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[Spazz] Happy 6th Anniversary, TVXQ : What Faith Can Do

A song by kutless, ‘What Faith Can Do
a beautiful song with a beautiful lyrics.

Please write your wish to TVXQ in this post 😀
PS: sorry I couldn’t manage to create a better video ^^;; everything was made in rush~


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Everybody falls sometimes
Gotta find the strength to rise…

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From the ashes… and make a new beginning

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Anyone can feel the ache
You think it’s more than you can take

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But you are stronger, stronger than you know

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Don’t you give up now
The sun will soon be shining…

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You gotta face the clouds…

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To find the silver lining…….

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I’ve seen dreams that move the mountains

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Hope that doesn’t ever end

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Even when the sky is falling

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And I’ve seen miracles just happen

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Silent prayers get answered

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Broken hearts become brand new

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That’s what faith can do.

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It doesn’t matter what you’ve heard
Impossible is not a word

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It’s just a reason for someone not to try

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Everybody’s scared to death

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When they decide to take that step.

Out on the water…

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It’ll be alright.

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Life is so much more
Than what your eyes are seeing

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You will find your way

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If you keep believing………..

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I’ve seen dreams that move the mountains

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Hope that doesn’t ever end

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Even when the sky is falling

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And I’ve seen miracles just happen

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Silent prayers get answered

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Broken hearts become brand new

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That’s what faith can do.

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Overcome the odds

You don’t have a chance

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When the world says you can’t

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It’ll tell you that you can!

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I’ve seen dreams that move the mountains

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Hope that doesn’t ever end

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Even when the sky is falling

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And I’ve seen miracles just happen

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Silent prayers get answered

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Broken hearts become brand new

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That’s what FAITH can do…

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Even when you fall sometimes,
You will have the strength to rise……….


how many times you have been suffered throughout your 6 years career?
how many times you have been threatened by the word ‘disbanding’?
don’t you remember who’s holding your hand at that time?
don’t you remember who’s embracing  your weakened shoulders and holding back his his own tears just to make you be able to cry?

yet, you were unbeatable and finally got yourselves out of the mess.
and what’s the difference by now?

we have our faith in you.
we know that you will always choose the path you won’t regret about.
please stay together, but then on, all we want is to have you back smiling.

be strong. we will be your strength.
the pursuit of happiness, we will be there by your side.
coz that is what a faith means.

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  1. I wish that TVXQ can be happy, healthy and never give up on your dreams. No matter what happens, there will always be a solution to it. Even though we might not be able to see it now, we might find it along the way.

    Never Give Up.
    We will keep the faith eternally.

    • And thank you SYC for this meaningful post.
      I keep my faith because I know there are people here who think & believe in TVXQ.

      Thank you for all the wonderful posts as they give me strength to continue this fandom with so many other friends here.

  2. Aww beautiful tribute SYC. Thanks for this. 🙂 Six years of beautiful music and friendship. Faith will never waver. Always Keep The Faith. Hope to the end.

  3. We all know that now is a tough time not only for us but also for the boys as well.No matter how dark the present look now,there always a rainbow at the end of the road.We been walking toward the rainbow.Always keep the faith, i believe everything will be okay at the end of the day.The friendship and hardworking that the boys have show me make me believe them even stronger.We get through this storm together and emerge as a stronger person.
    Happy 6th anniversary and cheers to the many more anniversary to come.
    Hope to the end and we love you boys!

  4. Happy 6th Anniversary to TVXQ!
    I’ve met a lot of people but only few made an impression as deep as you do, ironically, I’ve never met you.
    We will keep the faith!

  5. T______________T
    thanks for all these
    i love it
    love our boys though im considered a new fan n din catch many moments from the start but we will create more wonderful moments from now on


    thanks for sharing !! ❤

  6. In this special day,091226,it has been six years for your guys been working hard and going through all the obstacles to achieve what you have now.Being known as the best artist in Asia,succeeding in JPOP and having the largest fanbase and high popularitry in all over the world,you all struggle and persist all the way although having tough periods and being criticized.Depress and despair cannot defeat you and rumour cannot invade you.

    I really hope this storm can end soon and wish all of you be happy and blissful in the coming everyday.Stay healthy and please sing on the stage for all of us with warm smile.

    Love you guys.I will keep the faith for you as you are Dong Bang Shin Ki.Forever Five.

    I may have some mistakes in my sentences.Sorry for that.

    Thx syc as has given me a chance to wish the precious guys !!!

  7. thank you so much for this video

    to know that TVXQ came into this world
    created by both MAN & GOD
    to give us musics and faith in our life.
    Being a cassies im proud to see the boys
    grown so much from their debut years

    And i hope to see many more years to come in the future and dont ever give up hope on them .
    as ppl said.
    TVXQ are the one that makes KPOP all so interesting

    im happy to see that all fans come tgt as one to support tvxq and be with them all the way 😉
    Hope to see many more in the future to come too 🙂

    TVXQ always make me feel like i have a place in this world and in music.

    Please TVXQ stay as one and make us fans proud 😉

    thanks for sharing this video
    it made me cried ><

  8. gosh this made me tear up ;_;

    anyways happy 6years to the 5 most awesome men in the world,am looking forward to many many more anniversaries to come!will always keep the faith♥

  9. thanks for this vid ❤ it made me teary-eyed hehe and i think the band name is "Kutless" not kurless lol (= always keep the faith~

    Already 6 years… I hope to see them performing as 5 for many years… i just love them… I will never lose the faith that i have for you!

  11. I wish oppa have a nice day , have a good time and take care yourself.

    happy happy !!

    TVXQ 6th Anniversary ~

    I proud you. ~Always keep the faith~

    When you smile , I smile too. =]

    Ps.This clip have a lot of best memory.

  12. oops sorry i forgot to write my response D:

    I wish TVXQ the best in 2010 so that they can sincerely greet their fans with smiles and unite more people with their music. I also hope to see Cassies break more records and continue to support our hardworking boys with continuous love. TVXQ has made an impact on my life and I hope it’ll do the same to the many people who have not yet heard their music, so let’s spread our love! Make it reach around the world! Cassies + TVXQ = ONE BIG FAMILY! ❤

  13. Thank you SYC for this really inspiring and meaningful post. Hope DNBN can post this on behalf of you to show TVXQ our International fans undying support and faith as well.

    I also believe that their bonds of 6+years together is strong enough to BREAK OUT of this together with all TVXQ fans support ^_^

    Never Give Up! &
    Always Keep the Faith!!

    • Oh… & HAPPY 6th ANNIVERSARY, TVXQ (^_^)//

  14. ;__; So beautiful… Let’s hope to the end…


    i wish the best for the 5 of them.
    i hope no matter what shit they have to go through,they will still remb each other’s love and support.
    No one can break their friendship apart,the only one who can decide which path to take is themselves.
    i trust them and respect their decisions.
    TVXQ hwaiting !
    lets pull through this together ^.^

  16. so touching, thank you so much SYC, happy 6th anniversary, my babys. Lets create the best memory together for next year.

  17. Happy 6th Anniversary to TVXQ

    I’m still waiting for TVXQ and I always believe in TVXQ

  18. God bless you guys…

    Keep loving, keep walking together.






  20. this post is awesome.syc,you are great(:

    the bond between the five of them is unbreakable and our faith is what they need to keep them going on, so let us stay strong and always keep the faith.

    i hope 2010 will be a better and shining year for tvxq.the most important is always be happy and keep smiling! tvxq fighting. love you guys(:

  21. Happy 6th anniversary DBSK!!!! ^^

  22. I cry for this video.So i think everything hope to thr end.

    Anniversary 6th for TVXQ!

  23. i made a song for them.
    this is what i want to say to them.

    • this is coool


      thanks a lot

      • thank you too. for listening to it! 😀

  24. Nice post. it’s really meaningful!
    happy 6th anni!!!!

  25. Happy 6th Anniversary. I promise to spend the rest of the 26th Dec celebrating this anniversary with you. It has been a hard year for you, please stay strong as the storm will be over soon. We’ll always be your strength & support you. Wishing you happiness . Love ya!

  26. happy 6th anniversary, TVXQ!!
    be healthy, live a happy life, always together
    no matter what, cassiopeia – bigeast – TVXQinternational fans always keep the faith in you ^^


    TVXQ, I wanted to share with you Romans 5:3-5
    but 2 corinthians 4:8-9 & 17-18 works as well:
    ” We are hard pressed on everyside but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted but not abondoned, struck down but not destroyed. … For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us eternal glory that far outweighs them all. so we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” (2 Corinthians 4: 8-9, 17-18).

    And yes, impossible is not a word but fear inplanted in man to cripple and to deform him. However, and thankfully, we have an all possible God “who is able to do immensurably more than we ask or imagine…” (ephesians 3:20).

    Therefore on this Christmas day and on your 6th anniversary, I ask the all posible God to strengthen the bond of love between the 5 of you, to keep you healthy and strong, and to make your path greater and brighter than it has ever been,all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AMEN.

    • AMEN 🙂

    • Amen : )
      That is such a lovely prayer..& i like your post a lot..

  28. thanks so much for this very meaningful post SYC! *hugs*
    and yes, let’s always keep the faith!

    and my wish/message to DBSK~
    this year has been a blessed and at the same time a difficult year for you, but things will get better next year as you journey your way into your 7th year of making good music, and sharing your talent, love and passion to all of your fans all over the world…things won’t be easier this time around but i know that won’t stop you guys for continuing what you love to do as a group…as five…as one…

    my Xiah, my Micky, my Hero, my Max, my Yunho…we’re the one, eternally…

    always keep the faith and hope to the end!
    홧팅! fighting!

    Happy 6th year Anniversary!!! 사랑해요! <333

  29. Love you boys 🙂 ❤

    You'll always be the sky that watches over us.

    keep the faith babes.

    i have,will and always be in love with the sky.

  30. happy 6th anniversary!!!!
    i wish all of u
    -be healthy
    -smile always
    -live happy life
    -be strong
    -keep together

    thank you for entertain us for the past 6 years and i hope all of u will continue singing and make us happy with all your song

    always keep the faith

    thanx SYC

  31. thank yu for the vid. so touching. beautifully created.

  32. I wish for DBSK to be happy, smiling always, when they feel they need to cry, they can cry – when they are happy and want to scream they can~ because we know how they feel even though it might not be 100% as long as we have some sort of imagination of whats going on its okay…to say thats it okay…^^

    SYC & DBSK fighting!! always!! ^^

  33. this is a beautiful tribute!
    thank you syc.

    keeping the faith for all five

  34. Falling in love with these boys is the one thing I’ll never regret even if it sometimes tears my heart apart…because they gave me so much hope through the feelings they put in their songs…their smiles help me get through the day…their friendship makes me hope and believe…

  35. *sniff* sniff* Thats so beautiful!!

  36. the 8441425836th reason i keep saying SYC’s the best! really, all i wish for the boys right now is to have them smiling back at each other again, regardless of whether they’re in the same band or not.. i think it means so much more than just a name (as much as i love DBSK)

  37. Happy 6th Anniversary TVXQ!!!!!!!!!!!

    That was really beautiful SYC. Thank You for sharing the video and pictures with us.

    I know the boys will get through this. Their friendship is too strong to let anything get in their way.

    Always Keep The Faith

  38. I wish DBSK to have lots of health and lots of strength for the new year coming. I wish Cassiopeia, all fans of DBSK to have lots of health and strength to keep going in our own personal lives and with DBSK’s coming year.

    Its going to be tough, but we need to keep the faith. Lets keep our faith as strong as we can.

    Happy six anniversary ❤ Its been six beautiful, wonderful years with DBSK. They are our five gods, I keep the faith in all five.

    Lets go to our seventh year together. The lucky seven year. I hope luck and faith are by our side.

    Lets keep on walking together.

  39. this is beautiful…totally awesome!! am actually crying while reading this….
    well, i have not much to say to them…
    just want to wish hepy 6th anniversary and please3 stay together as 5~
    really missed the old moment…the joy,laugh,pain & tears when u guys are together….

    -always keep the faith-

  40. I love this song, I cried after listening to it.
    It has a great lyrics, really soothing when I’m down. Hope, faith, miracles. I trust you.

    Thank You Sharing Yoochun for sharing this song.
    Thank You Sharing Yoochun for trying so hard to find news and pictures for us but gets nothing in return.
    Thank You Sharing Yoochun, you’re the best..

    Thank You Dong Bang Shin Ki for fulfilling my heart and open my eyes into a new world.
    Thank You Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin, Yunho.
    Thank You. Happy 6th Anniversary.

    • woah…i love ur coment…now that u said it, i’ve only realised… it’s indeed the truth…syc unnie keep on working hard for us but gets nothing in return…
      thank u so much SYC!!!!

    • *cries hard* with this comment

      I am seriously crying. Yes it seems like we got nothing in return


      we have you guys here. We have our own little DBSK community. I’ve never expected our site to grow this far. And we got someone who really admires us. I feel speechles happily.

      Let’s go out for a coffee or two so that we can know each other more 😉


  41. Happy TVXQ 6th Anniversary!!
    I wish this problem will end with the best solve..
    I wish Cassie can always support TVXQ until the end..
    I wish we all gived big strength n healthy to stand up together..
    Hope all the best 4 TVXQ&Cassie…

  42. omo, i cry…T.T *running nose*..*tissue*

    tvxq, the one and onlyboygroup that can make me smiling and laughing like a crazy person, the one that make me cry overnights and get red and puffy face in the morning, the one that makes my life so wonderful and colorful with their lyrics, songs,pictures, dances, smiles, laughs,and teasings
    the one and only..tvxq, whom i love the most
    happy 6th anniversary!!
    may your days always fulfill with joys, love, success, happiness and smiles
    in these hard times, i try to always keep the faith, and to do that sometimes i listen to these, ‘whatever they say, dont listen girls’..yes i only listen to tvxq’s word
    oppa-deul, maybe we are strangers, but somehow i feel connected to you, i always pray for your happiness, and for this problem to be resolve soon, pls stay strong

    ‘i keep praying, baby, we keep the faith eternally’

    thx syc unnies
    happy 6th anniversary
    best wishes ^0^

  43. You did it! Wonderful Anniversary gift, SYC girls!

    To TVXQ:

    You’ve carried all of us so many times. With a few notes, your smiles, and the miracle that you are already, you’ve carried millions through it all.


  44. first of all, thank you SYC for creating this blog and the opportunity for fans to converge and create a cyber community for ourselves to share our love for the boys. our lives have been enriched by your efforts.

    To TVXQ:
    Thank you for enriching my life, you inspire me. i have never felt more connected to any other artist, you have ventured beyond any other entertainer, cos you have left your mark on me. i know how tiring it can be to be an entertainer, cos i am one too (and i’m not even doing it full time).
    you have been giving and giving for us, so, instead of asking more from you, i want you 5 to just be happy. that’s my gift to you, to not ask for anything from you, but just wish for you to be happy. you have given me something irreplaceable, opening my eyes to a whole new world i didn’t know existed. i am forever indebted. kamsahamnida.
    live well, and be happy. we will always be there for you 🙂

  45. Happy 6th Anniversary, 동방신기.

    Thank you for everything. For the smiles, for the songs, for the performances, for being together. Somehow, you made it into my life when I needed it the most and for that, I’m happy. Thank you.

    I hope that you will have many more years together. Even in the future, after the last day on a stage together as five, I hope you will still stay together as friends and brothers. I hope you’ll stay healthy. I hope you’ll live happily.

    No regrets. Always keep the faith. ♥

  46. this post really beautiful ;___;

    this storm only a part of their career…and they have dreams that can move a mountain :D…they will be able to overcome obstacles they faced

    Happy Anniversary TVXQ!!!hopefully next year,5 of you can celebrate the anniversary together as 5 again ^o^….please always be healthy and happy…

    Always Keep The Faith

    • btw….thanks so much SYC admins….this post really really is beautiful ;___;

  47. my prayer , to celebrate the 10th anniversary all together ,, with more love & smiles , AMEN

    *am crying a lot these days*

    SYC,, fighting

    ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH , its not only a sentence , its to BELIEVE & act ,, I LOVE U TVXQ

  48. Thanks for the wonderful post..

    Happy 6th anniversary TVXQ

    I Love You from all of my heart and soul

    GOD bless you all 5 of you


  49. i am a relatively new fan and i almost never comment but there is something i think is worth saying.

    i want for TVXQ what TVXQ wants for itself. i trust that TVXQ will make the decisions they do out of love for themselves, and that love is what will continue to reach out to cassies and fans all around the world. i am glad they are standing up for themselves, and i am happy that most of the world of cassies are helping them along the way.

    my sincere wish is that TVXQ would follow its joy, whatever it turns out to be. that they stay true to themselves, their values, and whatever else they think is important, like family and friends. i don’t know what is going to happen, but i trust that it will be for the best in all situations. TVXQ is revolutionizing the korean and japanese music industries from the moment they started, and even now, especially now. i have trusted in their kindness and love ever since i became a fan, and i will not stop doing so now.

    merry christmas, TVXQ and cassies. have fun, and be joyful. joyful, not happy, joy comes from within. nothing can take it away, ever, if you dont let it. that is singing, that is passion, that is love.

    always keeping the love, star.

    • i love your post. very heartfelt, can tell it’s coming from the bottom of your heart. and i totally agree with all that you have said. thank you for sharing it on this post 🙂

  50. It’s a best gift for 5 boys for thí 6th anniversary .

    Thankss so much for creating a wonderful MV with such a beautiful and meaning lyric.

  51. This post made me wanna cry. T_T
    Thank you for making such a touching video and message.

    To know what they are going through, it hurts a lot. But they’ve bared it all, for us. Being in this fandom taught me many things. It taught me to believe in myself, follow my dreams and step up for myself, just to name a few.

    My wish for them is that I just want them to happy and keep on living their dreams.

    Happy 6th Anniversary, Dong Bang Shin Ki. 🙂

  52. I’m not good with words but chukkha hae, dbsk for ur 6th anniversary..
    ur laugh, ur tears, we witnessed them all. hope tomorrow will never be like yesterday.
    I love u all.

  53. Thank you for the beautiful video & message.

    I wish to see the 2nd, 3rd, 4th of TVXQ’s 6th anniversary. All the hardships they’ve been through right now will only make them better and stronger. Happy 6th Anniversary Boys!!!

  54. My five beautiful hearted boys that has a very special place in my tiny heart. I’ve never felt this way about anyone who doesn’t even know me and I don’t think I’ll feel this way again for any other artist in the future. Even tho you boys will never be reading this, but thank you for the years of joy and happiness and I’ll be waiting for more joyful moments you’ll be giving us again in the future.

    + 06+02+1986
    + 04+06+1986
    + 01+01+1987
    + 18+02+1988



    p.s: And thank you SYC for spreading the love. TT_TT

  55. Gorgeous!
    Thank you for sharing!
    My wish for TVXQ:

    I wish for you to forever keep the faith, even if the world seems to give up on you, don’t give up on yourselves. I wish for you to take the time you need, to do what needs to be done, and to never rush through anything so we can see your genuine smiles once again. We will wait for you. We will support you. Though we may not completely understand whatever situations may be happening at this moment, we will hope and pray for the best. Thank you for everything you have given to us as fans, for your music, for sharing your amazing talents, and for being good role-models and a good inspiration.
    We love you!
    Always keep the faith!





  57. Happy 6th anniversary TVXQ! thank you for teaching me so many things about life. neither you or I know what will happen in the future, but i do pray that we will be able to see all your genuine smiles, a smile from your heart, not a smile that you are forced to give.

    i’m so proud to be your fan.
    THANK YOU TVXQ!!! *bows*

  58. Happy 6th Anniversary TVXQ!!

    I hope and pray that in time all your problems will be resolved..and to see you guys together, smiling as you used to be. I wish for many more TVXQ anniversaries for many years to come..Pls be well and know that all your fans will always be supporting you and we’ll wait for you. You guys will always be in my prayers. And I want to thank you for all the music, the joy and laughter that you’ve always share with us. Please know that we love you, saranghae ❤

    Always Keep The Faith for they are 'TVXQ eternally'

  59. They already ARE the BEST so I don’t think I could still wish for them the best. 😉

    6 years has passed and you remain strong and faithful. All I can do is keep my faith and walk with you till the end~~


  60. Very beautiful tribute and Happy 6th Anniversary, TVXQ~

    Awaiting for that tight hug, that haengbok smile, that grateful tears, that one voice that originates from 5 different voices, that dance that went so smoothly with the infinity hours of practise and that one TVXQ who will stand on the stage of Tokyo Dome again.

    Till that day, always keep the faith.

  61. oh my god, sun! xD
    is it okay to cry??
    it’s a happy sixth anniversary boys! ^^
    although i have been a fan for only 2 years only and missed practically 4 years of fandom to you guys, i still feel like i have been with you guys for all these times and to make up for those 4 years i missed, i will stay with you guys forever. whatever right or wrong you do.

    Don’t worry guys, whatever it is that’s going to happen with the lawsuit, you will be alright. because you are good boys. ^^ in HHTG, Byul and Aejasshi said that in between the lives of good people, there are hard times. but still, in the end you’ll be fine because you are special boys! ^^ and we are here to comfort and back you up. ^^

    together, or not, we (cassiopeia, bigeast, int’l fans) will only know of five gods of east, 1 president of korean music, best hardworking group! ^^

    everything, no matter how hard it is, you’ll be able to surpass it and it will make you stronger and more mature and eventually, you’ll realize that you’ve grown from innocent guys to a more mature and reasonable and responsible people. until then onwards, us fans will continue to support you. to give thanks to your hardwork for us and for yourselves.!!

    Dong Bang Shing Gi, FIGHTING!!!!♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  62. Happy 6th Anniversary TVXQ !!!

    26 December …
    6 years ago, 5 young men and 1 dream ..
    A group that the world has loved ..
    This is a tough year for them .. but they’re are not alone ..
    We’ll be supporting them no matter what ..
    Hope to see happier and bright smiles from DBSK once again …

    Thank you SYC for this amazing video .. the lyrics are really touching …

    Always Keep the Faith .. Hope Till the End

  63. Happy 6th anniversary, oppa 🙂

    DBSK, build from 5 men with 1 dream..
    share the laugh, love and tears..
    Sing with all of their heart..
    I can hear.. I can hear your pure voices..
    Sometimes you fall but you know there are our hands ready to help you..
    Stand up.. Believe one thing, we gonna stand by u. no matter what happen..

    keep the faith. we are the one, etternaly

  64. This definitely made me cry… The song poured out more than what my heart contains!!!
    6 strog years of great music and family… DBSK indeed made us all more than happy with all their accomplishments.. A milestone indeed for any artist!

    I just pray that God would continue to bless them with more years together!! And Strength to withstand all the things they are suffering from right now!! ALways keep the faith!! Coz they are just more than just a band, DBSK is a family and no one can’t erase that. It’s like an unspoken vow from them. Now till forever!

  65. thanks for sharing 🙂 i love it ❤ i know we'll still be able to see them years from now… :3

  66. [Happy 6th Anniversary TVXQ]

    Always Keep the Faith!!!!!

    You’re The One!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing na SYC >_<

    I wish you all the happiness in this world… Thank you for existing. Thank you for giving me strength, hope and for making my life happier. Thank you for everything. I’m really proud of being your fan. Please never give up. I’ll be waiting for you, TVXQ!

  68. Happy Anniversary Boys! ^^
    6 years full of hardship and joyful
    although i know you guys 4 years ago,nobody group can replace you guys!!!!
    i just hope that everything will end quickly and back to normal again,bcuz i miss your smile,laugh,dancing and singing together!
    all fans will always support you guys!
    and for sharing yoochun:thank you for always share evertyhing about them!

  69. thanx SYC for such a beautiful post… already crying.. 😦

    i am very proud now, 2 noe them n their dream…

    hepi 6th anniversary TVXQ..

    still, many years to go…

  70. I’ve only been a fan for a bit over a year, but the things that these boys do to me… they’re really something special, huh? Their relationship is so real, so strong. I’m sure it’ll overcome all obstacles, including this one. We’ll all go through with this together.

    Happy 6 years, TVXQ. ❤ May you all continue sharing you music and spreading your love to our world. Always keep the faith.

    Thank you, SYC unnis, for everything you've done. 🙂 You're all amazing people.

  71. Happy 6th anniversary.
    I love you tvxq. i wish you have a good life, good health. I pround to love you guy.
    and I’ll always keep the faith.

  72. happy 6th anniversary tvxq
    love you so much
    i wish you never stop to share your music and video to all cassiopea. and share your friendship and love to this world…
    always keep the faith!

  73. DBSK,cassies,bigeast Happy 6th Anniversary. i fell in love with the 5 gods and their fangroup 4 years ago and i cannot stress enough how proud am i to be in this great fandom. i have never thought that my favorite group will be in a crisis (sm sucks!) but it just means that you guys will come back stronger than ever. i have no favorites cause 5=1 and i just CANT choose. may you all continue to be together (wanna see u smile), be dorky and we will support u guys dont u worry! we wont say goodbye, cause we are the one eternally. thanks a million for being DBSK, cause w/o the 5 gods, kpop will def not be the same. always keep the faith.

    and THANK U to our SYC. w/o u guys,i dont know what will happen. thank you! saranghae. ^^

  74. Happy Anniversary DBSK!!

    i wish u guys have a good health, be strong n i hope your frenship will never ends…

    we will keep supporting u guys!AKTF!!

  75. What a beautiful post T_T.

    Ok, I’m a totally disaster with this things, but I’ll try to say something.

    To TVXQ:

    Happy 6th anniversary!! I wish you all happiness, laughs, tears, love, hope, friendship, etc. I hope you could spend this day together, and always remember that even if you are physical far away from each other or from the people who loves you or who you love, you’ll be near of them in your hearts each time you think about them, and this love you or they feel will never change.

    Remember that Cassiopeia, Bigeast and the international fans love you and will always love you.


  76. Happy 6th anniversary tohoshinki!!
    wish u smile forever!!

  77. Happy 6th boys ❤

    I wish that all five of you could go into the core of the forest and laugh all you want, together and get away from judgements and unhappiness. Even if only for a day, I would be happy for you guys.

    I'm relatively a new fan, tons of regrets of not knowing you earlier. Although I missed the precious past of yours, but I'm glad that I am able to go through this tough period with you. Will give you my endless support.

    I hope that I could be there at your next concert, tvxq all the best ❤

  78. oh SYC thank you so muich for this, it’s so heartwarming but sad at the same time.

    TVXQ happy 6th i’m looking forward to more years with you. i’ll keep on beliving in you no matter what it takes. FIGHTING!!!

  79. SYC’s admins thank you so much for this.

    TVXQ happy 6th anniversary. Wish you all the best. God bless you all.

  80. SYC Thanks so much for this very nice post

    My dear TVXQ! Happy 6th Anniversary!!!
    we always stand by you
    we always support you
    we always wait for you
    …forever & never give up

    That’s what FAITH we can do…


  81. HAPPY BDAY TVXQ 😀 😀 😀
    I’m sure you’ll be stronger after all this. Hope to see a better TVXQ soon!

    LOVEE 😀

  82. That is what faith can do i wish upon the stars that DBSK will be stronger in all what they can do :3!

  83. im crying all the way when i read this..
    thanx 4 beautiful meaning..
    hope 2010 is the better year for them.

  84. Thank you SYC! These is so touching))
    I wish our boys the best! I wish them to be truly happy!!!

  85. sWEEt 6th Year Dbsk!!!!!!!
    i hOpe tHIS New YEAR goNNA be More BrIGHT anD EaSier For all OF You!!!!!!DoNT EVeR SToP SMIle NAD stOp gIVE all Your FAns WItH GReat MUSIC and AWESOme danCE!!!!

    always KEEP The faiTh and ALWAYS tOGETHer!!!!!

  86. I wish that the five of them will always be strong. And that everything in Korea would soon be fine, and that their career in Japan will continue to grow.

    AKTF, Happy anniversary tvxq!
    SYC, thankyou, the song and this whole post is so moving. ❤

  87. happy 6th anniversary boys. and i KNOW we’ll be celebrating more of your anniversaries TOGETHER. us cassies, bigeast ,int. fans and all FIVE of you. ill pray for the future of tvxq and wish you all the happiness in the world. no matter what the outcome maybe, we all want to see you smile and your bond unbroken. we will ALWAYS keep the faith, eternally.

  88. To my dearest DBSK:

    Happy 6th Anniversary. I hope you guys will continue to celebrate countless anniversaries, going forward.

    It’s been a tough journey, but do not be afraid. We will all stand by you. Sunshine comes after the rain.

    You are Gods of The East. Hence you are formidable and unbeatable. Keep fighting! ^_^

  89. thank you so much SYC for this beautiful tribute. I am so tearing up while reading this.

    To our beloved DBSK boys,

    We thank you for sharing your talent with us. We loved you because you were great artists but as time passed, we also came to know the real you…the boys who also feel tired and sad. However, that’s what makes you all real people and we love you more because of that. You may all be walking in a dark tunnel now…the fans are hurting but we know the five of you are hurting the most. We could only offer you our prayers and support. Whatever the outcome may be, we will always be behind you no matter what because we love you as much as you love us. We will keep the faith in you our beloved boys because nothing can separate Cassiopeia from DBSK.

    We Love You!!!

  90. i love the video!!!

    my message:
    july 31st 2009, up to the present, it’s been a tough time for DBSK since the 3 members filed a dispute against SME, and now they still don’t know what will happen in the future.

    bu then again, 5 members being 1 is just TOO AMAZING to see, because their friendship is too tight already and they are brothers! i admire them for the bond that they have

    to DBSK, to the 5 people who introduced me to kpop, the 5 people who always keep the faith..we always keep the faith because you do! 🙂

    the dispute..that’s just a test which God made for you to be stronger and to see if you 5 are still tight!!

    DBSK hwaiting~! sorry for the long message. XD

  91. That was simply lovely SYC admins!~ >w< 6 years~!

    Happy TVXQ day Minna-san~!

    My message?:

    Happy 6th Anniversay~! Never give up hope, never give up faith, never give in, even though when times are tough they're a millions of people for example cassiopeia, bigeast and especially international fans who are 'standing by u' eternally

    "we keep praying, don't forget, always keep the faith eternally"

    We will always love our TVXQ~!
    Hero Jaejoong fighting~!
    Uknow Yunho fighting~!
    Choikang CHangmin fighting~!
    Micky Yoochun Fighting~!

    Xiah Junsu Fighting~!
    TVXQ Fighting~!

  92. happy 6th anniversary

    DBSK fighting!!


  93. im crying so bad… T_T i have no words to say, everybody have said what i want to say……

    thank you so much for this….

  94. Happy 6th anniversary to our most beloved TVXQ

    Next year will definitely be better than before.

    Please be happy & don’t regret anything.

    that’s all we want.

    We LOVE You, our Rising Gods of The East

  95. This post is lovely syc & really touching..


    I hope the members of Tvxq..will see next year Healthy & Happy..
    whist still reaching their dreams..and fulfilling every hope they have in their hearts & souls..
    in six years..they have touched are hearts & souls in turn..and blessed us all in some way..through and memories..all of which they have been able to share..with the world and their so happy..but mostly very..very proud..of their every achievements thus far..
    and i hope that 2010 see’s their blessings multiplied..i wish them every bit of success and fulfilment in the coming year..and i hope each of them continue to smile..
    and always remain in good every future and forever more..
    my main interest in only love..and my one bias..and musical inspiration..Tvxq..i will always keep faith..through fair weathers and storms..Always keep the faith..

    Thank you for sharing ^_^




    WE Believe in you..

  97. my wish is for tvxq to remain as five for six more years and many times more of that. that is all.

  98. I have always been praying for the 5 of you since the very beginning. I know you guys have been through a helluva consequences and you were able to pull through it all.

    I just wanted to thank you for the music, the fun, the laughs, the cries, the lessons and everything you have shared with the rest of us, your fans. And that I hope, whatever happens, you guys will remain the same.

    The 5 people whom we loved because of the purity of your hearts.

    Don’t ever shy away from the problems that will pull you down. Instead, face them and let them push you to the top. ^^

    Happy 6th Anniversary! ❤
    Always Keep the Faith!
    We have always believed in you~

  99. Happy 6th anniversary TVXQ!!! Always keep the faith! I wish you would be always 5, and more happiness, success, luck,…to be honest, i’ve become TVXQ’s fan for nearly 3 months and i always ask myself why i didn’t know them from 6 years ago??? i felt in love with them immediately when listening “Forever Love”, so touching, impressive…Now i find myself so lucky to be their fan as well as finding SYC website where i can share my love to TVXQ with many other fans and know more about them. Love you and (again) thank you so much, SYC!!!

  100. Aww..this post make me cry..>_<
    thnk u SYC admin for this beautiful post..
    thank u dear Chompoo,Shinta,Legra,Siqi and Piao..!!
    for TVXQ,I hope all of u will keep smiling and happy for entire life..!sound stupid rite..but seriously,if u guys are smiling,even tho at that time i'm crying,by seeing u guys smile,i can smile right away..^__^
    and this is for my baby Chun..LOL

    Micky,U-Know that I love u to the Max..U are my Hero in this aXiah and the entire world…^_______^

  101. I can’t say it is the best video in the world but it’s the best for me cuz people in it are my beloved boys.

  102. wow 🙂
    KEEPING THE FAITH! ^_^ always…


  103. It’s been 6 years… Thanks for making us have a really great and happy time ^^

    Whatever happen or anything would change. I know you guys always do your best ^^V …I will keep watching, supporting and loving you guys.

    Thank you SYC for sharing all the boys staff and this entry makes me miss them so much….
    Thanks again ^-T

  104. SYC, you guys make me cry (again)!! I’m so gonna save this post up!! TT^TT

    I’ve been updating tweets on Twitter to celebrate TVXQ’s 6th anniversary and – HOORAY – we made them as the #1 trending topic twice yesterday (Dec 26th)!! ^^

    I’m really hoping for the boys to see it; to see how we’ve all worked hard to show our love for them; to see this beautiful post from SYC and how much effort you guys have put on managing the site. They have to know that there are millions of people in this world that support them. That we have faith in them ..

    There are so many things I’d like to say to the boys. I kinda write it all up here and there, from site to site. So here on SYC, I’m just gonna say AMIN to all prayers that have been sent by the fans worldwide for them (especially the ones written here)!! =)

    Remember, baby. We keep the faith eternally. We have faith in only forever. AKTF.

  105. I cried at this post. My comment is a day late so I’m so sorry. The feelings between TVXQ members is more than just friendship – it’s brotherly love. Hero Jaejoong, U-Know Yunho, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu & Max Changmin are the only five who can make a complete Dong Bang Shin Ki.

    TVXQ is the band that I shed the most tears, smiled with & laughed the most for.

    Together with Cassies, we go through all hardship & happiness together. For me, though TVXQ & I are under the same sky, yet we can’t see other. However, I know we always think of each other & remember each other in our hearts.

    Their lovely & melodic voices, out-of-the-world harmanization, & even drop-dead gorgeous looks, are all irreplacable.

    You are my everything to me, Dong Bang Shin Ki hwaiting.


  106. OMG!!!!!!!!!!1

    I cried a lot T-T

    This so beauty n wonderful.U did a good job again ^^ Love u girl.

    Always keep the Faith.


    Now a Forever……..

  107. 2 years ago, TVXQ was just another idol group to me but now they’ve become so powerful in my life. i slowly turned into a cassiopeia without knowing it. they infuenced me to do a lot of things, they can make me cry and smile at the same time. they bring happiness to me, but whenever they’re sad, we as fans that walk with them, stand by them, are also sad too, yet we believe in them. we always keep the faith and we will always stand by you! .. i really want to tell you that cassiopeias really appreciates the hardworkd and all you did for us! … TVXQ and Cassiopeia are not like others. we have this unexplainable bond that keeps us together now, as it will be forever! .. disbandment never go together with TVXQ, and i’ll keep believing that!!

    6 years passed .. but forever more to go!

    TVXQ isnt complete with 3 members, or 2, but 5 .. it is not TVXQ without XIAH JUNSU, MICKY YOOCHUN, HERO JAEJOONG, CHOIKANG CHANGMIN, U-KNOW YUNHO! … and most importantly ,,,, CASSIOPEIA, the star that always shine with them!

    TVXQ = 5*

  108. happy anniversery dbsk..i tear up reading all the comments..
    thnx SYC for this post..

  109. This is first time I listen to this song..
    but why I feel very deep to it..?
    is it because of the meaning?,
    the meaning that very close to the recent day…


    Your fans…
    who always support and pray for you everyday are standing your side..
    and will stand in this position like now forever..

    Because we know..
    no things can break you down!!
    so we’ll wait for you as long as we breath..

    In spite of 6 years.. 60 years..
    I will wait and will love you forever…


  110. thank you SYC for this lovely post and all the updates that you have been sharing…

    i just wish for the boys to be happy in whatever they do…

    it’s great to see so many fans believing and standing by them…

    always keep the faith and we will be supporting TVXQ all the way…

  111. I’m sorry i was busy and so im a lil late 🙂 but..well haha

    Dear DBSK..ima gonna make it short since all the great things cassies said are what i wanted to tell u too:)
    My wish is that DBSK will always be together happily and they can smile sincerly 🙂 together..and exist for Cassies …and they will grow stronger and stronger so that they can reach all the fans around the world…anywhere in this world…by the beautiful voices and talents and unique characteristics:)
    and they will have their own happiness…:) and Cassies will always be by DBSK no matter what… 5 as 5 from now on and until we all died:) always…forever..:) i dont believe in forever but for dbsk and cassies..I do..
    thank you so much for ur exsistence..thank you so much..for bringing the fandom Cassiopeia to this world and made us stronger than ever!
    please cont to stay and be happy together ..:)
    I was not able to stay by ur side from the beginning but now..please let me stay by your side forever..if forever exists…as long as you exists and cont to shine on the stage..i will silently be there cheering and supporting you!
    the longest comment ever but…
    i wish all the greatest things for you..true happiness..true bond between the 5 will last forever…be happy …real happiness as 5..DBSK!

    PS: another wish : to become Yunho’s wife 😀 if thats too much then become the girlfriend of any member of dbsk 😀 LOL or their housemaid? LOL
    dbsk fighting

    thank you SYC..for creating a place where the stupid me can express my love for dbsk ^o^ hahah love you~ merry belated Xmas and happy New year..i wish for SYC to exist forever like DBSK and Cassiopeia! I love you all~
    hugs and kisses~~


  112. is this still on? I just saw the post now. 😦

    anyways, here goes…

    Happy 6th Anniversary~
    2009 was a tough one, don’t you think?
    Full of laughter and drama.
    People may be wondering why we still stand by U through all these years, but they don’t know anything.

    Being one of your fan is one of the greatest thing that have ever happened to me. I maybe overstating things, but it’s true.

    Your like my bright sun in the morning. And my shining moon at night. the only stars the shine brightly in the middle of my dark skies.

    Things happens, things could go wrong. But we will stand by your side no matter where you go.

    There’s nothing more special for me to receive but to see the five of you together would be my greatest gift.

    I love you Dong Bang Shin Ki!

    And though it’s a promise that is so hard to keep, I’ll keep on believing. I’ll ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH. ♥

  113. I’m so sorry for being late….anw~


    aww~”all we want is to have you back smiling” *nods nods nods* YES!! WE WANT YOUR CHEERFUL SMILES!!!

    thx SYC!! ❤ i really DO love this post…LOVE YOU A LOT!!! TVXQ & SYC = NEEDS!! *hugs & kisses*

  114. Happy 6th Anniversary DBSK!

    first of all, i would want to thank you for making me so happy this year. i’m so glad that i have come to this point in my life of loving you guys.
    you deserve the 6 years of being together coz you have worked hard to come this far and you have made thousands of hearts melt and get inspired through your music.

    i just wish your relationship would get even stronger each day. i also wish you guys good health and the happiness and blessings you deserve.

    take care always and God Bless! 😀

  115. Happy 6th Anniversary DBSK…
    All i can say… Hwaitting!!! Remember that u guys still have US (Cassiopeia) by your side…
    We will Always Keep The Faith in you guys… no matter what we will still SUPPORT you…
    aja aja Hwaitting!!!


  116. i hope i am not too late writing in this post. i wasn’t updated with my daily syc routine since christmas and i feel like missing much.

    nevertheless, i wish to express my full support for the dong bang boys. they are my love, my hope and my dear people. all of them. i cannot express how close they are to my heart. i never thought to love like that would be possible. i will always keep the faith for them and be their side, waiting for their glorious return. because they are dong bang shin ki and that name says it all. they will always rise as gods representing the east. i love love love them so much. it hurts to see them broken or tired but its all-right because i know they will be together as a family once more. we, the fans, will always be there and we will never forget you. happy anniversary and hope that 2010 will be a better year for you guys. love.

    syc, thank you so much for making my day brighter. i am happy to have known you from the beginning. ^^ you girls are amazing. i am serious. i don’t think i have the energy to live my normal stressful life and squeeze in time for the updates. *bows* i admire you. let’s keep support for the boys and never lose faith.

    i hope tvxq will be able to see our love for them. Forever as Five.

  117. thanx,thank u very much!!i was not in a good mood,due to several tensions.but now i feel very well and very strong!!thanx!!i needed this,i really needed this!!thanx!!^^~~

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