Posted by: sharingyoochun | November 30, 2009

[Info] Best of 2009: HMV J-POP Comprehesive On Line Ranking

TOHOSHINKI Becomes The Most Ambitious Artist, and Long Awaited Hit-Release

Having hit songs such as “Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natta Shimattan Darou?”, “Beautiful You”, “Jumun-MIROTIC”, and another numerous single which become tie-up songs. The high quality of all recorded songs, Tohoshinki boosts up talent which leaves them to own the 1st rank. Containing 2 CD + DVD consists of PV7 and live tour footage, the album has 3 versions that are released simultaneously. Also, “Kiss The Baby Sky” PV is inserted in this product.

source: HMV Japan
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  1. WOW!!

  2. This made my day! I wish someone could put a loudspeaker on an announce it to the whole freakin world…… Truly 2009 was their year….. They OWNED it! And the tokyo dome was the feather on their hat! No one deserves it as much as they do. Someone please do a reset! We need our powerful tohoshinki back…… Boys I know times are hard but u deserve every bot of happiness in the world. Never ever give up on your dreams, our prayers are with you!

    • [I wish someone could put a loudspeaker on an announce it to the whole freakin world] hahahhahah….

      true 2009 is their year in Japan but 2009 in Korea is their curse year LOL…
      but this is good news indeed^^^^^^


  3. BTW forgot to say THANK YOU SYC!!! You guys are no.1!

  4. Congratz boys!!

    they are talented..
    that’s why their album becomes the long-awaited album..

    their high level harmonization and songs that made me fall in love with them for the first time..^_^

  5. my boys…. you’ve earned your place in the sun!

  6. fighting!! i hope abd believe ur dream/goal will come true- sell 1 mil coppies for ur new single:)

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