Posted by: sharingyoochun | June 27, 2009

[Pic + Vid] 090626 Mirotic Bangkok Press Conference Part 4

credit: koopkipzii

Dear Yusuke is in Bangkok right now, and she sent me a pic tht she took ^_^

Image Hosted by

shared by: yusuke@SYC

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shared by: ohmicky

shared by: on pic + deNain@soompi

credit: prangpark

credit: O_RaEkI_O@siamzone

credit: tvxq-in


  1. ahhh jejungggggggggggg -dies-
    he look so cute irl
    but his height doesnt look so tall
    in photos
    only min -gets kick by jae’s fan-
    but i swear u cant take your eyes of him
    when u see him D:
    trust me DD:::::

    they look so tired -nods-

    thanks for sharinggggggggggg

    -i’m still editing photos-

  2. what color are jae’s eyes naturally? i’m so confused…one minute i think they’re black, the next i think they’re blue. he wears contacts, right?
    but…if that’s the case, why would he wear contacts AND glasses at the same time? hmm…

    • legra:

      yeah he wears contacts…
      every single time…
      as to why he wear glasses, because it suits what he’s wearing…
      it’s called dressing up for fashion sake… haha,i do that at times too

    • hah xD
      contacts is his life
      he wear glasses without lenses rofl ;D

  3. LOL joongie and his fashion logic ❤
    p.s. this site is really awesome. 😀

  4. Uaaaaahhh!!!U are so fast in uploading new stuff even though U are so busy!)))

  5. seems that Yoochun obey with u all to cut his hair! Chompoo had said this before, she doesn’t want to see that kind of hair (recent hair) during the Mirotic Concert that’s going to be held today,right?

  6. i like jae’s blue eye it is seductive!!

    does chunnie’s hair really got a cuT?

    it seem juz bcos of the style~~

    i dun know^^

  7. chunnie oppa…he cut his hair! i love it, total upgrade! i was not feeling the long hair at all…it looked like extensions and not his real hair 0__0

    now if only yunho and junsu got a haircut à la mirotic era…i really miss their short hair!

    jaejoong be lookin’ all flawless! seriously, the boy has really good skin! those last three pics of him do not even look real…LoL!

    changmin is on model status! somehow, he stands out more to me than the rest of the guys…doesn’t he seem to be one of those that looks a lot better in real life?

    thanks for the pics! argh…i so wanna be where you guys are right now…i’m jealous! dongbang come to hawaii, please!

    • yea.. i wished junsu and yunho got a haircut too .. miss their short hair …

      i envy where SYC are at now too ..

      come to singapore please .. haha..

      i think dbsk should have a World Tour since they’re popular everywhere


  8. yoochun got it cut and straightened. yayyy good job.

  9. Then..



    *gets kicked
    by SYC*

    ;p I’m sorry.
    Oh! I like hubby’s
    new hairstyle..

    Thanks for Sharing.ü

  10. ahhh , jae is soo ….. *bang my head*

    thanks for sharing .,

  11. Thanks for sharing ^_^

  12. I still cant decide whether to love or not Yoochun’s new hairstyle~~

    but Min looks hot there..ah the beloved magnae ^^

  13. ahhhh!! they’re toooooo smexy beyond words. but i do miss the mirotic hairstyles. especially on yunho. he looked the sharpest wit that hairdo.

    now im getting really excited for the concert! =)

  14. I miss their style like this sooooooo much..
    I mean we have seen their japanese style a lot recently..
    he looks like a mannequin!!!
    and I really love changmin style in this pic..
    great baby!!!

    please do a world tour!!!
    your fans are everywhere!!!

  15. JJ look so dame sexy and hot, his skin is so beautiful what is his secret? water?
    ps: youchan look alot like his mother with that hair style.

  16. i saw your guys’ banner! NICE ONE! LOL
    that was my first time seeing dbsk
    and omfg T_T i was so mesmerized. i still am. CHANGMIN IS SO FREAKING WAY MORE HANDSOME IN REAL LIFEEEEEEEE

  17. ah. yeah agree on the world tour. they say changminnie looks like 10000000000x hotter real life. i want to see them tooo! xD love chunie’s new hair. and yes their hairstyle during mirotic time were the best. maybe because they were in korea?! oh no.

  18. oh and jaejoongie ah whats up with ur eh shirt?! its so distracting. now i dont know whether to look at your face or eh chest.HAHAHA! hot!

  19. I love the style of Jae!!
    Always handsome and charming , especially with glasses !!!!! so cute !!!
    I love concert! lots of pics and vid
    thanks for sharing xoxo

  20. Oh No!!!
    Porn JJ!!!
    If he is a SHE of course…

  21. can’t move my eyes from soulmate~they look extremely hot & cute!! <33

    thx yusuke for sharing the pix ^^ wish i could b lucky like u gals ^^

    thx for sharing dear!! ALL CHINGUS IN BKK HWAITING!!!

  22. Yoochun hairstyle now looks like
    his mother hairstyle,..


    Yeah i agree also his hairstyle now
    is much better than before…

    At least now he is looks
    young and fresh,..


  23. so cute!
    love all pictures!

    but the last three of jaejoong so CLEAER!! xD
    like his eyes!! xDxD

    but not like his glasses…xD

    thank-you for sharing~ ^^

  24. HOMG did changmin dyed his hair black back?

    or did it just grow out already?

    and boys! you all look soo beautiful 🙂

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