Posted by: sharingyoochun | September 24, 2009

[Info] 090923 Endlessly Sweet Rank in Release Date

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Yesterday (September 23rd) is the release date of “Endlessly Sweet” digital single by Tohoshinki in mu-mo site. When I checked the rank at 23:00, “Endlessly Sweet” was ranked #2 in mu-mo music chart.

However, when I refreshed the page at 00:00 (which means the download counts of September 23rd has been fully proceed)… here’s the rank 😀

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yay! they rock the #1!!!
while Been So Long is at 5th 😉 (5 for Tohoshinki! yay, Panda! lol)

Congratulations 😀
too bad as it’s released as digital single, it won’t be counted in ORICON chart, but mu-mo is just like itunes in Japan so it’s a great deal anyway (^,^)

source: mu-mo site
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress


  1. thaaaaaaaaanks ^^
    lobe youuuuuuuu ^^

  2. i was looking forward to this song its soo addidtive ,, i want them to sing it live soooooooon
    ,,,,amen ,,,

  3. ah is it out ?? awwh! (L)

    one thing… been so long.. when is it going to be released? or it’s not goin to be released?? im so confused =|
    .. if someone can help me ;__;

    thanks (LLLLLLLLLLLL)

    • Been so long was released on mflo’s 10th anniversary tribute album on September 16th.

      If you don’t want the album, the song is on iTunes jp.

  4. YOU GIRLS MADE MY DAY GREAT! ahhh! I cant stop smiling since I got this cheerful song in my laptop. THANKS!!! *hugs*

  5. I really hope to hear them perform this live because personally I really love this song and I usually don’t even really like this genre!!

  6. Whoo hoo~ way to go boys! It’s like the 1st single ever since the lawsuit happened. (Excluding Jaechun’s)
    I missed them~~

  7. eheheheheh i knew it!! they are topperrs xD heheheh thanks for sharing

  8. they are #2 on iTunes japan with “Endlessly Sweet” and “Been So Long” is at #4.

  9. Forever Sweet #2 on iTunes Japan main chart and #1 on iTunes Japan pop chart, #1 on Musico, and #1 on Morawin. 😀

    Been so long – #6 iTunes JP main, #2 iTunes Japan pop chart, #2 Musico, #3 on Morawin

  10. […] “Endlessly Sweet/Amaku Hateshinaku” was officially released for the first time through mu-mo, looks that its rank in itunes is not disappointing at […]

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