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[Pic] Tohoshinki – BEST SELECTION 2010 Album part 2

2 CD + DVD version

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Reminds me of COLORS Melody & Harmony covers ^^

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Jung Family re-united!!!

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YooSu couple re….. er,,, did they even ever separate? XDD

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I keep thinking about barber shop when I see this picture *slapped around*
XD “Check it out, mister.. Is it short enough for you?”

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Charisma Junsu…………… lol

he looks like Shin woo oppa with that white tea cup XD

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Yunho yah,, why do you keep reading book???

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Yoochun is eating……….. a spoon? O.O

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Cheers, Jaejoong!

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The amazingly handsome Shim Changmin >.<

and I’m not sure why these two JoongShim cards keep appearing in all sets of this Best Selection pictures ^^;;

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  1. omg sun!!!!!!

    all the pictures are awesome and cool~~~

    i love the sexy chunnie biting a pen…*drools*

    thx for sharing

  2. oh yeah!!! this is mine!!
    i can`t wait!!

  3. woot.woot..i’m gonna get this copy.!!yeayy…cant wait…>_<

  4. after i saw all part 1,2&3 , i think it more like dbsk family reunited , lol,

    junsu, coming home , drinking , relaxing ,
    yoochun , look like composing in his room,
    yunjae , in same room *iknowmaybetheywernottogetherduringshooting,maybe*, reading , preparing the clothes into the cabinet , drinking ,
    changmin , in living room , improving his guitar skills
    or maybe preparing to leave the house , lol,

    silly me , im only so desperate 2 c them together ,
    nevertheless , i like this set , simple , mature & lively

  5. i thought Yoochun was brushing his teeth? LOL

  6. rofl at the yoosu comment, which is so true XDD

    ahh, i just want to snuggle with yunho ❤

  7. they’re all look pretty nice here but…
    shim changmin!!! oh my god!!!
    how can you be so handsome?!?

  8. omg!!! i can`t wait for my copy!
    i`m so excited!! ^^

  9. im so happy yunjaemin is reunited lol n of course yoosu is always together. chunnie looks so sexy with whatever that is in his mouth lol. nowtryimaginingjunsuinhismouth >.< srry yoosu spazz

    min is gorgeous. awesome piks. but why hte hair or backside of thier head lol its so weird.

  10. yayy!!jung family reunited
    love the pictures…again, man in black XD
    thx syc

  11. renunited? ❤ ❤ ❤

  12. i thought yunho is reading a bible kekeke..

  13. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Micky so cool n cute at the same time >///<

  14. ,i so so love the jung family re-united..oh i wish its true.. TT^TT
    and oh my god sun…yoosu..inseparated..

  15. haha maybe the lucky fan got all joongshim cards?O.o
    anw they looked hot !!
    now i want all 3 versions…darn.
    i have to wait for korea or hk press i guess D:

  16. HOMG changmin just take me now.!!!!

  17. i saw all the parts..
    and i just wanna know why Jaejoong is exceptionally pretty in this photoshoot!!!

  18. i dont know why, my eyes fall on changmin!!

    thanks for sharing!

  19. aaaahhhh everyone looks so hot!!!

    luv yunho~ he looks like a potential perfect dad
    would u mind being my future children’s daddy? lol
    *bricked by JJ who looks totally hot here!!!* XDDD

    thanks for sharing ^^

  20. min really change isnt it…

    i dunno how to put this
    but since he boombed with his new hairstyle
    and acted at PM
    i feel like minnie look different
    he become someone else

    it’s not that i didnt like his image before
    but he become more better lately
    he has an aura and totally shining…

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  22. one of jae’s pic looks like his pic in mirotic =)

    they’re all look great!

  23. Jung Family reunited? 0.o
    My Changmin~~ He’s more handsome now eh~~~
    I’m wondering whose card i would be getting….

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