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[News] 091013 Court Mediation Failed. The Court Decision will Release Soon

opppss yes, sorry. Admitting mistake here.

I just read some of the comments stating that it should be the end of September when the boys went to the court. That makes me re-read the article again and yep, I missed to read word “last month” (since the previous sentence stated July 30th, I simply assumed the next sentence is the continuation of it ^^;;;). That’s why I found it weird to see “before Chuseok” at the article before, I thought it’s an error thus I skipped it, lol. Stupid me.

If any of you taken out this news, just re-copy and paste the whole article. Thank you for the correction you guys! and really sorry for the error. This always happens when I translate things in office ^^;;;;;

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The three members of group TVXQ who have unfair contract dispute with their agency SM Entertainment presented at the court secretly was confirmed on last October 13th, however had failed to reach agreement with SM. Previously on October 12th, the two side had submitted a final official stand documents that have been required since early this month for review to make final decision.

At the end of July this year, 3 TVXQ members (Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu) filed their disposition application to Seoul Central District Court to terminate the exclusive contract effect against SM Entertainment. Reportedly in last month on the 30th at 4 pm just before Chuseok, wearing sunglasses, the members entered hurriedly to the side entrance of the court building. They secretly received report about the trial request date and other information regarding the case was not disclosed. There was no appearance of the fans, and even most of court staffs couldn’t recognize the three members who disguised themselves just like ordinary civilians and they could move without any fuss.

On August 22nd the legal representative of the 3 members forwarded members’ thought to the court, “We found it very difficult to improve and reach our goals in this industry if we live under SM’s management with all its terms and conditions.”. It’s also reported that, “The arguments happened with SM Lee Soo Man regarding this dispute already reached our highest limit of emotion.” Meanwhile regarding the other two members who don’t participate in the legal case and still have listed activities with SM, was said, “It’s not possible to breakdown a group of 5 people who actually still want to work together.” showing their intention to keep shinning together as a group.

After the failure of past mediation between two sides, court won’t summon the 3 members any further and will make its final decision soon.

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  1. ohh please….

    **cries in the corner**

  2. I’m glad there were no fans around when this happened. Less fuss during such a time is better. We’re all waiting with them…

    • P-S: thanks for being so on top of things SYC. 🙂

  3. always keep the faith.

    Whatever the result may be. We have to move on. The sooner the better. If it’s turn out to be bad for JaeChunSu side, they better announce it fast so they can work.
    I miss my 5 boys so much…

    • agree w/ you..

      the long waits are breaking all the hearts of the fans.

  5. “It’s not possible to breakdown a group of 5 people who actually still want to work together”~& there are millions of ppl who want them as always 5 forever 5…TVXQ HWAITINGGGG!!! AKTF!!

    thx for sharing dear..Hwaitinggg!

  6. My heart skipped a beat before I read what this was about… Please everything turn out well, somehow.

  7. aww hopes everything turns out well
    or everything will end smoothly now
    its hard for everyone now

    thanks for sharing!!

  8. Omg wat is happening? Y must it be like this? How I so much want to kidnap the five boys and just drop them off in bora bora, where they shared one of their best memories. Sighhhhh watever it is, I just want them to stick together.

  9. “Reprortedly on July 30th at 4 pm, wearing sunglasses, the members entered hurriedly to the side entrance of the court building.”

    aren’t they at japan on that day?

    anyway, i’m sooo nervous.
    but i also hope that everything will turn out to be the best for the boys. bad thing could happen, but i definitely hope that only the good thing that will happen tour boys…

    i miss them..
    always keep the faith!

    thx SYC for sharing!

    • Jae & Chun already returned to Korea on Sept 27. Jae wore the suit & went to a meeting (?), Chun was the one to carry all their luggage to their apartment.

      • it says JULY 30..

      • kur4tinc, I guess you’re right coz I just read the same article with different translation. According to the translation by tohosomnia, they went to the court on September 30th. I think tohosomnia is more accurate.

      • handsome jj

    • Yeah, you’re right. If I’m not mistaken, they were in Japan on July 30th and went back to Korea on August 2nd, where there are many fangirls and medias waiting for DBSK in airport.

      About the lawsuit, I hope everything is turned out well and keep believeing on the boys. DBSK FOREVER 5!!

      • I read in other blog that they went to the court on Sept 30th instead of July 30th.

      • Shinta:

        yes. I should say sorry for this >.<

  10. gotta stay strong ’til a decision comes out…
    let’s keep our faith, and hope for the best…

    thanks SYC for the trans~

  11. They 5 of them want to stay together.
    It they can’t it’s sm’s fault.

  12. Hmm, so… decision will be out soon.

    Well, whatever it will be, keep the faith, stay strong. boys and fans. 😉

  13. […] Translation by: SYC […]

  14. […] Translation by: SYC […]


  16. I hope that TVXQ win all any case.

    I’m still waiting for the court.

    TVXQ Fighting!!!!!!

    Thank you for sharing this news. ^^

  17. let’s pray for them and keep faith that everything will be in jaechunsu’s favor.

  18. Geez im depressed!

  19. What is “SOON”?

    I’m so tired of them telling me soon, but nothing really actually happens. Last time they said decision would be made in what, September…


    (I guess this is truth of court…)

  20. aish shitty court,just get it over already,ur just keeping our hopes up..tse!!


  21. let’s pray the court will side to them..
    always keep the faith!!!

  22. I’m preparing for th worst decision ever made…BREAK UP.

    JaeSuChun will be leaving SM and HoMin will stay in SM. It doesn’t mean that HoMin didn’t want to follow or support JaeSuChun, I believe, they do want..but they do have their own contract with SM as we all know 5 members signed 5 different contract with 5 different validity.

    Yes correct!! it’s easy to break the group or even to create the new one, I mean it. Look at SM, how many trainees that they have?? A LOT!! It’s easy for them to create another TVXQ.

    Please pray together..and wish all the best….
    I’m supporting them no matter what

  23. why does it seem to me that the lawyer keep using the fact that only 3 sued SM thus the group would not be able to break up? but what if things don’t go that way?

    sorry i think too much but i’m kidda tired with lawsuit. In japan they say they want to stay together but in korea seem like a different story. Anyway thanks for the article

  24. […] Translation by: SYC […]

  25. gahhh why do everyone seems to be pessimistic? please forgive me if i’m wrong but since the start of this lawsuit we all know that yoosujae will not STAY in SM. So what’s the new surprise? That they didn’t reach agreement? Hey that’s what brings them HERE! THEY DID NOT SEEK FOR AN AGREEMENT TO STAY AT SM FOR BETTER TERMS! But they want to leave with less penalties and finding better working environment.

    The fact that HoMin didn’t say or sue, let’s not start guessing that they didn’t want to or they are still bounded by contract or some other shit (please forgive my language,girls). Who knows what they already do, all i believe is their words to not want to separate. Okay SM is a company and the boys are just THE LABOUR, but hey, don’t put them in our shoes, their condition and bargaining power are way different than ours. If YUNHO can force the Chinese SM staff to put the ShenZhen concert banner on, i’m sure he is more than capable of binding the boys together just as he promised many many times before.

    And please bear in mind that THEY DO NOT WANT TO BREAK UP. Okay maybe they will not make album this yer or next year, but i believe, like Shinhwa, TVXQ will shine once again. Always Keep The Faith! Because they are the gods and GODS are eternal.


    • Shinta:

      agree with this >> but since the start of this lawsuit we all know that yoosujae will not STAY in SM.

      never think there will be a turn back.

      since the very beginning, I’m just curious of how the 2 remaining members will stay together with the three members.

      • I’m Shinhwa’s fan which make me so believe in the miracle of unity, as well as believe in TVXQ….Faith!

        It seems so tense day after day…so wish the boys are in good health and good will power.

    • I so agree w/t you. We already know that there’ll be no way for the boys to negotiate when SM doesn’t want to in the first place. And that’s why they filled the lawsuit. They’d already tried to negotiate before but failed too. So the only way to settle this is the court’s decision, the final decision.
      And I don’t know why ppl just keep bringing out the word “break-up”!? Just give it a break already. When the lawsuit first occurred, ppl said they just only need to hear from the boys and they’ll believe it. But then the boys said themselves, still ppl just believe in whatever they want to. Then it doesn’t matter at all whether the boys have said anything or not. Ppl just keep on believing what they want. Then what do you mean when you say AKTF? Man, I’m just so so annoyed w/t these depressed and pessimistic comments. There aren’t any official decision yet so the best thing now is just keep on waiting.

  26. ahh…
    its suppose to…

    HEY, looking on the bright side
    if both sides refused to settle on an agreement with the mediator’s help
    then… it probably means that they feel really strong about their point and want to win
    or they are very very confident that they will win (in that case, there’s NO REASON to settle for an agreement)

    … waiting for decision…
    love how I’m using stuff I learned in B Law!
    it’ll make me love the class even more!

    I do BELIEVE.

  27. i’ll just believe in our boys..and will support them no matter what the future is..

    Always Keep The Faith..

  28. In this world,its hard to tell wots rite and wots wrong…still,I choose to put my trust in our boys.
    I strongly believe that Homin wont let go of Jaechunsu!I dunno wot way it will be possible for them to reunite,but Im confident that sooner or later we will be able to c the 5 of them on stage once again!!So lets all cheer up plssss!!!!
    Ps. my heart tells me Yunho and Changmin will leave SM ent. asap.And believe me,this is the first time – since this lawsuit thing started – that Ive ever felt this way!!

    • Shinta:

      I hope you’re right. Seriously.

      as for me, not once in this case period I ever felt scared… but now I do.

      dunno why. that’s why I need positive thoughts like this to be read, lol

  29. I really hope they will stay together as 5!


  30. Jaechunsu seems like they are going to leave SM either way. Im more curious how they are going to stay together as five if we are to believe their word. I would like to believe they wont disband but i cant.

  31. The F4 crew is losing sleep over this! we pray for the boys everyday. It’s sad that they are dragging this on, they need to just give the verdict already I mean either way we behind the boys 100%. So yes F4 is still keeping the faith but we are also getting grey hair from this! our boys deserve to win SM needs to get it together!

    JY of F4 has spoken!
    hehe and I’m out.

  32. This sounds bad. It really looks like its heading for a break up.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I remember reading a translated news article on this site where one of your commenters said that the “alleged associate” that was quoted as source was speculated by Korean Cassies to be Junsu’s dad. I think this article came out before their lawyer ordered a ‘gag order’.

    It was already stated at that article that the three really wanted to leave SM and was suppose to form a TRIO or something. (But , of course, this was only alleged by that source which we really don’t know who ). And the three were supposed to wait for the other two to join them.

    I didn’t really put too much weight on this article until their lawyer issued statements after their first court hearing that they will become like Shinwa and about working together from different agencies. Alarm bells went off!

    I realized then that the court negotiations was really doomed even from the start. The boys already made up their minds to leave at the onset. I think they were breaking the news gently because they had seen the adverse reactions.

    That’s why I was confused when I previously read that article from DNBN where it was stated that the boys were just correcting some issues about their contracts.

    Now this. I now feel more confident that the previous article about the source being Junsu’s dad was really true because everything that was said there is starting to come true!

    But, I can only recall limited details on that article. Do you guys still happen to have it on your archives?

    • i think decision has been made already. looks like they are waiting for the “right moment” to announce it.

      • rather than right, i would say CERTAIN MOMENT lol

    • we’re just the translator

      😉 not a person who wrote the news

      u can try searching for our trans


      • No problem. I will try to look back for it. Thanks!

  33. sharing yoochun, no problem with the transl: thank u! >< wanna know the whole matter

  34. This is the first time ever since the lawsuit started, that I’m actually feeling scared.

    I swear in the name of God, if anything bad is going to happen after this, I will leave the KPop world. FOR GOOD. I can’t stand this pressure and I won’t believe in any other idol groups anymore. I can’t even do my assignments properly. And no matter how hard I try to psyche myself that it’s no use worrying about something i can’t do anything about, it doesn’t work. I’m still worried like hell.

    Right now I’m choosing to believe that Avex can save them. Yes, some of you will snort at this, but I still have hope for the boys in Japan. And FYI, successful Japanese groups lasts waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy longer than successful Korean groups. I bet those of you who are familiar with JPop will agree with me on this. Japan music industries treat their artists better, and ALOT of successful artists there are still living legacies (eventho their hay days may be over). Look at Glay, Laruku, SMAP, Arashi etc. Have any Korean groups lasted as long as they do? You guys may say Shinhwa, but are they actively doing activities together now? Anyway, my point is, I still see some light for them to be together in Japan.

    I’m really sorry for sounding like an over-emotional bitch. These boys mean so much to me that I’m surprised that what’s happening to them can actually affect me this much.

    I actually still have LOTS to say, but I’ll shut up so that I won’t annoy anyone further.

    I’m preparing for the worst here, but I’ll ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH. These boys may create another miracle just like how they’ve managed to set records in a tough competition country (Japan) and charm Japan despite being foreigners. I’m not making sense anymore aiiihhhhh….

  35. […] Translation by: SYC […]

    TVXQ FOREVER~~~!!!

    At first I got really depressed when I read this article, but now I’m not so afraid anymore. I do believe in their friendship, more than anything else! They’ve been through a lot of hardships before and always remained united, so I think this time is not gonna be different! They will come back as FIVE again!

  38. […] [News] 091013 Court Mediation Failed. The Court Decision will Release Soon opppss yes, sorry. Admitting mistake here. I just read some of the comments stating that it should be the end of […] […]

  39. tvxq forever 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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