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[Pic] Tohoshinki – BEST SELECTION 2010 Album part 3

CD + DVD version

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Another JoongShim cards… LOL

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  1. why are they so handsome??!!

    they look hot even in a leisure way….*squels*


  2. Gah! The Changmin pic where he smiled is love!

  3. ok i defenitly gonna buy this one too!
    i need to earn more money!! ><

  4. i’m glad so far there are good comments NOT LIKE IN ALLKPOP where almost all the comments said something totally negative XP

    why their always so negative in that site ….?

    i absolutly love the pics jae looks sooo hoooooot!!!
    i love when changmin give that little smile!!!
    love them!!!! 🙂

    tvxq fighting!!!
    always keep the faith!!!

    • because cassiopeia knows and we ❤ these boys 😀

    • b’cuz that site itself is negative XD.

    • yeah, me too… dun like allkpop

  5. -sigh-…should i buy the album…should i buy it…$56…my wallet T-T i already bought the Breakout single, so…T-T;;

  6. I think my heart mighta skipped a beat when I saw the picture of Jae behind the rainy window. ❤

  7. changmin smile!!! kawaii

    the firts and the last make fall in love over and over again

  8. I love Yunho most, but please….please change his hair style !! it looks wierd and older …why jap stylist would not do same as in Korea !!

    I thought, may be one reason that he’s not hot in Japan….

    • I agree that Japanese stylists usually don’t do him justice but he looks nice in these photos

  9. avex planned to make us broke.
    Because now i feel the need to buy all versions

  10. JAE ♥

    happy valentines SYC!

  11. omfg! i was spazzin how awesome they all look in white n the bright lightening then thier backhead or ughh hair scared the crap outa me lol. thats so weird n random XD

    im lovin the minnie piks he looks gorgeous wit th guitar n camera. he looks like a puppy with those eyes n from that angle.

  12. i luv all d pic ..they look so handsome..
    (me grinning + drooling …hmmmmmmmmm)

  13. so painful, I can’t stand it. It stinks to be broke. Beautiful; thanks for sharing

  14. so pretty~
    is it possible to post a rar file for this collection?

    thanx for sharing SYC~

  15. Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Our pretty admins)))

    Chunnie is so cute here^^

  16. omg! why is jaejoong so cute in allll those pictures????????????? this photoshoot is the besttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    and god they shoot this together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smile and hugs together next time ok hehe

  17. love all the pics, our boys are very very handsome (i know i shouldn’t repeat this words again & again ^^). Thanks admins so so much, hope you guys receive many chocolate today <3333333

  18. wooooooooowwww!
    i love all the pics!
    i think this is one of the best photoshoot that they had.
    but i just hope that they have a picture of them together,like those days…

  19. wow
    Love this set
    They’re still handsome guys.
    Love them
    thx for sharing

  20. hotness!!! it’s overloading!!!!!!!

  21. Happy new year n Happy valentine our boys n all of u guys :D, they look like the angels of love, shoot me an arow LOL I’m ready

  22. someone tell me to stop screaming!!

    thanks for sharing!

  23. CHANGMIN ARHH~!!!!!

  24. buying that album is just like treating yourself on valentines honeys let’s treat ourselves ok..

    love all those pics..

    thanks for sharing!

  25. […] [Pic] Tohoshinki – BEST SELECTION 2010 Album part 3 […]

  26. i bought the album! e black covered version, cd+dvd. n the postcard i’d gotten is JUNSU! hehe just nice for a junsu fan, yay! <3<3

    but i didn't get the first 5 photos u displayed!! =(((

  27. Ommo!! This is so great!! Love those pics…Those pics are really the best…they show how good they are and the way they are….
    I can now tell why it’s called “The Best Selection 2010”. hehehe ^^
    Anyways, TVXQ Fighting!!!!!! ^_^ TVXQ is the best!!! And Forever!!!! Saranghe!!!! 😀

    P.S. My BaBy ChAnGmIn LoOkS sO cUtE aNd So MaTuRe…So HaNdSoMe LiKe AlWaYs!!! ^^
    Yunho like always showing how great a leader should be.
    Jaejoong so cute and so serious! Wow!!!!!!!*nosebleed*
    Junsu so cute!! hehehe
    Yoochun looks really handsome!!! I really love his haircut!! 😀

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