Posted by: sharingyoochun | July 31, 2009

[Vid] 090731 Making of MBC ‘Heading to the Ground’ drama

must accept that Yunho is perfect for this role ^^

credit: ichigoKJJ


  1. huaaaaaaaaa…….Yunhoooo yaaaa
    again he make me melt >____<
    and the last part when he took a picture with the little girls XD Omooooo~

  2. yunho’s expression is so cute … love him and the little girl at the end …

    looking forward to the drama !!

  3. I’m excited to see this drama, lol I wonder if Junsu is jealous Leadersshi gets to play a soccer player

    The subbed version of the Channel A THSK special is up

  4. ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *dies from the cuteness*
    he’ll do great! oppa fighting~

  5. gyahh~~ YunHo !!
    I’m slowly falling~~ gahh
    (JaeJoong-ah ,Minnie ya, Chunnie yah ,, sorry XD> <)

  6. The vid is beyond cuteness.. Yunh is soooooo damn adorable… every expression of him just make me speechless… and the pose that he did with that little girl while taking pics just make me scream like crazy.. He looks ways too cute to be true..

    The role is fit with him perfectly.. I really cannot wait for this drama to air right now..

  7. Everything screams cuteness XD
    his expressions, his smile, his pouts, running like a crazy man XDD
    I think he is a natural for this.

  8. ahhh, i see he is posing with Jimin – his ‘daughter’ here , lol

    kute ><

  9. Why is he so cute like this!!!!!

  10. Is yunho supposed to be weird? lol! HOW CUTE!!!

  11. Yunho in the making was so adorable , he really looks like a kid ^^

  12. im so excited , i really don’t know how im gonna react when i will see the drama
    is like a dream

  13. yoon ji is so pretty l like her ,, unfortunately the didn’t show Ara at all ><
    Yunho and his little sister scream adorable

  14. Adorable!! So his character has a daughter in the drama? How interesting!

  15. OMO…. Cuteness overload in that vid…

  16. Yunho is sooo fit with this role.. I loveeee all his expressions

  17. haha! im right! the house used is the same in What’s up fox drama. *random*

    Yunho’s acting is so cute! ^^

  18. Yunho’s great at acting..i wanna play football with cute..when he took pictures..with the pretty little girl..The drama..looks so interesting..cant wait to watch..wish him..all the best..for the duration of the filming…Thank you for sharing ^_^

  19. […] 090728 Yunho filming – Heading to the ground part 16 It’s cap from this VID But awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i just love […]

  20. he ran so fast XD … so cute!! .. im really looking forward t this drama!

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