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[Pic] 100206 Stalking Yunho part 3

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  1. who is she on two picture…..

    • Lee hyo hee?

      • ^^;

        *shakes head*

      • who’s Lee Hyo Hee ppl talk about? O__o

        answer please, the only one Lee HyoHee i knew is a player from a Korea volley ball team, her nick name is pink spider or something =____=

      • lee Hyo Lee is korean singer…You can search it in Youtube…
        She’s the one who sang U-go-girl…

  2. Excuse me who is that???

  3. who is lee hyo hee?

    • LOL~

  4. WHO IS SHE?????????????????????

  5. Kkk. Guys, reckon she might just
    be a friend or friend’s girlfriend.
    We don’t really know for sure. ><

    Just happy he's enjoying his
    freetime/birthday with friends.

    Lee Hyo-hee? *curious

  6. She looks nice from the behind.
    Seriously though, I would be glad if he had a girlfriend.He deserves to be happy

    • me too, I was so upset to know he spend his birthday without member’s company, now finally this pic light my mood up. By the way, she is so tall like 176-178cm.

      • ohh she is tall..maybe his sister??

      • no, his sister has slender body l, but this girl is bigger.
        am I Yunho’s ”mom”,
        yesterday Jaejoong was with Kim Hyung Jun.
        04.02 and 05.02, JJ, JS and YC were in KTV.
        looks like the boys have fun and better mood now.

      • KTV? really, where can i watch it?

      • KTV? what is KTV? a chanel in korea TV?
        and to vicky: I dont see anything to unhappy about this

    • “04.02 and 05.02, JJ, JS and YC were in KTV”
      I can’t say I am happy to hear that

      • Curious, why?

      • @Shinigami:
        It’s just that I would rather see the 5 of them,as a band, if it’s a TV appearance and such

    • KTV( include karaoke, bar, disco, health care, bath, etc.)

  7. who is she:O
    who is she:O
    just be his friend ,huh–.–

  8. me too.. he’s just having fun with his friends .. and it doesn’t matter if he has a girlfriend, he’s human as well .. all of them are … they deserve to have their own personal life ..

  9. Though I am jealous, but I am so happy if he has a gf, so she can looks after our Yunho. Yuno deserved to be happy.

  10. i think she’s just a friend. xD
    i mean, we know the leader is touchy and feely with people he treasures the most. (ehem jaejoong hahaha). ^^ if she’s his gf, then yunho will be attached to her no doubt haha. ^^ although i like how she looks from behind.

    happy birthday again yunho! ^^

  11. who’s dat??

    IMO. it doesnt matter if he has a girlfriend but not this time yunho plz n___n…take care of wats happening of your band first plz….*my yunjae blood in me is boiling* XXD…

    but thats just his friend maybe, yunho wouldnt have the heart to flaunt his gf in public lol


  12. Well, her sister is GIANT so i think its her. 😀

    • ah yunho’s sister is super thin….
      so yar doubt so xD

  13. adminies please tell us who she is, really want to know here… T_T please… *puppy eyes*

  14. nice shape girl ,,

    SYC could u tell us who is she , whats related to yunho and stop all the fuzz & assumption : )

    there is lot possibility ;
    – stalker
    – his girl friend
    – friend
    – some one walk there
    – his friend related
    – his sister
    – ……..,
    – me

  15. dun tell us she is ara…. T_T

    • dont worry, she is not go ara.

    • Ara is shorther than her ^^.
      She’s not Ara.

  16. May be she is “JJ covered up as a lady with long hair ”

    Ha! ^^

  17. i think it coulld be lee hyo ri,,so tall

  18. I think the girl just went behind Yunho, they are not friend or anything like that.

    Dont worry!

  19. While you guys are guessing who the girl is, I’m just gonna say Yunnie’s back is hotttttt. You can tell he’s bringing a sexy back. :p

  20. i’ll b happy if yunnie has a gf 2bh

    i c soem of u get jealous if she is even round a girl
    but wot r u gunna do wen he get married nd hav kids really??

  21. a u sure it’s not ara, look like her, the hair n the height if she wears heels

  22. who is is lee hyo hee??
    is it his predebut gf that he still loves?
    then again…it could just be a fan griel.

  23. Look at the pic taken in the restaurant.there was no girl.

    And the second pic.I think it was taken when yunho went to his car,and the girl went behind him (accidentally )

  24. ohh chill out hahahha that girl was me 😛

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