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[Trans] 091121 Tohoshinki will Participate in Yomiuri TV Best Hits Music Festival

2009 Best Hits Kayousai
The 2009 Best Hits Kayousai will be held on November 26 (Thurs), from 19:00, a live broadcast. The music festival will be held at Kobe International House.

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

[Brief trans from the HP]
We will start the voting for the awards from now on.
Please select one for each groups, for “Gold Artists’ Awards” (T/N: ゴールドアーティスト賞) and “Rookie Artists’ Awards”(T/N: 新人アーティスト賞),
and check the button underneath the artist.
(T/N: if you have any comments, please fill in the blank wide white space. I assume they can understand English. And then, please click on “投票する”.)

The voting results will be reflected for the decision for the awards.
Only one vote for one person, please.
Period: Until Nov 25 (Wed) 18:00
(You cannot vote on Nov 24 10:00-12:00 regarding server maintenance.)

source: Yomiuri TV 2009 Best Hits Music Festival
translation: smiley @
credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!


  1. Thank you for the good news! I’m so happy ❤

  2. yay so much good news (even though its only two) but who cares…hope they can get the GAA^^…


  3. konnichiwa!!^^ from Japan.

    im so happy!! i voded!!! thank you avex and every staffs!!

    • R u japanese?! 🙂
      Thats really GOOD news!!Im so happy for Tohoshinki!!!
      Once they land in Japan,Im sure they will start “breathing” again!!!
      God bless Japan and Avex!!!

      • yes!^^ i’m Japanese and Bigeast!!^^
        nice to meet you!!
        yeah, go TVXQ!DBSK!THSK! and AVEX! hehe:)

      • Hello there!!
        Nice to meet u too! 🙂
        Up with DBSK/Tohoshinki,
        up with Bigeast,domestic & international Cassiopeia and SYC blog!

    • konnichiwa

      I’m learning Japanese now,

      Can you show me some THSK fansite in Japanese?

      Doumo. Yoroshiku

      • hi!! 🙂
        how about this??


    • konnichiwa

      I’m learning Japanese now,

      Can you show me some THSK fansite in Japanese?

      Doumo. Yoroshiku

  4. thanks for sharing!
    we all need some good news! 🙂

  5. voted!!

  6. super happy for them ^^
    looks like bigbangs going to be there as well, hopefully tvxq’s performance will assert them as the best korean band in japan… they have competition now >.<

  7. i’m watching MAMA right now.
    TVXQ/THSK/DBSK won the Best Asian Star 2009!! (Squeallll!!!)

    But then only Jaechunsu received the awards. (They looks DAZZLING!! OMG my heart almost stopped).
    Junsu and Yoochun looked composed, but JJ seemed so sad ( i wanna give him a hug, but then get bricked by Cassies). I wish i knew Korean coz i wanna know what they said.

    Most of the audience are Cassies i guess (I saw Bigeast banner). coz when the three were on stage so many red lightsticks, and i saw midoyo banners.
    After the three finished their thank you speech, the fans start screaming “midoyo” so many times.

    i wish i were there.
    i wanna give them support too….


    I miss so soooo very very much!!!!
    Finally!!!! YATTA! YATTA!! YATTA!!!

    • Im to excited I left Tohoshinki so I miss Them sooooooooo very much!!!!
      Again……………YATTA!!! YATTA!!! YATTA!!!!

  9. ooh please support the boys!! they have to win!!!

  10. […] How to Vote for NTV Best Artist 2009 I just realized that how to vote for FNS already shared before […]

  11. vote ady!

  12. So happy for them ^_^

  13. HAHAHAHAHH!!! On my sisters’s b-day!!!
    … also thanksgiving~!!!
    YAY!!! Im in such a good mood now!!!

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