Posted by: piao | October 22, 2009

[Info + Aud] Cassies 1st Single Album

Album Title: LOVE MELODY
Composition: EH
Lyrics: EH
Vocal: YR, JI, HN, MJ, EH


2.LOVE MELODY (Feat.EH) (inst)

The overall song production and composition as well as the lyrics are made by Cassiopeia.
A lovely song that is packaged with lovely lyrics.

Album contains:
Lyrics book, photo collections MV (one that is previewed here), Cassiopeia jacket picture, etc.

If there are more than 500 orders, the album will be released in digipack.
All sale proceeds will be used in helping needy neighbors.

For more info, visit:

credit: naver and daum cafe
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress


  1. they sing actually like some Korean idols!!

    4minutes? SNSD? yeah somekind of them, and they’re not even trained for years to do that! XD

    I actually love the song, it’s a sweet track afterall

    go Cassie!

  2. hahaha lol
    hope u got my email =)

    • eh eh? I havent logged to gmail since last night *slapped*

      okay will dig the inbox now. hehehehe I’m taking bath first.. in couple minutes I have to go to work!! *got rush to bathroom*

      • Shinta, gogogo ^^

  3. err what do you mean by “The album is released to help people in needs. Proud of cassies for their charity work”?
    they sell this and donate that money?

    • yes the money from the album sales will be donated to the needy people

  4. I want to buy this album. The melody is so pretty~ TVXQ have such amazing and talented fans.

  5. I remember sometime earlier this year reading about a pretend album Cassiopia made for DBSK. Everyone loved the songs! I guess some part of that became a reality. Maybe I can get one for an early Christmas presant. The proceeds *do* go to a good cause.

  6. COOLZ!! want it!!

    thx lbl04! Hwaitingg!

  7. wow.

    i super love the song.

    go Cassies ! muahmuah ! X’]]

  8. wow.
    really, this is great! and i love the cover! ❤

    thanks for sharing lbl04!

    cassies hwaiting!~^^

    go goOO!

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  11. i really love this song! the melody is amazing! thanks!

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