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[News] 090613 CD Data July Interview Part 1

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“Unable to leave the blissful past, I’m currently in darkness..”
– This year’s summer song is a slow romantic song.

YC: Mm, although this song does not sound like usual summer pieces, but it does bring about the kind of loneliness you feel on a summer night.

YH: Till now, there are alot of songs similar to “Sky” and “Summer Dream” that have a carefree summer feeling. Although on the surface, the song “Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou? (Why I like you?)” that was released last year and “Stand by You” which was released this year do not have this carefree feeling but we want to let everyone experience a summer day full of meaning and show everyone that we have matured.

– Instead of using a slow melody, you guys have used a medium tempo to bring out the feelings effectively.

YH: Yeps, the advantages of a medium tempo is that it is able to adequately bring out the feelings in the song, even more matured than the lyrics of “Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou? (Why I like you?)”.. It is very suitable for a “Summer Rain” song.

CM: Although “Summer Rain” is not a very dark song however, it does make others feel that there is very little unfocused light.

JJ: Wah! Wah! Changmin-ah! You actually know these kind of feelings? (Eyes Changmin suspiciously)

– If Jaejoong is going to continue being like that, I will explode in laughter. (Laughs)

JS: Eukyangkyang! He is going to start telling the story behind his first kiss again. (Laughs)

YC: Yes! Yes! (Laugh) During one of the performances, Changmin introduced the song and said, “I hope the lyrics can make everyone’s shout can be resonated around the venue!” As Jaejoong was teasing Changmin then, he countered that by saying his first love story (laugh) in order to not lose to Changmin (laugh).

CM: It’s real! (Laugh) It makes me seem like I’m older! (Laugh) Also when I was singing “when the phone rings, how I hope that it would be you, that’s how I live my life everyday~” (T/N: I’m not sure of the exact translations as it from Chinese and I am unable to identify the song since I usually don’t find translations, Sorry!) This part is very real and I believe that alot of us can imagine this as well. Although the lyrics of the song are descibing about what happens after a break-up, but if you still love that person, you’d still think of the person and would always hope that he/she calls you. As almost everyone has gone through this phase, when I sing this, I would usually be very emotional.

JS: Yeah.. (Sighs) It is indeed a very splendid song.. (Starts singing)

YC: You can feel the time flow and everything that happened through this song. So long as you still love the person, you would have this kind of feeling, no matter the season or time.

JS: The song “Taxi” is a song about loving a girl that is already attached although it uses an “unable to face reality” kind of remorse to perform. However, the song “Stand by You” is a song about the feelings towards a lover who has left (T/N: As did not specifically say breaking up or passing away, I used the word left) and the fact that they are “unable to meet”, it is very sad. That is the difference between the songs.. Ah~ It’s still very sad~. During concerts, I would always feel like crying when I sing these two songs. No matter which song, it shows the hurt that an emotional boy would feel so my heart would always seem like it is being dragged down by sadness..

YC: “The hurt that an emotional boy would feel”.. Junsu.. So cool~~

JJ: I think that the part “Only when I’m beside you would I be able to see the bright light although it is impossible to repeat those happy moments” is the most hurting.

JS: Yeah yeah yeah! I think that the part “no matter what happens, no matter what I lose, I will never forget that I loved you once” is the most hurting.

CM: Junsu-ah! Jaejoong is answering, please endure abit. (Laughs)

YC: (comforts Junsu) (T/N: OOO, YooSu love much??)

JJ: I feel that the feeling is similar to the case of the male lead being in darkness all the time, unable to see light and that he cannot leave the happy memories behind and in this darkness shows the memories of him and his ex-lover…

CM: The male lead, from my point of view, is one who when reminiscing the past, is determined that he will find hope and continuing his life. Although the melody is soft and gentle, but the feeling is similar to that of being in a darkness and only able to see a small ray of light.. Just like to black and yellow, it’s that kind of feeling.

YC: I think that the feeling of this song differs from individuals and their current situation. Although sometimes a dark past would appear in my mind, but like the male lead, I would want find the light, a small ray of hope. As I am a very emotional person and cry alot, I can easily cry when just reminiscing a small fragment of a sad memory. The deeper the hurt/cut goes, the heavier the memory is but sometimes I think it’s a blessing.

– Yoochun’s meaning is indeed very deep ^^

JS: (falls into his own world again and starts singing) ah~ ah~ it’s still very sad.

– In the PV, we spot DBSK with black and white suits.. is there any special meaning behind it?

YH: There is actually no particular meaning for the suits. I personally think that one would have gone through alot of different situations. Usually one would want to go on with their life with full concentration but sometimes we stumble onto situations which question on our determination… The filming location of this PV was in a church at Gunma Prefecture and since there are 2 PVs this time (drama version and DBSK version), everyone can take their time and enjoy them.

– The couple tune “Tea for Two” is indeed a song full of happiness and bliss

CM: Mm, yes. I feel that this song is sang by the main lead of “Stand by You” during his happy times last time.

YC: I think it’s the opposite! “Stand by You” was the past and “Tea for Two” is the present. A couple that broke up realizes that they cannot live without each other and returns together, just like the past, HAPPY ENDING!

YH: I think the same way too!

YC: See~? Love is like that, constantly repeating itself.

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  1. oh shut up yoochun.

    you love to talk about love is so deep and yet according to the members, you have the most girlfriends and you get attracted to girls easily.

    • but I think that might also have to do with he’s parents’ divorce that he’s scared of getting to close

      • i think for a guy like yoochun, he searches for something deeper in the relationship… maybe the girls he met, they did not have what he was looking for and since he tries a lot to find “the one” it takes more and more tires.. remember, the dong bangs try harder and harder

    • muahaha xD

  2. I like Yoochun’s happy ending 🙂

  3. how many girlfriend did they have before?

    • yoochun i believe has had about 8? whatever it is, he’s the biggest player of them all lol. he’s still so coy and he knows it… but that’s what we all fall for hahaha

  4. lol this interview is cute. But once again no one mentioned Junsu as the writer or composer of Stand By U as they do for other members when they wrtie/compose songs. And there’s no reason why he would hide it. I love Junsu, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t make Stand By U. It’s probably just a rumor.

    • yep, agreed. Thats what i’m trying to tell everyone but they seems to just want to believe that junsu wrote it.. I read somewhere that it was written by the same writer/composer of ‘doushite..’ thats why they said it a continuation of that single

  5. ‘love is like that, constantly repeating itself’


    • Shinta:

      I am awwwwww-ing with you!!!


      • count me in! ❤

        *how did i miss this entry?* -_-

  6. Yoochun oppa…
    U hev the skill to make girls crazy on you…

  7. Yoochun oppa…
    U hev the skill to make girls crazy for you…

  8. Wth? O_0
    why suddenly there’s an attack on Yoochun as a playboy? 8 girlfriends? biggest player? how can anyone could possibly know that. That is just based on random irrational assumptions!

    Yoochun has deep beautiful thoughts..

    Aish..ruining my mood after reading a beautiful interview =_=

    • ^ I agree with you 100%…Thanks for sharing this ^_^

  9. Shinta:

    hahhaha why is everyone focusing on Chunnie only???

    Changminnie is so deep too in this interview! he speaks a lot so that Yunho even doesnt have his usual chance to shine, lol

    Junsu and JJ should find their own room and fighting, LOL

    I like how Minnie is getting matured *nods nods*
    Hoping to see more musical piece born from Minnie’s hands now 🙂 to see he’s deeper now in analyzing a song, I bet he would be better in writing his own thought to beautiful notes ❤

    • Yeah the straightforward Minnie seems like turning into a man with emotion, proud of him. I know this feeling, being so similar with him … I use a lot of logic and deep thought than emotion in my saying and action in my younger days. But as I grow up, I finally can embrace the feel of emotion, and let my self drawn in it.
      It’s okay to be emo once in a while Minnie, though U’d still can be the the king of logic and deep thoughts to make your members behave… kekeke 😀

      • Yeah Changmin did talk much in this interview (and long too! ^^ ) which occurs once in a blue moon…I think he really likes this song and can relate to it very well.Maybe he can already imagine himself in the lead’s position and feel very emotional about it.After all…he’s already a man =)

        If you wanna say that Yoochunnie had 8 girlfriends and talk bad about him….I think Jaejoong should deserve the same too..he had 9 exs!When I first found out I was like heart broken for such player he was -__-ll

      • Shinta:

        Jaejoong…. and 9 exs????

        are u sure that’s not the number of his step sisters???


        oh okay ignore me.
        just one thing to stress here:

        having many exs dont always mean someone is player ^^
        that someone just tends to fall in love easily — and fortunately happens to have quite charm to the opposite sex.

        while if that someone is player or not, you should know the reason of him/her breaking up with all those exs, right? and does anyone here know exactly the reasons that make Yoochun/Jaejoong breaking up with their exs??? I dun think so ^^

  10. one cassie from korea told me that jj and yoochun are the ones who had lots of gf before..and i wasn’t surprise at all..LOL and no wonder they were roomate..hahhaha…one thing that make me they spend the time with their gf then?? coz we all know how busy they are..

    btw, does anyone know bout yunho?? seems he is the only one who has less scandal..i remember read in somewhere when one of SM staff said that SM won’t let yunho to has a gf because he is a leader and he is the busiest among them ..thus, it will ruin the group…if that the reason why he has no gf, i feel sorry for him..i wish he can manage to has gf BUT in 1 condition, it’s undercover..coz i can’t imagine myself knowing the fact that yunho has a gf..i will totally despair..hikz..

  11. Before it was yoochun and changmin
    who is getting closer,..

    Now,…Its JJ and Junsu,…lol

    They are so cute,…

    That’s the reason why i really love
    yoochun because he is so emotional
    he cried easily even in a simple

    He is such a good man,..


  12. such a sweet interview…
    i can smell JaeSu, XiMin & YooSu moment LOL~

    From my point of view, yoochun & jaejoong aren’t playboy… They are just too charming that makes most girls fall for them. I won’t mind to be their gf even though in just one day LOL~ crazy me xP *brick myself*

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