Posted by: sharingyoochun | June 21, 2009

[News] 090621 Yoochun and Jaejoong cried today

9:59 pm

Kelly said she would try her best to finish her fanaccount. Please be a little patient okie


actually it’s not a fanaccount, but one of SYC team ( a friend of mine) got a chance to go to all Nagoya concert (and Toyko Dome)

I got this text message from her

“Baby Jaejoong and Yoochun cried today, Jaejoong couln’t even sing his chorus in Wasuranaide properly”

I cant wait to read her fanaccount

I hope it’s ok to share you guys this info ^^

reported by: kelly@sharingyoochun



  1. oh my two fave babies were crying?? oh.. i wanna hug them both… sarange joongie and chunnie

  2. Aaww they must be feeling overwhelmed :’)

    I wanna see them cry!! (tears of happiness of course) ^^,

  3. it’s quite rare to see jj cry while singing..
    perhaps he choose to cry now rather than in tokyo dome coz it will shown in dvd..hehehhehe

    if he and yoochun couldn’t control their emotion now, how bout tokyo dome then??? it will be full of tears i believe…can’t wait!

  4. for real, i’ve never seen any of JJ’s tears before…

    this is such a new experience…

    gosh, like JJ so much ❤

  5. Chompoo:
    let’s just wait for more info from SYC reporter okie ^^

  6. awww.. yea.. it’s rare to see jj crying …

    i think it’ll get more emotional when tokyo dome comes…

    wow.. your friend is really lucky to be able to go ^^

    • Chompoo:

      and he coulnd’t sing his chorus part properly

      i so damn wanna talk to my friend right now

  7. T.T??!jaejoong cried?!!! thats rare!!?

  8. ahhh jaejoongie T.T

  9. ohh shoot! cant believe what will be happening in tokyo dome then…

  10. *sigh* i feel sad that my loveiie and micky cried T___T saranghae hero and micky 😀 thanks for sharing , i cant wait for more info too !

  11. anyway , is that have a video ?

  12. Poor JJ, wanna hug him so badly,
    Rarely see him cry actually. But it’s full of happiest, isn’t it.?

    See ya in 5 days

  13. ahhh! uljimma! many things must be running through their mind. agree that its rare for jaejoongie to cry! tokyo dome dbsk is coming!! ^^

  14. omg i bet i’ll tear when i see the vid. x(
    *hugs to joong and chunnie*

  15. jj cry???
    it’s rare ne….
    but i’ll wait for the fanaccount…

  16. loveonacarousel : i agree with you , i ‘ ll tear T__T

  17. Chompoo….

    I am waiting patiently too. I so wanna call Kelly right now ^^

    glad to have one of SYC team in the concert

  18. awww!!! they cried?? T.T

    oh, how i wish i cud just fly to japan, and hug them and console them …

  19. mind i ask ? ur friend is japanese ? so thanks to her 😀

  20. awww,Yoochun & Jaejoong cried..T.T
    I so wanna go there to see them..
    I want to hug them!!
    Hope they are alright..
    can’t wait for more update from u..

  21. oke if it’s Micky
    but Jaejoong, i dont believe it

    i will wait for your friends report
    thanks for shared <33

  22. i went to the concert on 21 in nagoya

    jeajoong cried while he was talking about his own song WASURENAIDE

    he talked to us how he felt when he was writing songs.

    he said ” when you write us fan letters, i write songs for you , when you listen our songs, we sing for you. that’s only we can do for you.
    you always give us lots of love, but i wonder if we can meet the expectations enough for you or not.
    we work not only here also we work other countries. we might change something after this.
    but i hope you to keep loving us .”

    i’m so sorry , my english is so poor.
    i can’t tell well…..

    yoochun was crying when they sang Kiss the baby sky – that’ s his own song.

    • >>> when you listen our songs, we sing for you<<<


      cry a river for that…

      So touching………………. :sniff:

    • Shinta:

      Kiss The Baby Sky???

      but that’s a happy song!

      *smacked Chunnie*


      Jae’s words are so touching ^^

    • i thought yoochun was crying Kiss the baby sky, but maybe wrong.
      other said ita was Bolero.
      i saw he was crying singing Bolero too.


      I think Jae was trying
      to say something
      but not revealing it yet..

      Why did he say something
      like that?

      Are they going to be disbanded (SME’s 5year curse)
      and get married?
      Or work on solo?

      What is that something
      that they might change?

      😦 Now, i’m kinda worrying
      about that “change” thing
      that Jae is talking about..

      • Why we don’t get it in a positive mean?????
        I think it’s just they have to do their activities in other countries, so they can’t meet Japanese that often…….
        Always be optimistic okie?????
        I believe in them!!!!!!!

        BUT I HOPE YOU TO KEEP LOVING US.” this make us feel suspicious .. wat is going on ?T.T

      • choco : anyway , somehow agree with u too 😀 maybe they are just stop working in japan but other countries , so hope japanese fans can still keep loving them 😀

    • ouch~ that’s really touching…. T___T we can write fan letters, we can listen to your song… guess that’s all we can do for you too in order to show our support T___T *huggle*

  23. 35loveU : thanks for the info ❤

  24. They Cried 😦
    My baby Jae, you now turn so emotional ❤ and I love you more for that ❤

    And Baby Chunnie. my crying baby ❤ How Much I love you ❤

    will wait for the detail account. But we can see soulmate cry when looked at the pic after concert 😦

  25. wow, i just cant believe it Jae said that. it’s so moving

    thank you for sharing 35loveU ^^

  26. Jae and micky were crying..happy tears? wish i could give them both a big hug…What jae said is so touching..ill wait for the update..Thank you for sharing this.

  27. Jae cried..

    He’s so thankful
    of their fans..

    He’s so overwhelmed.
    Just think of it.
    He came from NOTHING
    & had
    experienced a lot
    of hardships b4 he became a TVXQ member.
    He worked so hard
    to earn money
    4 his 2-year training in SME.
    He used to work
    in a restaurant, sell gums, & deliver newspapers..
    He got sick ‘coz his money
    was only enuf
    2 pay his training fee
    & not 4 food.
    but now,
    he’s on top!

  28. Jae’s life-story..

    ..very inspiring!
    and now, their
    TOKYO DOME dream
    is going to come true..

    After those struggles,
    his dreams is now
    on the palm of his hands..

    I bet they’ll be more
    emotional on Tokyo Dome..

    We need to get ourselves ready..

    (I’ll buy boxes
    of tissues..) *LOL*

    ‘can’t for dome.. 😉

  29. baby jae cried??? i want to watch this vids!!

  30. @choco

    Sorry for being so weak..
    and thank you..
    your words comforted me much..

    I feel better now. 🙂

  31. my prince~crying~my heart hurt T_T

    thx for sharing dear!!

  32. OMG i almost cried when i saw this , why is my babe crying ?
    where is this from?
    tokyo dome wuts tht?

  33. rly? oh my Jaejoong…. How much I love you…

  34. Oh I cannot see the picture…!!

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