the upcoming “The Secret Code Tour” on May 4th which SYC calls it as “Road to Dome” tour 😉


April 27th 2005
Dong Bang Shin Ki made their debut stage in Japan under AVEX label.


From a super idol, to no one. Moreover, being surrounded by ppl who spoke language they didnt even understand~ All the five boys had their hardest and depression time.

Two singles were released soon after their debut stage: Stay With Me Tonight and Somebody to Love. None of them got good response from Japanese public. While ironically, not so long after that, when they returned to Korea and launched their second album Rising Sun, the 2nd album became 4th best selling album in 2005. You can imagine the huge gap of their popularity in Korea and Japan.

Before the year ended, Tohoshinki made their third attempt in Japan by releasing My Destiny.

The release of Tohoshinki’s 4th single Asu Wa Kuru Kara (March 8th) and first Japan album: Heart, Mind and Soul on March 22nd, 2006.


The album entered ORICON chart for 4 weeks at the highest rank was at #25. Asu Wa Kuru Kara was the first Tohoshinki’s song which was used as soundtrack (One Piece). Month later, the boys didnt give up trying to make Japanese to look at them by releasing 5th single: Rising Sun/Heart, Mind and Soul.

Tohoshinki’s popularity was slowly but sure, increasing. Especially after they held the first concert: Heart, Mind and Soul at ZEPP Tokyo.







The most stunning perf of Heart, Mind and Soul


And that was proved by the sales of Tohoshinki 6th and 7th single Begin and Sky, respectively where Sky finally made their way to enter top 10 ORICON chart, at 6th.


ORICON was becoming friendly to them as their next single Miss You/O Sei Han Go debuted at 3rd in ORICON, thus being the first single which entered top 3 ORICON.


Step by Step was released, followed by Choosey Lover. Tohoshinki also launched their 2nd Japan album Five in The Black on March 14th and was debuted at #10 in ORICON.


Tohoshinki made their first invitation to MTV Video Music Awards Japan, eventhough they’re still recognized as “Korean group” as in this event, Tohoshiki took “Best Buzz Asia in Korea” award home.


Debut stage at Budoukan on July 29th, 2007.


Tohoshinki held their 2nd Japan tour Five in The Black with Budoukan hall as their final stage in Tokyo. One of the most prestigious venues in Japan asides from Tokyo Dome. All boys but JaeMin shared some tears at their lastest performance “Proud” that night.





From June to December 2007, Tohoshinki released a string of five singles: Lovin’ You, Summer: Summer Dream/Song for You/Love in the Ice, Shine / Ride On, Forever Love and Together.

Summer: Summer Dream/Song for You/Love in the Ice reached #2 on the ORICON, making it the group’s highest-charting Japanese single (even until now, if only “Share The World/We Are!” could surpass it). TVXQ also collaborated with label-mate Kumi Koda for her thirty-eighth single, Last Angel, which was used as the theme song for the Japanese release of Resident Evil: Extinction.


First time topped the ORICON!!! 😀
yes. With the great single Purple Line! Purple Line made the first history in Tohoshinki’s career by topping Japan’s most famous music chart, ORICON, therefore making them first foreign male group to have a number-one single in Japan.

T” album released on January 22nd 2008–debuted at 4th in ORICON weekly,


followed by “TRICK project” which revealed the strength of each member’s vocal as they took turn in being the lead vocal in the 5 singles released: “Two Hearts” (Changmin), “Runaway” (Yoochun), “If?!” (Junsu), “Close to You” (Yunho), and “Keyword” (Jaejoong).

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

T album’s sales was supported by Tohoshinki’s 3rd Japan live tour with the same title whose finale was held in Saitama Super Arena on May 6th, 2008.


Out of the blue, Jaejoong–one of the toughest member in Toho–shared tears during Love in The Ice performance.




Ever since “Purple Line” entered #1, Tohoshinki makes 4 more consecutives ORICON winnings with Beautiful You/Sennen Koi Uta, Doushite Kimi wa Suki Ni Natta Shimattan Darou?, MIROTIC, and Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide.

At the end of 2008, Tohoshinki was officially approved by Japan music industry as one of the best groups in Japan by being invited to Japan’s most prestigious event: “Kouhaku Uta Gassen“. Tohoshinki’s team — White team — won that night.




Tohoshinki is a big name now in Japan with more than 10,000 members in their official Japan fanclub, Bigeast.

They made two of their songs in the latest single Share The World/We Are! as One Piece’s opening soundtrack, and after failing to reach #1 in ORICON for Survivor (yet still got #3), this single crowned the boys again as ORICON king at the release date.

They’re going to take the next step this year, debuting in the greatest TOKYO DOME for the 4th Japan live tour, The Secret Code.




They’ve been going through a lot of things in 4 years in a foreign country. Happiness as well as sadness~ It’s so touching to see how they’re growing slowly but sure to the top–a success story without failure experience? boring.

Like one Japanese grams said when she’s asked why she loved Tohoshinki, she said

“They’re tough. They tried so hard to speak Japanese, tried to learn our culture. At first, other than their music, I felt like supporting them for their endless effort to success in Japan. But as they also present us good music, that makes me love them even more.”


we all here love you, baby~ unconditionally. Even when your hair is bad *cough* Yoochun *cough* or when you look not in the best appearance of you… *cough* Yoochun *cough*.. or when you’re mad at us for stalking to close… *cough* Yoochun *cough*

Yoochun to SYC: Photobucket

lol. We LOVE you!

Happy 4th Anniversary, my dears!!!


  1. 1st of all I wanna say I love you TVXQ oppa..
    because of you Im happy everyday…

    Happy 4th debut in Japan TOHOSHINKI!
    congratz coz u you guys are now very well known in guys worth it…
    TVXQ been working so hard lately..please take care and we the fans will always support TVXQ whether in Japan or Korea or anywhere..

    TVXQ saranghae~

    Lots of Love,
    ~Hannah JJ/JoongHana~

  2. woah a flashback post YAY!!
    thanks for all the hard work in maintaining this site
    take ur time k dear

  3. Happy 4th debut anniversary as TOHOSHINKI!!!
    omedetou gozaimas!!

    will always love and support u guys~
    *both THSK and SYC*

  4. tohoshinki fightinggggggggg ;D
    no matter what happens
    please remember that cassies all
    over the world are here for you ;D

    SYC fighting too ❤
    thanks for sharingg
    -group hugs-

  5. whoaaaaaa,, 4th Anniversary Japan Debut!! congratulations boys!!


    i love u guys!!

  6. Happy 4th Debut Anniversary to our dearest and lovable boys, TOHOSHINKI!!!!

    Hope this year will bring more success to our boys newest release album and singles in Japan, and also wishing them all the best for their 4th Tour since this year they finally get to perform in Tokyo Dome…

    Cassiopeias & Bigeast will always love and support TVXQ/TOHOSHINKI, thanx so much for bring happiness to all people in the world with you’re addictive melodies…

    ~Will always love you… TOHOSHINKI~ ❤

  7. wait,, i’m not finished,, LOL

    this reminds me of their early days in Japan with their cute Japanese skill, and now they’re one of Japan’s well known Group, with lots of no.1 hits *standing ovation* i am so damn proud of them!! *tears* i love them all sooo much!!

    *goes to watch HIJ vol 1*

    ps. how i love SYC too ^^ *hugs*

  8. Happy 4th Debut Anniversary to our boys!!!

    Congratulations!!! we always luv u & really proud of u!!!!

    thx to our SYC for posting this & reminding us!! ^^ u guys know that we luv u a lot right?? ❤


    I wish everyone happy and healthy , and i really thank you for entering my life , because of you all , i am so happy , please continue ur hard work and please remember stay healthy ! I will support you all forever !!
    please love us ~

    Love TVXQ!!!

  10. I’m such a bad fan coz i didn’t know that today is tohoshinki 4th year anniversary in japan. I only know their anniversary is in april. GOMEN NASAII!!!!

    Back then, they only knew little japanese words n barely known by japanese people. They once mentioned in star show that they ever thought of giving up their career in japan. But they didn’t, and they keep working hard in japan.

    Then tohoshinki’s popularity is slowly increasing in japan. They’ve even made it into oricon chart, invited into kohaku at the end of 2008. They also will be performing the concert at tokyo dome in july… Such a huge achievement for tohoshinki.

    Due to their hard work, now they are one of the most known group in japan.

    I’m so proud being their fan. I’m happy for knowing dbsk. And i’ll be always loving them.

    Happy 4th debut anniversary in japan!!!

  11. happy 4th anniversary guys..!!!

    keep doing your best effort!!!
    and stay the same..^_^

    good luck 4 the tours..
    I hope everything goes well..^_^

    ~ganbatte ne!!!

  12. Dear Yunnie, Chunnie, Minnie, Jae & Junsu …

    Happy 4th debut anniversary!!! After all those hardworks, you guys finally make it BIG in Japan. Hope that this will be only a start of another big success not only in Japan but also accross the world!!

    Dear Chompoo, Shinta & Legra,

    Thank you for always sharing. I luv you gals as much as I luv these boys 🙂

  13. araghh. hounto ni… on this date..
    ohh my.. my. I don’t know. just know the year..

    sooo…. Congratulation… Omedetou Gozaimasu.

    Happyy.. Happyy Aniversary.. for TOHOSHINKI

    Hope. Always keep ur Health. all ur Dream Come true. Wishh all the best..

    n 1 more.. please come to my country.. ^^

  14. ohh I was ahocked when i saw the title LOL for a mintue i thoguht it was december..

    Happy 4th Aniversary TOHOSHINKI fighting ^o^

    i wish you guyz more and more succses in japan and worldwide ^^

    and we well always support you ,,

    thanx for every thing

    and thanx for SYC admins too ^^

  15. Happy 4th Anniversary Tohoshinki !!!

    Hope u guys are enjoying yourselves…
    Take Care and Have fun ..
    Good luck for your concerts during the next few months !!!

    Tohoshinki fighting ! SYC fighting !


  16. Happy 4th year anniversary…

    All the tears, sweat, and blood are pay off now.
    Work harder for a better tomorrow ^^


  17. My Dearie DBSK| TVXQ! | TOHOSHINKI…

    Happy 4th anniversary for your debut in Japan!!

    Being one of your fans made me passionate to do everything that i couldn’t do before in my life because all of you gave me your strength, courage & spirit to face anything in this whole wide world.. i adore your perfection as well!!

    DBSK complete me..

    TVXQ! mesmerizes me..

    TOHOSHINKI attracts me..


    Remember.. Kimi no ibasho wa koko ni aru!

    Your place always in our heart.. here in our heart, mind & soul…

    Fighting!! >_<

  18. 4 years ~ DBSK/TOHOSHINKI You never stop making me feel proud of U, never let me down and I’m sure U will continue be successful in ur life ❤

    Sorry, SYC unnies make me cry now since they let’s me hear ONE again :(. I love this songs so much and I love U much much much better.

    Looking at ur sweat, ur tear and ur smile I 😦

    DBSK I love U


    TVXQ I love U

    Tong Feng Xin ki I Love U

    I love u love U forever love U

    From Zepp tokyo to Budokan And now Tokyo DOME ❤

    Wish the best of the best love for U ❤

    “I pray for this love to be true” ❤ Forever with U I promise ❤

  19. Happy 4th Debut Anniversary TOHOSHINKI!!!

    You deserve for what you are now,you all
    work hard to achieve all your dreams…

    I wish you are able to celebrate 25th
    debut anniversary if possible until

    All of you deserve it!!!

    Take care always,eat your meals on time
    and try to rest even just a minute and
    most of all your health is very important so
    be careful of your health,..





    DBSK FIGHTING!!!hahaha

    Of course my XIAH JUNSU FIGHTING!!!

    GUD LUCK!!!

  20. Since i’ve meet DBSK, i was so happy
    im always at home and don’t have a
    friends but because of them esp
    i don’t felt alone and i can’t explain how
    happy i am when i saw their pic watching
    videos about them esp the moments of YooSu Couple and get more info about them esp the YooSu Couple they complete my day…

    Happy 4th Debut Anniversary TOHOSHINKI,
    DBSK,TVXQ and TVXFQ!!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    More ANNIVERSARY to come!!!

    • XiahEvaChun…hahahha..i think we need to have dolphinie fight outside..heheheh……..i lurve juns00 and yuchun to0…and i do think you also the same ryte…so nice to knowing sum one that have same obsession like me…
      btw..where are you came from?…

  21. I really don’t know what their life
    in JAPAN since they go there
    and try to achieve their dreams there
    now that i know i love them more now,..

    Even they got hard times in JAPAN
    they didn’t give up from no one and they

    They are the BEST GROUP!!!

    Gud Luck!!!

  22. Shinta:

    already 8 pm when I finished this, lol


    be happy, as we’ll always cheer for you ❤

    and I’m really sorry for not including A-Nation activities ^^;; I really forget and when I realized, I was too tired, hehehhehee.. urm, actually, there are A LOT of details that I missed, esp with awards ^^;;;;;;;

    really sorry *bow* I tried to type as fast as I could. I dun want to finish this post TOMORROW, lol

    Thanks 4 everyone who loves us as much as you love the boys *sobbing*

    we’re proud of ur love, as well 😀

  23. Happy 4th Anniversary!!!! *throwsconfetti*

    They really must tpo survive to get attention for Japan Peeps…they never give up…i’m verry proud of them…

    i really want to say thanks for their hardwork….for their passion to survive and never give up….

    after read this flashback bout them…really really from zero to hero!!!!

    i fell like wanna shared some tears.. T___________T

    i remember when i watch the Five In The Black concert at proud perf….i feel like i were them…a boyband who tryin to survive and now they have a big name at japan….

    Tohoshinki Fighting!!!!


  24. Today is your anniversary?!

    *_* Gomen ne…oppa

    i have nothing to say, just take care of yourselves…but, today i feel so lonely…there’s no update about DBSK, TVXQ & TOHOSHINKI..T_T

    Where are all of you now?!!! i know you at japan now…

    sorry, oppa…i miss u a lot

    Happy 4th anniversary…
    always be five, be cassiopeia, be TVXQ

    i’ll make a day that we will meet someday

    BYE~ oppa
    i have homework ^ ^

  25. Do you have any idea how my eyes were pooling with tears as I continue to read this entry? T___T
    I’ve always known that they face many hardships in Japan, especially in the beginning but reading this piece makes me feel soo sad somehow 😥 Dont get me wrong, it was so beautifully written, and LOL at the ending xDD

    p/s: so we’re supposed to congratulate the boys here but really I’m speechless right now, cant think of anything, but..

    Tohoshinki, Fighting!!!
    We’ll always be with you ^^

    • Chompoo

      hey come here

      *group hugs*

      they know we love them….and Shinta is sooo great at making ppl cry

      *hits shinta for being so great at writing*

  26. Happy 4th Anniversary


    4 yr, full of memmory

    hope u success in Japan, forever

    have a good health and good wish


  27. gyaaaaaa~~
    me really shed tears right now
    by reading what you guys wrote bout how they became success in Japan, they really through so much to be approved by japanese people, i’m so proud of Tohoshinki, and no matter what happens i will always support you guys.. ^^

    Happy 4th anniversary baby!!!
    Hope you guys become more, more and more success!
    Keep the hard working guys….


  28. Omg! I feel so sorry for not knowing its their 4th Japanese anniversary today!
    Boys! Happy 4th Anniversary!
    [clapping my hands and jumping around at the same time]^^;
    But the most important thing is to take good care of yourselves and stay healthy.
    TVXQ Fighting!!!

  29. *shed my tears* T^T (shinta u describe beautifully.. thanks.. u’ve said everything i wanna said..)

    omedetto tohoshinki..
    please always be happy in everything you do..
    i know it’s a waste of time to say to told you guys ‘please take a breath for awhile’.. but as long as you all happy, i always support you, in any situation in any circumstances in any condition..

    omedetto.. hountou arigato.. for making ppl around the world gathered & make friends bcos ur music..


  30. wow, great article!

    happy anniversary thsk! i’m so glad they kept working hard and became so popular in japan!! i always tell people ‘DBSK is a no.1 band in japan too!’

  31. They have 10.000 members or 100.000 members in bigeast? O__o I think they reached 100k already?

    Happy 4th anniversary on your japanese debut boys ^^ I’m sure you’ll stay stronger and stronger each day there!

    I love this article ❤ You guys deserve to have high place on tvxq toplist ^^ *runs to vote again*

  32. Chompoo

    when is it gonna be SYC one year anniversary??

    anyway..happy anniversay hubbies

    • Shinta:

      must be sometime in August????


      • i just know about this site for about 4 month officially..and before that i just stalked you guys from afar…lol…sound like i’m damn real stalker…hehehhe..

        but..i’s really nice if you have anniversary too..maybe untill 10th guys…waiting for your 1st …yuroshiku onegaishimasu..

  33. Happy 4th Anniversarry Dong Bang Shin Gi!!!

    Proud of you because you’re always work hard and got anything you all wanted to.. When will u visit Indonesia?Indonesian Cassiopeias are waiting for u to come here..we are all about 100.000 people here waiting for u..hehhe…

    please visit us ya!!we’ll waiting for u,,
    take care and always be a good boys ya..
    study hard , work hard always..
    do the best and let God do the rest..
    keep grateful and dont forget to pray ya..

    God will always lead you anytime anywhere..

    Saranghaeyo, oppa..


  34. As a new(er) fan, this was really great to see~ ^ ^
    Thank you for the article!~

    TVXQ-love!~ V ( ^ ^ )////

  35. TT.TT..I forgot about it!!! Happy Anniversary Tohoshinki!! I’m so proud of them….but they never gave up, that is why I always look up to them. I hope that they get more and more years of love and music!!
    I hope that they reach every goal they set to themselves as a group!!
    I wish them the best now and forever!!
    Congratulations Tohoshinki!!

    Just when I need a good summary about their work in Japan!!
    My last Japanese project is going to be about DBSK or Tohoshinki….and I need to show videos or music and make a power point and an essay in Japanese!!!
    My teacher is really looking forward to my presentation in 2 weeks since I keep telling her that they are really good.
    So I need to get an A……any suggestions for videos??XD

    Love the article SYC!!
    It’s been 4 years….THSK fighting!!

    • Shinta:

      my suggestion:

      Ballad >> Doushite, Bolero, Forever Love

      Up beat >> SHINE, Summer Dream, Purple Line


      • Thank….although I love “yoochun’s: I really want to touch myself…ummm my classmates will be like O.O??”..I might just put some part of it!!
        And Doushite is definitely a YES and BOLERO!!
        Thank you for the suggestion Shinta….THE GRACE!!

    • ^^/ gambatte ne.. just like boys do.. ^^
      perhaps you can shared ur project score after it finished..?? ^^

      • I will!! I will put so much effort into this!!!
        i will not give up!!! I need to make a good impression of the boys!!
        I need to make my class go ” WOW” or at least ” they can sing”…
        so many different people from different background in my class
        so I need to get their attention!!
        kiisachan gambatte!! kiisachan fighting!!XD

  36. oh…so touching..
    i dont know what to say…but one thing that i’m proud to be one of dbsk’s fan is..i’m becoming weirdly stronger and rasionalable after i started to lurve them…their hardship and tears made me realised that even the superstar like dbsk had rookie time..mean they also have their own prob and sad moment…and now they deserve it all what they go through..

    so..thinking like too everyday struggle to be better day by day..and everytime i got into trouble i just remember..ohhh…tohoshinki also have this kind of feeling and they make do I..

    thanks tohoshinki for making me a better person and thanks for bringing out the best in me..lurve you tohoshinki..

    and lurve you too legra…chompoo…shinta…
    *three hot babe that makes my day*

  37. wahh ~Happy Anniversary 4th TOHOSHINKI!! w<

    Thank you sharingyoochun for reminding us, lol, I also thought it was suddenly December when I read the title. XD
    You always make my day, haha.

    TVXQ and sharingyoochun! HWAITING! ❤

  38. congratulation!

    Question: Bigest is only roughly more than 10,000?????

    I thought there are more . . .

  39. DBSK, THSK, etc
    shoot you have our hearts! we’ll support wherever and whenever =]

  40. just wanted to say…i thought that was a great recap. thanks! 😀

  41. Happy 4th anniversary.

    The sad days were gone, happy and fruitful days are ahead of you guys – go for them.

    hope that Tohoshinki can get monthly oricon no. 1 one day.

    wishing you great success in your upcoming concert. wonder if Yoochun will cry at the Dome Concert or more members?

  42. awwww~so so so touching…my eyes became tearful while i was reading ur flashback *sobs*

    btw~i couldn’t control myself from laughing when i saw minnie@the last pix of 2007 – Five in the black concert!! LOL~

    chunnie wore the headband in Heart, mind & soul concert rite?? he looks cute but looks hotter in Survivor!! xD

    thx for sharing dear!! *join chompoo’s group hugs* ❤

  43. T_T
    that was very touching
    and i felt like crying
    while going down
    the TOHO memory lane,..
    i just love them<33333

  44. i feel like wanna crying right now.
    they work so hard at japan….really.
    i hope they can be the same level with johnny group one day….
    TVXQ rulesss

  45. I LOVE U, TVXQ,4EVA!!
    Motto, motto, ganbatte ne!!

  46. HEHEHE… Happy 4th Anniversay, boys! I just became a fan of TVXQ half beginning of this year. I missed 3 and half years of their debut in Japan! when i heard Bolero, immediately i KNEW they have to be GREAT SINGERS! lol!

    enuf blabbering. again, omedetou, TVXQ!

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