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[Pic] 100121 Stalking Yoochun part 2

the three voices ^^

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  1. Cant say anything 😮

    ps: I luv our YC 😡

  2. ^____^ walking like cutely like that with ur mouth open is very dangerouusss… someone might want to jump on u right there chunnie hehehhehhee

  3. skaldjsk park yoochun you make me fall in love with you again and again 😉


  5. why do he so hot in the winter??
    I feel abeast inside my inner heart is roaring…lol..XD

  6. wow the place seems cool, well it becomes 100% cooler with a hottie walking like that^^..


    • lolz.. n i thought it becomes 100% hotter (cooler too? haha) when yoochun walks in like that *gets smacked hehehhe xD

      • yeah, i change it to cooler for a change hahhaha…

  7. He is hottttt *sobs with happiness* he is really hotttttttttttt


    why u so HOT, why u so SEXY, why u so HANDSOME, why u so CHARMING
    arghhhh to much WHY…..

    yaaa Park yoochun
    you are my ADDICTED….

  9. OMG!!!
    can’t say anything, my heart is trembing!!!

    wanna pack him home!!

    • hahaha your last comment make me laugh heeh

      and yes i do agree with you…
      can i have him on the weekends??? lol

      hahaha 🙂

  10. OMG…

    dies immediately….

    wish i were the scarf…LOL….

  11. that looks like a scene from a romance film and chunnie is a movie star …..

  12. wow, just walking like that, it makes feels so turn on already!

    thanks for sharing!

  13. tks for sharing :wub:
    just like he’s walking from a romance :))
    somehow to me he’s pure, like an angel :”>

  14. OMG Sun! Him walking like that is like a piece of art.. Insanely gorgeous!

  15. Wow such a clear picture from a distance away. This person has good camera, haha.

    thx for share!

  16. chunnie’s so gorgeous….

  17. That’s lovely Yoochun ^^

  18. ” Oh Micky you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind.. HEY MICKY! “

  19. chunnie!!!!
    so hansome ma…..

  20. He is indeed look like lead actor in ‘Romantic Series’.

    With those elements that surround him and more over, that coat he’s wearing really suit him.

    If you just add BGM, it will be absolutely Perfect.

  21. what is doing the precious one??? *O*
    looks so…… warm
    photos for magazine or what?


  22. He looks damn good and the outfit adds on to the hotness. the atmosphere seems so peaceful and romantic. Add Chunnie into that and he turns it into Hotness ^^

  23. Ouch, my heart….bump…bump…. …………..^^^^^^^^
    Thank YOU SYC for bringing me to life)))

  24. gorgeous. chunnie outshines the scenery n winter with his charms. i like how perfectly right those pictures are.

  25. Let me live Ok????
    Goshhhhhhhhhhh…he is freakin’ hot!!!!!!!
    Can not loving him…I ve gonna die if I were her!
    Hope he is doin gsome project.
    Love the way he wears …so hot.

  26. im a little confused, what is three voices exactly?
    is it a documentary of their lives or some movie?

  27. oh! he looks really good!!!!

    but what is it???? … “Three Voices” will be the Junsu, jaejoong and Yoochun´s movie???? …

    somebody can tell me????? :S …

    TFS!!!! 😉

    • me too
      i don’t what my chunnie fliming

  28. He looked so fluffy~!

  29. He looks like hot caramel fudge brownie cake with a hint of walnuts. Hehehe*_*

  30. ^^ wanna b his scarf ❤

    thx for sharing dear!

  31. I used to save photos of Yoochun looking like a model under the name “Fashion Icon YC 1, 2, 3” etc.
    I have too many like that now. He really has a good sense of style and looks really good in clothes. Those broad shoulders and thin everywhere else is great for wearing clothes. And that YC character that shines through everything and makes you want to be close to him. Irresistible.

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