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[News] 091028 After U-Know Yunho Appointment as Advertising Model, EVISU is Having Steady Rise in Revenue

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Ever since the appointment of TVXQ leader U-Know Yunho as unique casual jeans EVISU advertising model for 2009 F/W season, the brand’s sale in Seoul as well as sale throughout the region has experienced a steady rise.

Each product ads that is using U-Know Yunho has been crowned as best sales item including U-Know Yunho “HOPE campaign t-shirt” and “U-KNOW t-shirt” which are the having the best response and large share in revenue.

In addition, starting from September to November, will be released sequentially “poster calendar” item revealing U-Know Yunho’s autumn to winter pictures which is going to be updated monthly. With various EVISU special images of the energetic-look U-Know Yunho, another great response from fans to this product is expected.

This EVISU’s star marketing efforts has generated around 100 million monthly sales from EVISU stores all around the country.

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Now who said that The Gods of The East is not a good commodity anymore? 😉

Except “Heading To The Ground”, all Yunho’s solo works are in huge success~! Shouldn’t point anyone to blame in HTTG low rating *cough*script writer*cough* Let’s just celebrate the happy things we get, rightey leader-sshi? 😀


  1. lol….yes we shouldn’t point anyone to blame for that….its just the title itself already explain everything….wrong in choosing title…lol….*bricked by everyone*….YunJaeChun already prove the power of gods of the east….I’m waiting for Min….and Su?how come the two of them like disappear T.T…I miss them!!!

    • Shinta:


      oh yea yea I forget about that the drama title itself!!! XDDDD
      I remember Chompoo unnie ever said “I dont like the title. It’s like you’re crashing your head to the ground”


      the official english title is No Limits though~ yet still… fufufuufu *got bricked by everyone along with you*

      Changmin is in the middle of shooting! wish him the verrrrryy BEST!
      go magnae!!!

      • LOL…..wew….I’m waiting for mangnae’s drama….yeay!Changminnie hwaiting!!!better prepare my heart from now for kissing scene that most likely to be in the drama T.T

  2. yey! another good news for today^^
    thanks for sharing^^

    i just wish that we have that here…

    anyways, re:httg, Yunho’s good & improving a lot, it’s just, he’s in the wrong plot, i think…idk, just my opinion…nevertheless, i’ll continue watching it til the end^^

    again, thanks!^^

  3. to me, Yunho has potential as an actor….he really improves a lot (not on biased mode)..

    consider the drama as a learning process to yunnie…don’t get discouraged…sometimes luck are not on ur side 😦

  4. i want the calendar ^0^
    *gets excited*

  5. awwww~ HTTG is….yeah…

    but YUNHO!! HOT!! ^^

    noone can resist~ i blame scripwriter too~~ ^^;:

    but good job yunnie!!! ^^
    100% deserved success!! >D

  6. wow…that’s great!!!!
    for HTTG…i don’t know why, but i don’t like the title ‘GROUND’….

  7. Its just weird what kind of drama gets the high ratings…there are some which I think is empty…empty in every aspect, from the head to heart but they still get high ratings…pts.

    well, I didn’t like Vic in Meteor Garden because the script did not allow for real emotions, its more like stereo-typical without any complexity at all. But later I loved him in Mars, but that drama didn’t have much success in ratings.

    Blah, anyways, I think its the quality that counts, not a bunch of numbers. Yunho shouldn’t worry, if he keeps working hard, his ability will get recognized. One thing I think he should work on though, is command of the stage. He has it when he’s dancing but he’s a little uneasy otherwise.

  8. i wonder if he is getting some of that cash…after readin some of the clauses in their contract, i dont think he is getting even 2% of this revenue.

  9. This is great news! Other brands should ask Yunho to be their model as well..
    About HTTG, not to be bias, Yunho acting is seriously good, and its getting even moreeee better and better now despite he did not take any acting class.. he really has potential to be a success actor indeed.
    Blame the scriptwriter and the drama itself for the low rating, because it is a sport drama, thus would not expect much, and the plot sometimes its confusing.. but i still enjoy watching it a lot hehehe.

  10. Wheeww..that’s what I called the success of marketing strategy. EVISU marketing&branding division has put the right decision for taking Yunho as model~~ the annual sales is increasing ^^.

    Probably EVISU will be having a huge sales revenue for the rest of 4th quarter this year..and that’s thanks to our leader-sshi and the EVISU commercial division.. ^^

    Yeah, I do sound like sales…well yes, I’m sales indeed ^^*

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