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[Project] TVXQ 6 Years Journey: 2004 – Present ep 10


I think I mixed Sennen Koi Uta, A Thousand Year Love Song, and Yeo haeng Gi altogether XDDDDDDDD

okay sorry everyone! I already made a revision below. I’m really sorry for the error ^^;;;;;;;; (should listen to the mp3 before reviewing later on XD)

Thank you for everyone who reminding me~!


Hello everyone!

Finally I can get home before 8 pm!!! lol I get many and many birthday wishes today, to think that the day before I was crying in my sleep, today is sure a blessed day ^^ There are many presents too, and to make the day even more perfect, ‘With All My Heart‘ has its premiere airing today as well!! It’s such a beautiful song~ I’ll count that as birthday gift from the boys for me XDD

I keep staring at this pic when I was listening to the song, I think this pic suits the mood a lot.

I’ve been adoring CNBLUE too much these days, but with only one single track, the fabulous five bring my heart back to them just right away. I guess no other artists will make me loving them as much as I can to TVXQ… ^^

Damn, why am I being too sentimental?!! XD Let’s just continue our business here alright 😉

We leave the boys in August 2007 with their first ORICON Daily topper back then. This episode will end the Dong Bang domination journey in 2007 and will open up a new successful year in 2008.

No more depressing Japan single sales numbers, our boys are in their famous state starting now~!!!


Thirteen Japan single: Shine/Ride On
(September 19, 2007)

1. Shine
2. Ride On
3. Lovin’ You: Haru’s “Deep Water” Mix
4. Shine (Less Vocal)
5. Ride On (Less Vocal)

If I ever told you that I didnt like ‘Lovin You’ even from the very first time I listened to it, then I SO LOVE ‘Shine’ from the very first time it’s released!! (^o^)/ I like everything about this song. The tune, the dance, the MV… you name it 😉

I like how Changmin says “thank you” and “happiness” in this song, lol (just simple little thing about a song can make me loving it a lot, seriously). Basically I just love magnae’s voice. Fierce figure, yet angelic voice… that what creates the adorable beast Shim Changmin ❤

The second title track, ‘Ride On’ is a song that was originally composed by a western composer. SM/AVEX only brought the right to use the music and hired a Japanese writer to do the lyrics–just what they did to ‘Beautiful You’, ‘MIROTIC’, ‘Zion’, and many others. The english version of this song is titled ‘Is It Alright?’ by an Australian boyband which I dont remember the name.. sorryyy >.< I like how ‘Ride On’ is performed in live stage! The dance is so sexy, and moreover, Jaejoong dropped his mike in this performance at T concert XDDD *slapped by Jae*

Prior to the single release, to rise up the sale, Toho boys also kicked out their second Japan artist book: SHINE on September 11, 2007 after their first artist book Tomorrow: 000777 in 2006.

Soundtrack album: The Legend OST
(October 22, 2007)

MV 1

MV 2

Sennen Koi Uta (Japanese ver)

Not really like this song at first, but then the beautiful melody grows in me.

TVXQ sang ‘A Thousand Year Love Song’ for the most popular actor of South Korea (or at least the richest actor there of), Bae Yong-joon’s drama Taewang Shin Gi (The Legend/The Story of the First King’s Four Gods). Beautiful song with beautiful lyrics, here’s my favorite line:

One thousand years of feelings, living on in a song
So that someday, when I’m reborn, I’ll be able to meet you


Just like many other Bae Yong-joon’s dramas.. Taewang Shin Gi got a high popularity prior to its airing in South Korea, and when it delivered to Japan, it became one of the rare South Korea drama which got prime air time. TVXQ recorded the Japanese version of ‘A Thousand Year Love Song’ which is ‘Sennen Koi Uta’ for the soundtrack of ‘The Legend’ in Japan.

Mix Album: TVXQ Non- stop Mix Vol. 1
(October 24, 2007)

* Step By Step (JP)
* Summer Dream (JP)
* Sky (JP)
* The way U are (KR)
* Song for you (JP)
* HUG (KR)
* Choosey Lover (JP)
* “O” -正・反・合 – (“O” Jung.Ban.Hap) (KR & JP)
* Somebody To Love (JP)
* Stay With Me Tonight (JP)
* Rising Sun (KR)
* Rising Sun (JP)
* High time (JP)
* miss you (JP)
* Begin (JP)
* Love in the Ice (JP)
* 明日は来るから – Asu wa Kuru Kara(JP)
* Lovin’ you (JP)
* Thanks to (KR)

Rrrrmmm I have nothing to say about this album… I dont even understand the use of this album release…. XDDD

Basically all those songs are mixed in one single llllloooooooooooooooonnnngggg track for this CD. I dunno you, but I prefer to choose my very own playlist whenever ^^;;;;; The album is mixed of TVXQ Korea and Japan songs, as you can see on the list ^^

Collaboration: Last Angel
(November 7, 2007)

YAYYYYY!!! Hotties in one MV!!!

TVXQ’s sunbae in AVEX, Koda Kumi asked the boys to collaborate with her in this awesome track.

Everyone look gorgeous in white!!! Junsu’s mount fuji hair is cuuuutttee!! XD He tried to throw fierce look anytime in this MV, but I keep screaming “CUTE CUTE CUTE!” for him XDDD Changminnie… he’s definitely bad boy here. He must be the very first beastly idol South Korea ever has… yes, even before 2 PM! XD

I like Yunho concept the most, he looks gorgeously handsome in here.. and Jaejoong looks like he’s just out from a manga or something O.O;;;;;; Okay. I guess that’s all!!!

Yoochun: err… excuse me????? Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ah! Yoochun! I almost forget about you!
YC to me: Image and video hosting by TinyPic


of course hubby looks handsome too here!! and I ever wrote about this before… when I watched the MV, I thought Yoochun got the least part in this song. But then I watched this live performance, where Toho for the very first time stepped their feet onto Tokyo Dome stage as Koda Kumi’s special guest appearance for her Black Cherry tour:

Omo! Yoochun is actually in charge for the second voice in the whole song’s chorus!! (O.o)/
He’s so good in supporting the main vocals~ That’s usually his work together with Yunho, but this time hubby did it alone and I dun mind at all XD

Miss Koda gave a payback later on at the boys’ T concert in Tokyo:

I literally screamed when I saw Koda Kumi came out from behind the curtain! XD and I’m not even her fan. But she really can fire up the whole stadium energy. Indeed a great entertainer!

‘Last Angel’ becomes soundtrack of Resident Evil III: The Extinction in Japan. I seriously HATE zombie, but back then I thought ‘Last Angel’ became main soundtrack for Resident Evil broadcast in whole world cinemas 😦 So I forced myself to watch the movie only to listen the song playing in theatre!! And of course it didnt happen T^T Well, at least it was not a bad movie afterall–except the zombie XP

Solo: Anyband – Junsu
(November 8, 2007)

1. TPL (Talk, Play, Love)
2. Promise You
3. Day Dream
4. TPL (Talk, Play, Love) (inst.)
5. Promise You (inst.)

Junchan soloooooo!! Yay!

It’s about time… as the oldest trainee in TVXQ XD (Junsu at Star Show: they’re all my juniors!!! Image and video hosting by TinyPic)
Junsu teamed up with BoA, Tablo, and Bora in an imaginary band called ‘Anyband’ for Samsung Anycall CF: Talk, Play, Love.

It’s a really cool and………… long CF, of course XD
Junsu tasted a new music style in this project, and I should say I was surprised how he can sings so low and husky yet still sounds sexy as hell in TPL and Day Dream.

The song Day Dream (english version ‘Scream’ by Monrose) lyrics was written by Junsu himself ^^

While in ‘Promise You’, the mood is brighter and I can feel Junsu was smiling when singing this song ^^ so I cant help but smiling as well ❤ Tablo rap is so so so GREAT. I love him in this project A LOT.

The MV was shot in Brazil. Junchan separated from the group for a day or two to shoot this MV while the rest four were in Paris to film Bonjour Paris DVD. Junsu’s ue kyang kyang when the members welcomed him as he joined the group again after the MV shoot in Paris was EPIC! XD

Not only a mini album, Anyband also held a concert on November 27th, 2007.

The group performed:

TPL | Promise You | Day Dream

while the duet/solo that includes Junsu:

Memories (I held my breathe all along this performance) | A Whole New World (with BoA)

while TVXQ performed:

Rising Sun | White Lies | I Wanna Hold You

The concert should be great……. if only they provided LIVE band for it! Only Jin Bora who played an instrument on stage… while the rest is minus one. I feel there’s something lack on TPL, Promise You, and Day Dream performances in the end…. T^T

Collaboration: Just For One Day – Tenjochiki feat Jejung from TVXQ
(November 14, 2007)

Now it’s Jaejoong time!

to support the female version of TVXQ (or at least that’s what people says), TSZX The Grace or Tenjochiki in Japan, Jaejoong who already gained some fame in Japan with Tohoshinki, helped promoting The Grace ladies by featuring his beautiful voice in one of the track at Tenjochiki’s first Japan album Graceful 4, called ‘Just For One Day’.

This song was before released in Korea as ‘Air City’ soundtrack (where TVXQ also recorded ‘Harudal’ and ‘All in Vain’) where Kyuhyun from Super Junior filled the male vocal part.

This song is difficult at the female part, in my opinion. But Jaejoong didn’t simply make his part easy, as he raised his note bit by bit that males will find it difficult to copy him ^^;;;;;;; Jaejoong started his note a bit lower than Kyuhyun’s, but he added more power and he gave stronger feeling to the song in compare to Kyu. I listened Kyu’s version later than Jae’s.. and I should say that eventhough Kyu’s rendition is beautiful too, I found it rather flat since rocker Jae version had been stuck in my head more ^^;;;;; (yet, for breathing department, well.. Jae is weaker).

In any case, great job, Kim Jaejoong!!

Fourteenth Japan single: Forever Love
(November 14, 2007)

1. Forever Love
2. Day Moon: ハルダル
3. Forever Love (Acappella Version)
4. Forever Love (Less Vocal)
5. Day Moon: ハルダル (Less Vocal)

‘Forever Love’ was supposed to be Junsu’s solo track for TRICK project which would be announced later in 2008. But Yoochun said, “It’s a waste that such beautiful song will only be sung by Junsu so we took it over”


Indeed, it is a beautiful song. Melodic, and the chorus part, especially at “nandomo.. nandomo…” gave me goosebumps, moreover when it’s performed live! >.< One of my most favorite ballad from the boys, really.

Everytime Junsu had his solo chorus at nandomo part and all the instruments were quiet, I always wonder whether he actually cried or not, coz his voice waver but it gives more painful feeling in this song~

Time and time again I’ll grant it for you,
Everything that you wish for
The single most undeniable brilliance in this world,

Fifth SMTOWN album: 2007 Winter SMTown – Only Love
(December 7, 2007)

1. Only Love – SM Town
3. Evergreen
12. [Bonus Track] 여행기 (Yeohaenggi / Traveling)

SMTOWN was back again with their winter album ‘Only Love’. This is the first (and only one) SMTOWN project with SNSD in it.

The title track ‘Only Love’ talks about even a little love which we share will be able to bring up happiness in other people. A nice track afterall ^^ This is maybe the first ballad song of SMTOWN project range from year 2004-2009 (I dun follow SMTOWN before TVXQ is in it). Coz before, even the winter track was a happy up tempo song such as ‘Snow Dream’. A nice change, and the MV is pretty and meaningful ^^

‘Evergreen’! The very first YooMin collaboration in a song (is it? lol)!! yayyy!

Yoochun arranged the music and Changmin covered up the lyrics. I love love love this song a lot, even before I knew that two of my favorite guys worked together to make me happy compose this song ❤
When the intro starts, typically Yoochun, everything starts with piano plays–I thought it will be a depressing song with dark feeling.. but then after the bridge, the tempo goes up…. and there goes “Evergreen~” it turns to be a brighter song with soothing chorus ^^

This song used to be my sleeping lullaby back then 😀

I forgot how’s ‘Yeo Haeng Gi’ sound like XDDD sorryyy! Seriously forget.. and since I’m at my office, I cant stream any youtubes, nor I bring all DBSK mp3s to office ^^;;;

But if I’m not mistaken, this is the most touching performance of Yeo Haeng Gi I know 😉

Live February 24th, 2008 at SBS

Fifteenth Japan single: Together
(December 19, 2007)

1. Together
2. Together: Kids Chorus ver.
3. Forever Love: Bell’n’Snow Edit
4. Together: Less Vocal

I remember when this song was first released, many people didn’t like it.

and I was like O.o??? wth? I like this song!!! (>.<)o

I mean, yeah too bad the MV doesnt feature any of the boys (real one, not cartoon characters), but dont you think the cheery happy melody song gives you brighter mood?? I like everything that makes me feeling happy XD

‘Together’ becomes Cinnamon Roll’s soundtrack, I think that explains all those kiddy sound in the song ^^


Pheeewwww!!!! Finally!! Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I thought it wouldnt be this long.. but then I found all those separated solo projects in November and the material for this episode went piled up all of sudden XD

2007 is ended this way, and that was a damn stuffy full packaged year!
I think 2008 wont be that full for recording materials, the boys will be more to stage performances than recording. But who knows.. what will I find again while I’m collecting my materials ^^;;;;;;

Right now I’m still listening ‘With All My Heart’ for the fifth times! Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I guess I shall close off my laptop and sleep before I sing this song in my sleep tonight =P

Already 11:59 PM here… shall go to sleep, and nite nite everyone!!!! Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  1. happy birthday shinta – hehe, im a bit late to wish u actually but its d thiught thats matter rite 🙂

    tq for ur hardwork to post this —->> its like TVXQ / THSK 101 for me (who only realised their existence after purple line time.huhu)

  2. can i ask, as i remembered, in The Legend OST, there’s a solo song sing by Jaejoong right?… i think the song called “approval”… well, babelfish translated it as “permission”… its a nice song too =)

    and i really love Anyband project cos i’m a big fan of BoA and Epik High too <3. oh i really hope they're back to make a 2nd…… long CF XD

    • oh forgot to wish……… HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SHINTA!!! thanks for everything u’ve done in SYC… i really appreciate every bit of it.


  3. happy belated birthday shinta!!!!!

    thx for your dedication to give us the newest infos about the boys!!!

    great jobs!!

    P/S:Yeo haeng gi is Travelling

  4. woow cool !!
    i like this.. thx vo share shinta !
    we always love n need you !
    btw shinta it nag indo kan ?

  5. Thank you so much 4 your hard work and happy birthday to you, although i know it’s a bit late ^^. wish you all the best & wish SYC would last 4ever with TVXQ <3333333333333333

  6. I love this!!

    Shine is such a happy song… especially Junsu’s smile while singing …. it is so infectious.. hehe

    There so many cool things filled in the episode but the highlights for are Evergreen, Last Angel and Forever Love.

    And you are right about the “nandomo, nandomo” part….. After the first time I heard that it was instantly stuck in my head.
    Evergreen was so beautiful….. I also thought it was a depressing song until the chorus. I really liked it from he beginning but after finding out that changmin and Yoochun wroteand composed it I loved it even more.
    Last Angel is such a Badass song… they all looked so cool. I loved the “mount fuji” hair lol It looks so sick!!

    Thanks again for thise and hope you had a nice birthday >_<

  7. thankyouuu SYC!!! Could you please put the link for ep 7-9 ? Pleaseeee

    Btw kak shinta i already send you happybirthday wall @ facebook. Hehe

    • simply search ‘tvxq journey’ at our search box at the uppermost right and you can find the whole episodes ^^

      oh, and thank you for the birthday wishes, dearieee!! ^^

  8. haha .. I know what you mean … right now, I’m really into CN Blue too ..

    I was actually downloading all their songs this morning but then I saw that the HQ of With All My Heart was released so I just abandoned the downloading and started listening to With All My Heart repeatedly xD

    I felt kinda bad but still … DBSK are No.1 in my heart! ^^ No one can or will replace them xD

  9. woa…new entry!!gonna read this’s 2am now here..>_<..but anyway,hav to comment first for one song,that is lovin u haru's deep water remix..omg!!the first time i heard it,i was like 'WTH?.tt song really can make me run to the toilet and ..u noe,do tt private business…LOL..i really cant stand the bloop.bloop thing..!haha..idk about u guys..

    • me too..really feeling the

  10. this epi. take too long , every thing moving so slowly -__-, , nevertheless , it worth the wait XDD

    i like together also , i love to be happy ,lol

    forever love have always special love for it , its really one of there best , esp. live perf. its toho . after all ,

    again ,happy birthday shinta , be happy always ,

    • back from listening to some lives of them , how long its been now ??!*deepsigh*

      hate the feeling of losing precious thing , its so sad , *creies*


    • I should apologize for that ^^;;;;

      I spent like 3-4 hours for one episode, coz I dont remember every little details in my head (as you can see sometimes I still make errors ^^;;) so I need to re-confirm everything before I write.. and since I seldom come back from office below 8 pm in these past 3 months.. well, you know, I even only have less than 6 hours to sleep without being on line ^^;;;

      yeah.. watching their old live perfs makes you missing them even more T^T

  11. about ‘Yeo Haeng Gi’ Isnt it in any Tvxq album?.. Just in that Ost film album?

    • Yep, Yeo haeng gi is never inserted in any of the boys Korea album (if my memory doesnt trick me ^^;;)

      oh, and I’m sorry I mixed Yeo Haeng Gi and A thousand year love song altogether before ^^;;;

      Yeo Haeng Gi was first released through SMTOWN album, and remains as digital single afterall.

  12. 1st;Happy b’lated Birthday Shinta ^^

    anyway, i never like “Last Angel” until i’ve watch the LIVE(usually i skipped that song…lol)
    and u also makes me watch their PV…
    omoo…i screeemm for YunJae’s black nails…cool!! hahah..

    and also…Forever Love..ahh…i can’t put by words how to describ everytime i listen this song…

    thks 4 sharing 😉

  13. well to be honest i think they needed better songs in the past. imho a lot of their songs aren’t up to par if they want to top the oricon charts. only ones like why did i fall in love with you, purple line, stand by you, begin, bolero etc. deserved the #1.

    hell, shine sounds exactly like sky for like a second or two in the chorus…

    together is upbeat but isnt a song that would make people take interest in them. its more like a song that would be released in an album as a second-rate song

    dont mind me, ive been really liking their recent songs, i think the Colors single was great, and break out, although not my type of song, had a lot of impact and power in it.

    • Hmm.. I think it’s about taste?

      Heart Mind and Soul was a great ballad for me, yet it doesnt get too high on ORICON.

      while Survivor….. hmmmm I never really like that song but it goes top 2.

      my conclusion is.. the previous rank/sale of their Japan albums/singles in the past doesnt necessarily reflect the quality of the songs themselves.

      Plus, right now the boys have much and much better vocals, of course their new songs sound even more beautiful than the old ones 😀

  14. CNBLUE eh? how can you cheat on the boys?? poor Chunnie XD
    well i kinda like their song but since i met TVXQ i`m not impressed with the bands anymore 😀 mmm…. well just with ANYBAND XD

    i think 2007 is a decesive year for the boys … they worked a lot in their solos and i think this is the year when they mproved even more their vocal abilities! ^^
    (i met them at the end of the year!! :D)

    SHINE – yeah! i liked it since the first time i heard it! i really like the mv too!

    i listened “thousand years of love” just a while ago XD … i watched the live and i was so touched … i loved it!

    LAST ANGEL is AWESOME! and i like “the bad boy” concept of the boys in the mv!

    ANYBAND!!! yeah!<3<3<33<3<33 this is my favorite group after TVXQ XD … i like all their songs! ^^ … i miss it!

    Jaejoong`s collaboration aaah ❤ XD i`m a Jae/Junsu biased so i love all their work! Jae`s ballads are great but i prefer the ROCKER Jae he is awesome rocking! ❤

    Forever love… this song is beautiful

    Evergreen!! woaaa ..the boys always amazed me with their self-composed songs!! love it!

    Together … cute! i like the kids chorus version too!

    THANKS SO MUCH unnie!!
    you are the best!! hope you enjoyed your birthday! ❤

    btw … didn`t they relese AADBSK 2 , that year??

    • yes, they released AADBSK 2 too in 2007 🙂

      the best AADBSK from all the triquel, for me 😉

  15. errr, sorry Shinta but i think there’s a few mistakes here >.<
    "TVXQ recorded the Japanese version of ‘Yeo Haeng Gi’ which is ‘Sennen Koi Uta’ for the soundtrack of ‘The Legend’ in Japan."
    Yeo Haeng Gi is not Sennen Koi Uta. Yeo haeng gi is "the traveller's book". A Thousand Years Love song in Korean is called "Cheonnyeon Yeon Ga". And the boys didn't sang Sennen Koi Uta during the 59th Kohaku, they sang Purple line and DOushite.
    Correct me if i'm wrong ^__^""
    Anyway, Happy Birthday!

    • hehe yep sorry for the mistake.

      I think becoz the movie’s name is ‘Taewang Shin Gi’ so I simply assume that ‘Yeo Haeng Gi’s is the soundtrack XDDD

      yep yep they’re different songs after all 😀

      omo.. I’m quite sure for Kouhaku though.. They were promoting Doushite at that time, but I remember saying “Pheww.. thank God they would perform Sennen instead for Kouhaku coz so far Toho never made a proper live performance of Doushite..”

      yeah.. their voices were shaky and breathless in whole Doushite promo stages. I guess it was only Music Fair where they made a good Doushite live performance.

      But since my hard disk that is filled with Toho videos is not with me, so maybe my memory is fail XDD

      • O.O
        i nver knw that they sang Sennen Koi Uta
        i stumbled a video of them singing DOushite and Purple Line, and they were wearing white -_-” and look so prestigious (i hope i’m not dreaming) so i thought that was during KOhaku. I tried to find the video of the boys during kohaku but i didn’t find it..
        (blame youtube for taking down all the videos)
        Do you know where can i find their Kohaku Performance?

      • Omo Shinta, i just found this They were singing doushite and purple line. XD
        I guess the reason why you think that the boys were singing sennen K.U is because when they appeared at the next Kohaku, one of the proposed song was Sennen K.U, but then the changed it to Stand By U

  16. i didnt know junsu wrote the lyrics to day dream. its my favorite song from anyband. n evergreen is such a beautiful piece. yoomin callaboration makes it even more beautiful. i wish min wrote more lyrics.

  17. woa i love their self-composed songs!!! they should compose more! ^^ … Forever Love is awesome too! it`s one of my fav songs
    i miss AnyBand … ok i miss more the boys of course but AnyBand was great too!

    Thanks so much!!

  18. Ah, I’m always late. >..< Talk Play Love is my fave Anyband song. I LOLed when I saw a mask man took Yunho's place in Rising Sun perf during Anyband concert. Yunjae has seemingly weird fate.

    Evergreen's a really nice song. Nuff said.
    Yea, I'm one of those people who aren't really fond of Together, but now I admit the song's really cute. XD

    Again, thanx for your hardwork, Shinta!
    I have to say that I don't agree with your opinion that Jae has weak breathing tho. He has the best vocals in live performances (&my brothers thinks he's even better than Junsu during live),& I'm always amazed how stable his vocals is despite all the ridiculous amount of dance routines they had to go through. Well, just my 2 cents. XD

    I'm happy how the boys sang for kiddie Cinnamon Roll anime first, then they were offered to sing for a more popular anime like One Piece's OP theme. Hope to see them sing more anime OP's in the future. TT_TT AKTF.

    • >> Yunjae has seemingly weird fate.


      I guess they are XDD
      the only members who ever got substituted by back dancers XDD

      about Jae and breathing.. I dunno, for me, he inhales too much especially in ballad songs. His breathe sounds too clear even in recording (actually it’s the same case as YC during live performances). Lovin You is a good example. He’s not too good when it comes to short lines, but I dunno why he always sounds great at rock songs and up tempo ones, lol

      he can breathes longer and better when he’s stretching his voice to get top notes ^^;; I cant understand him XDDDDD

  19. “And as we all know, ‘Sennen Koi Uta’ became the boys’ song at their very first appearance at The 59th Kouhaku Uta Gassen in the following 2008.”

    actually it wasn’t sennen no koi uta. it was purple line and doushite..^^

  20. Hey thanks!^^I’ve been waiting for this post!Happy Belated Birthday!Rest well so that you can continue to write more for syc stalkers:DThanks alot really^^

  21. I loved anyband! And I loved shine! And ride on! And everything!!! lol.

    I loved this recap!

    P.S. The last recap made me loved Gosenshi now.

  22. thnk you for writing this..
    the boys are awesome..everytime i listen to them i’ve got this good,wonderful they backup each others in the song..the melodies n their voice mix up soo it^^

    thnx alot..very:)

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