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[News] 091029 TVXQ will Resume Activities in Japan

After the last October 27th Court decision of terminating some effects of exclusive contract, the five members of TVXQ will be back to Japan and resume their activities there.

On the 29th (today) Daily Sports Japan met TVXQ’s official from their signed Japanese label AVEX, and as quoted from the official, TVXQ members should be back to Japan to continue their full activities this fall.

The official did not mention a specific schedule, however he said that the year-end events such as “The 51st TBS Japan Record Award” (organized by Japan Composers Association) and especially “The 60th NHK Uta Gassen” are included in the current schedule.

According to Sankei Sports on the 29th, the popular group Tohoshinki will also participate in theme song for NHK new drama “とめはねっ!铃里高校书道部” that is starting on January 7th next year, the song is entitled “BREAK OUT!”

NHK side commented, “We’re gathering image as Tohoshinki is one of the most popular group in Japan right now.” . While TVXQ leader U-Know Yunho said about their new song, “We hope through this song, we can give even just a little cheering hope for the youngsters.”

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  1. ahhh.. GOOD!

    thank you!

  2. WAH this is a good news YATTAAAAA


  3. their new song title
    sounds like its for SM
    like they wna more SPACE XD

    thanks for sharingggggg

    • Agreed XD

  4. SYC, thank you for sharing this good news.

  5. I’m soooooooooo happy..

    let’s break out to the new world with TOHOSHINKI!!!

  6. although i would like them to continue in korea i’m just SOOOOO happy that we’ll be seeing more of the five of them together again that i don’t care if they’re in japan or korea


    thx for sharing dear! SYC! THE BESTTT!! ^^ *hugs*

  8. There are so many great news today!
    BREAK OUT does seem like a message to SM LOL!

  9. so it`s POSITIVE they`re on kohaku this year, right ?
    wooohoooo !!!!!! xD

  10. and JRA, too !!!! LOL

  11. at least in Japan we still have Tohoshinki…

    For Korea, it will be a verrrrry long time till we see them on stage together….

    I’m just hoping for the best



  13. I’m SO HAPPY!!! I KNEW Avex will DO SOMETHING!!!! *hugs CEO Matsura then gets punched*

    The boys really should go back to Japan. Japan really loves them and treats them well.

    p.s: Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this. Now I can study happily. ^_^

  14. The best news of the week!

  15. Yes!!!! Yes!!!
    I was missing my Tohoshinki so much T__T

  16. That’s why I love them in Japan.

  17. Yippee! I heart Tohoshinki!

  18. is this mean kohaku ???? some one tell me plzzz,,

  19. Best news ever!

    In Japanese, it means amber ne? But it’s a NHK music show every New Year’s Eve

  20. ei, thanks so much for the news and trans!^^

    and i do love the title! Break Out! ❤
    can't wait to hear that!


  21. omggg finally i can see them on a stage tgt ❤

    thanks for sharing!! : )

  22. I feel so happy that I could cry netime soooon!

  23. i’ve been waiting for a news like this!!!!glad to see this news!!!:D
    thanks for sharing…

  24. やったあああああああああああああああああああ!!!!

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