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[Pic] Tohoshinki – BEST SELECTION 2010 Album

CD version

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  1. NEW PHOTOS ,, LOL ,

    im really happy

  2. That s great picture++

  3. i miss them! x’DD

  4. Really cool pics!

    I’m waiting for the discs 😡 They’re coming in early March. I think I’m going to die the moment I get them. LOL

    My lovely Yoo Chun is as handsome as ever. I think I’m in love *smirk*

  5. they have got to release those small collage pics in bigger ver… everybody looks gorgeous

  6. ohmaiiigorgeousboys~~
    woah the last pic of minnie~

  7. OMG i totoally love JaeJoong’s pics !!!
    gosh he’s so pale !

  8. Snapshots of their everyday lives, how awesome! Love how unique all the shots are and of course, how gorgeous our boys look!

  9. so cool!!!i love all the photos!!!!!it has a nice concept!!!

    thanks for sharing!

  10. CHANGMIN..
    omfg they’re so… KAKKOIII aaaaa *___*
    thanks for sharing ♥

  11. these are gorgeous! still hoping for more group shots though =}

  12. I usually find their japanese photoshoots boring.
    These photos aren’t too bad though.I like their outfits.
    Changmin looks like he just escaped from a fashion ad

  13. *screams*
    I never expect to have new photos…. ^^

  14. as much as i love our boys but these pics looks too bland to me..cant they put more lively atmosphere even a little…the more i see this kind of pics the more it gets boring to me, gosh its always the same O_o….


  15. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa handsome !!!!!!!!!!

  16. ><
    their are so handsome

    I didn’t buy the cd version, only the 2cd+dvd version?? OMG should I buy the cd only version too?? OH! OH!! IM BROKE!!!!!!!

  18. oh my goodness! they looked sooo good!!! <333

  19. wahhh!!! its awesome..somewhat this cure my

  20. Great pics! They all look so mature and handsome~~

    I’m rly happy^^

  21. there’s something sexy about the man who reading a book.. love it. gomawo SYC!

  22. omygod everyone look so gorgeous and handsome!!!!
    *squeals then faints*

  23. the photos are great !!!

    the BEST SELECTION ALBUM is definitely worth buying ^^

  24. SHOOT~!!
    I’m totally BROKE~!!
    Changmin getting more handsome every time~!!



  26. KYAAA!!!! I love this photoshot especially my YunJae look so hot!!!XD
    Changmin looks stunning…^^

  27. woaah~ new pics !! ♥♥♥

    JJ’s smile ♥♥♥

    is it just me or are those pics little depressing?
    i mean the mood and all

  28. Woooooow, they’re sooooo handsome, tooooo handsome!!!!!

  29. omg!!! they look great!!

    changmin looks damn handsome ><

    no word for the last pic…

  30. They all look so good! I like the styling of the photoshoot ❤

    And Jaejoong looks so angelic! ::huggles::

  31. i love the first pic…group photos..jaejoong is between yunho and changmin..child,umma and appa XD

  32. ohh, amazing pictures!
    changmin ❤

  33. oh is this for the CD version???!!!
    i pre-ordered the 2cd+ dvd version!!!
    i want this onte too!!

    thanks for the pics!!

  34. nice pics!!

    junsu sooo cute ^__^

  35. Ow my….give me the mask of oxygen please…..

  36. Jaejoongggg Hes soooo darn gorgeous!!

  37. I can’t wait this to be released.
    I already ordered mine.
    All the pics of Best Selection are soooooooo nice.

    I like jaejoong’s fashiong style in this set. Lovely.

  38. they ALL look ssooo hot!! but junsu really looks incredible!! he has changed so much since their debut.
    jae, please don’t kill me!! 😛

  39. the pictures are awesome, but i need their smile >.<

  40. hot hot hot !!!

  41. […] [Pic] Tohoshinki – BEST SELECTION 2010 Album CD version […]

  42. omo i love the first pik! even though they finally separated yoosu lol chunnie with guitar is hott. i miss minsu so this is good.

  43. saved in my desktop. thanks 😀

  44. do you’ll think that chinnie n yunnie getting chubbier or just me….

    p/s – minnie is damn hootttzzzz…..

  45. love all the pictures!
    so natural (:

    thanks for sharing!

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