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[Info] Jaejoong will Feature in An An magazine

*Since there are many people ask us to translate so we will keep an eye on the original source ^^

Updated 18:00PM

The original source has deleted Jaejoong picture and details out and the special guest of this issue is to be announced later

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Updated 13:29pm

*T/N We just follow the original source but we will try to give you more info later

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(right now there’s still no info related to Jaejoong)

anan (April 14, 2010)

₩ 6200

Publisher: Magazine World
List price: 400 yen
Release Date: 2010-04-07
Paper size: A4
Magazine Code: 20481-100414
Current state: Preorder open
Preorder quantity: 105

Cover: Jaejoong (TVXQ)
★ Special photo released: Jaejoong (will also include sexy pictures)

+ Order Deadline:
March 19, 2010 10:00 a.m until payment is complete.

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  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • i wonder how revealing the shoot will be………………..kekeke

      • wow…im thinking the same as you now…honestly ive never heard or seen about this magazine then i saw the comments below, im like huh? whats wrong with this mag that everybody’s reaction are like that…i went googling and OH MY GOD!!!!OH MY GOD!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!

        they are like porn magazines!!! i saw all those pics by the jap idol stars oh yea…they are IDOL right? so in japan it is acceptable??? after seeing them like that, im never able to see them in another way actually lolx…

        im worried now…is jae gonna do this? i hope its some kind of rumour or just a decent photoshoot at least…honestly i cant picture jae like this

        anyway, i think jae will know what he’s doing, oh but one good thing is the male stars who was invited to do these photoshoots are very popular and well recognised by the japanese so in a way, jae being invited should be an honour.

      • well we really don’t know for sure on how revealing this shoot would be. If it’s gonna be with a girl model or just solo, upper half exposed or full back exposed.

        Actually it’s not a very big issue in japan, since JE idols (w/c are one of the arguably wholesome idols LOL) did this shoot.

        Jae’s been voted as the ‘number 1, most wanted lover’, a place w/c akanishi jin and kimura takuya once held & both were featured in ANAN.

        IDK if this is a rumor or not, but it if it is true, it’s not a surprise for jaejoong to be the next one featured.


        please jae, sexy…..seductive…but classy

  2. well, sooner or later he have to be in anan considering he is 1st most wanted lover in japan let wait and see, keke

  3. ~Jaejoong (will also include sexy pictures)~~THIS!!!!

    O.O talking about sexy pics *O*…i cant wait hohohoho..


  4. I really want decent shots

    • i know right. let them at least be decent 😡

  5. Nooooooo…..usually anan mag is including a very, very, very sexy pic, i see akanishi pic and, wow…..i just hope jj not take pic like that, i hope the pic is…….nice^^ but hey, jj is big boy now soooo…..
    JJ fighto!


      • I wish it’s just normal sexiness pic :((…not NUDE and with Girls…PLEASE :((

    As much as I want to see ur naked body so bad, but i just dont want him to be naked in some magazine like yamapi did…with some female model. NOOOOOO!
    just…be topless or smth, or show us ur sexy back. Srsly, if it’s jae, even his eyes are sizzling hot! No need to pose completely nude…he’s just too precious…

  7. OMG..I hope he doesn’t reveal his flesh too much..I saw the ANAN magazine and they used to have male Japanese stars lying on bed/kissing girls passionately with no clothes at all! They don’t look hot but disgusting..not even a blanket…oh god please don’t let jj do that…please wear boxers boojae!!! And don’t kiss ugly girls too!!

    • dont worry, im sure JJ will not do that, he ddnt need to be naked to look sexy^^…he is very sexy with or without clothes anyways XD

  8. Oh wait!! It’s going to be the blonde Jaejoong right?? Wow!!!

  9. I want him to show some skin but i dont like this. DONT PULL THE THE AKANISHI ONE! hahaha. Its awkward to see a girl with him naked. O.o

    • no joongie!! Yunnie will be mad if he sees you lying on the bed with other girl!!!!!
      oh my.. i really dont want him to naked…
      dont show much skin, we love you so much doesnt mean we want you to show all of your skin..
      we all love you because you are Jaejoong, not your penis..
      dont be a pron star, disguisting
      (the model girl must be overexcited to be on bed with him!)
      think twice joongie

  10. sexy pics? What does it mean?! We all know that he’s already sexy.But pls dont reveal his body pls. T__T..or i’ll be dissapointed..

  11. Please let him have some not too provocative pics….my heart couldn’t take it…I don’t think I’m ready for that

  12. Hope there’s no posing with a girl, Jae! At least, no posing sexy photos with a girl. I’m not jealous…I just haven’t found any girl good enough for Jae.

    • love your words : )

    • phew

    • I feel the same. Not jealous, just haven’t seen anyone good enough for him, lol

  13. Hell Yes. lol

  14. i actually think he does not need this kind of publicity but it’s his choice. i just hope, he won’t go naked. though i trust in his judgment.

    *i’d go on jae hiatus if it’s too much* hehe

  15. NOOO! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !JAE PLEASE DONT! ! ! ! ! !
    *already saw yamapi pic at ANAN*

  16. Looking forward to sexy JJ :D~
    (Don’t think he’ll do such too revealing pose anyway ;D )

    According to
    There’s still no official update about JJ in AnAn

    Here are the latest update ..
    『WHAT’s IN?』

    • thanks for the info

      there’s no confirmation from anan itself too scroll up ^__^ but we emailed them and asked ^^

      • Did they reply? SYC admin dear?

        *I wish it’s just a rumor*

      • please unnie as soon as you know tell us
        i checked the mag and OMG it’s owful can’t imajine jae in it at aaaaaall

    • I will try to twitter anan too

      be patient ^^

      • what will i do without syc?… T-H-A-N-K-S ^o^

  17. finally ~~

  18. so funny, calm down u guys, it say sexy photoshoot not nude photoshoot ( and i dont think jj agree to take those kind of photo like Jin’s, we fans should know him right?)

    • u ever saw pics from this an-an mag? there are all the boys naked and the models they “pose” with too. So the sexy pics look in the end very porno to me…

      If JJ will really be in this mag…sadly to say…i wont see him like he was before…It doesnt suit his nor TVXQs image. The boys are so damn popular in japan…no need to be in such magazines anylonger….

      I just hope this is only a rumor and nothing more.

      • yep, I saw the Akanshi Jin’s before, and I was like this o___O
        it was like porn to me

        I hope Jaejoong’s wont be like this, it doesnt suit DBSK’s image which is like… er.. gentlemen

      • Yeah, BUT they have the ‘sexy’ kind NOT nude shoots like the one Kamenashi do.

        Like this:

        As you can see, these arent worse than Mirotic Shoot.


        Anan Nude Shoot is just featured one or twice a year and in one of the latest numbers, Arashi’s Sakurai Sho do it. So i think it will be a normal shoot (Maybe semi-topless? i think no one will be disgusted with this). Anan HAVE normal shoots, but everyone just knows about the nude ones -w-

      • yeah, they do not have nude photo only, gosh, why fan keep saying nude nude nude photo even though they not sure about it. half nake so what? topless so what? he aldready do it in mirotic. gosh, god know how many comment i write here cause i so fruistrat, even type wrong, and i swear this is my last comment in this post. JJ go do it. do it so that they will know you do nothing than topless and being sexy.

  19. i’ve seen quite a number of jpop artists pose for this mag already. and i wasn’t really happy with their revealing shots, esp that of Jin’s. for heaven’s sake, they are singers not sexy stars! but the fact that they agreed to do that, what can we do, really? ^^ like what others have said, i don’t think Jaejoong will be posing for the same shots (as in nude with girls). i just hope and pray that we are guessing right. LOL. or else, Cassiopeia will weep BIG TIME. .<)

  20. LOL, can’t wait
    it’s gonna be another sold out worldwide maybe

    JJ’s nude is priceless


    not with a girl, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



  22. if it’s true, can someone tell me about the way for preorder Japanese magazine from other countries T-T

  23. OMG Avex really want to do that?
    Jaejoong in AnAn OMG
    I’m excited and worried at the same time haha

  24. I am ready for sexy nude JJ in anan… 😆
    but I think considering his image in Korea, it will not be as vulgar as other artist..

    KimuTaku photoshoot still the best till today, but I don’t think any of us ready for that level of hotness yet… Go JJ!!!!!!!!

    AnAn, don’t photoshop his tattoos please….

    • lol I’m ready for sexy Kim jaejoong too. And I agree, I think jaejoong will keep it tasteful. He of all people know what kind of image he/TVXQ has so I doubt he’d do anything to compromise that.

      And the tattoo! Gawd I hoping they don’t Photoshop those either. Those tats are hawter than hawt.

  25. i’m fine with as long as..
    1. he isn’t naked like kame in AnAn
    2. or naked without a female model like sakurai sho

    what about his tattoo then?

  26. OMG !!
    It would be so great !!!

    Anan pictures are often with much nudity, but those are really beautiful pictures. And naked women are not alwayd included (NO WOMEN ALLOWED BY CASSIES XDD)

    If Jaejoong have to be naked with someone for a photoshoot… it must be with Yunho !!!!!! XDDD

    And it will be out for my last day in Japan…

  27. Preorder was sold out on Ichigo this morning so they must’ve restocked. I was on it a min ago and the preorder quantity was decreasing with every refresh.

  28. I think joongie wont do anything to damage his
    image? Our boys have had a pure image so far, the perfect role models.. Hopefully if he’s
    really in the mag, it’ll be decent

  29. hahaha omg jae are you planning to kill us all with nosebleeds?

  30. You have sexy tattoos, sexy back, sexy chest…
    Just no naked butt please, Jaejoongie. >.<

    (I still cringed at Yamapi's. It looked more porno than artistic.)

  31. I think it was the Anan of january or March, with Sho Sakurai on cover… He was naked but all the pics were not so revealing… just a slight part of his upper ass. No provocative pics.
    And he was alone…

    Really different from Jin, Kimutaku, Yamapi or Matsujun’s pics…

    If JJ will really be in Anan, i’d like that he has the same kind of photshoot as Sho Sakurai

  32. well, if it is a nude photo, lets look at the bright side that finally we can see all his tattoo, if they don’t photoshop it ^^!
    hopefully they don’t photoshop it, Jae looks much more sexier with his tattoo and piercings

  33. To be featured in an-an is kind of an honor, but as a cover? That’s huuuugeeeee! Jae really is living it up in japan~ Anyways, needs sexy jae anan pictures now omgggg, seriously have to preorder this like asap

    oh jae the things you make me do x_x

  34. I think that our THSK is no need to do that at all!!

    JJ is very sweet and sexy ,no need to pose naked, the magazine can be also sold out!!

    Even though I love his sexiness
    but That magazine is kinda too much
    (as I saw I Jin and Yamapi issues)

    if it’s a nude photoshoot or with a naked girl I don’t think this will be good for him~~

    I’m not jealous but his image is not for being a nude star

    may be I’m too conservative but,…..

    • totally agree with you. ^^ they are gifted and are well-loved in their field (no matter where country you take them), they are on top too. i’d be happy if they will stick with that. ^^ i wish for them to be as wholesome as ever. 🙂


  36. Nude pictures with equally bare-skin female model are for special An An issues only, if I’m not mistaken published on the third or fourth quarter of the year.

    For Jaejoong I’m expecting something like what Sho of Arashi did. Who can say no to topless Jaejoong anyway? *cross fingers*

  37. this is Anan with no skin expose:
    i hope jj wil go with this

  38. hurm..knew bout this news last nite..and yes,i agree wit all of u here.hope tt jae wont be posing naked..!omg..even if it Chun my biased pose naked,i’m nt gg to see tt!i’m nt ready for tt kind of pic..seriously,after i saw Pi’s naked pose wit one female model,i kinda lose interest in him after tt(well,only a lil

    well,if the mags insist on nude pic,then pics like Sho is better.just topless,and show bit of his upper ass..(imagine jae’s ass..O_O).
    and i hope if he’s really topless,no photoshop too..wanna see his’s gonna add into his hotness..(well,even when he’s topless or not,he’s still hot rite Cass…?)

    • I hope Chun would never show his lack of body))) stay classy, CHUN!!! you are so sexy just staying!!!
      I seriously don’t want to see Chunnie in such mag..

  39. oh please…
    i dont want that…
    the image…*sigh*
    its kinda too…..

    anan pict is too heavy…
    i dont think is look like an art(nudity)
    please…u can make an art out of anything
    but why nudity?
    exposing something that you shouldnt exposed

    ya…i know its not comfirm yet
    and we still dont know whether jae will be nude or not

    good luck jae for anything u did
    he’s grown up man
    (he know to think what good what bad)

    for the first time i didnt support you out of anything

    bashing me????

    • to be honest..i cant…bashing u..agree wit u on this..but yea,he’s a grown up..he know what’s the best for him..anyway,it’s nt,let just hope tt it’s not nude pics..!!
      anyone?pray wit me..????lol

      • wonder what the other member will say…

      • I think Yunnie dont allow him to take some nude photoshoots….I thinks they’re sexy pics….not NUDE T^T

      • me, me praying with you!!!

    • well, I think nudity can be art, but I’ve seen some shoots of this mag, and they are nowhere art, just cheap! I don’t want to see anyone of our boys look cheap T____T

  40. @jane:They say ”sexy pictures” keke

  41. hey, I found that all fans, whether they are koreans, japanese, chinese, or any other nationalities, their mind is so same. We are excited but worried at the same time. Many worry whether he will be to nudy or with a girl, but you know what, if he DOESN’T, then, many many people will get disappointed, too!!!! hahahaha, so this is a dilema. As many many nuna fans do, I want to see his sexy body and sexy scenes! Anyways, he will control things the best, and he knows what is the best at this time. Whatever he does, I simply support him. 🙂

    • haha am agreeing with you on this! anyway, being featured on ANAN doesn’t mean you have to be naked/posing with girls.. they maybe just saying “sexy” to generate more interest, but y’know, Jaejoong is already smexy WITH clothes. I’m sure he knows what he’s doing 🙂 let’s trust him.

  42. Not Nude and with girls please T T!
    but i want to see it na hahahaha!

  43. me too, i also a nuna, and i fine with this

  44. What do they mean by ★ Special photo released: Jaejoong (will also include sexy pictures)?
    No nude pictures of Jae, please…!!!

  45. OMG !!!! i’m actually excited for this !!! but….after all, JJ must know to keep his clean image, so i’m sure his sexy photo shots will not turn to be porn, but definition of “sexy” could be different to anyone….so i think i’ll wait…but i’m excited, i can’t help it…LOL…

  46. Yes ! not nude and without a girl !!!

  47. according to the japanese version of this article, it said that “just a little bit sexy”. let’s hope that he will just be topless in that mag.

  48. OMG!!! AN AN?? kyaaaaaa~~~~
    even if its just a rumor the thought of it itself is exciting hehe >;3

    but on second thought…..i’d perfair if all 5 appeared in a magazine like that. Hmmm…i hope this is a rumor >_>;;

  49. noooooo……
    jaejoong don’t nude please..
    just keep it for your hubby, yunho…

    don’t don’t don’t…
    *keep praying*

  50. YES! Finally!!!! hahhahaha e/though if this news is a rumors this kind of rumors is damn exciting. I saw all pics of JE artist posing in Anan and have to say only TakuyaKimura can pull of the sexy vibes along with the nudity/pornographic implementation in his shots. The rest were just…. well lots fans saying that its a turn off. And I think because why TakuyaKimura succeed it because he is damn sexy and oozing out from him. Im sorry but others just like kids try to show off and to be manly.
    As for Jaejoong he will repeat Takuya level of sexiness in Anan or maybe better because he himself is sexy and just look at him in Mirotic photoshot ^^ Dont worry of he ever did decide to pose nude, you wont disgust or turn off coz he from the very beginning have a well tone body and muscular in nature from his intense workout. Believe me the shots will turn out great. Hell yeah I want the they will show off his tattoos coz that the elements of sexiness in Jaejoong as well.
    Im so anticipate this!

    p/s: sorry for the long post!

    • its not about how great the photo will be
      or it will be like cheap porn or something…

      its all about image..
      think about it
      tohoshinki has good image
      their fans from all ages and races
      auntie, noona, teenagers, even man

      posing nude or pornographic is not the best way to promote your group or yourself
      i know everybody who posed in anan magazine are all popular and blah blah
      but who cares…
      we already know jae is the most popular in tohoshinki
      and tohoshinki at the higher level right now
      no need this some kind of promotion

      i love tohoshinki really much
      but to see one of them naked….
      to be honest…i am frustrated

      • @cake say it. dont be annoyed with my comment… it just my opinion. Sorry if its offended. But come on we have different view in this right?

  51. I want to see him cute..but not too sexy….

    *sweating* *sweating*

    Jaejoong ah..You don’t need to be the Magzs’ cover like this one.

    Anyway don’t totally naked…please don’t TT ^ TT

  52. Everyone please relax lol Im sure Jae knows when to draw the line =D Id love for them to show Jaes tattoos! Id be disappointed if they edited his tattoos! Do you think it would be bad if he showed it?

  53. Oh~~
    You can nude or naked but please~~~ without girl.. women… NO!! please~~~~ T^T
    Don’t make me pain~~~ T-T
    Would you please commiserate to me??

    but yes~~ I will continue support all of you (with my tears)


    oh~ Did I over react??? hahaha

  54. Oh Jae please don’t do this!!!!! T____T
    I feel like this is so wrong.. have you guys seen kimura takuya ANAN pics?
    Or from yamapi/akanishi…
    i don’t want jae to take such pictures.. it’s like selling his body for money >.< he's better than this!! aaaah T____T

  55. All of them are not like that. He has a rep to protect. I doubt he would go all out like some of these other people.

    Here’s the kind I think he will do

    • i agree with u, i google the images and not all of them are naked/pornographic. i think jae’s will be classy enuff to suit his image

  56. oh god .. nude ?? it really seems like porn or something.. if so, i don’t think the magazine will do well if only adults can buy it ??

    posing nude or semi-nude is not a good way to promote themselves .. since tohoshinki is known for their talent and good image, i still think that it’s not a good idea to .. cause almost all artistes in An An magazines pose nude …

    topless front or back is fine with me .. not fully nude ..

  57. oh my… this magazine is ass… hopefully the know how to respect Jaejoong

  58. OMG OMG Oh…. my… goodness….. holy mama fuking shit… damn… OMGODDDDDDDD @_________________@
    i swear the 1st time ever in my life the 3 words OMG keep coming out of my mouth for the whole 5 mins… like NON-STOP… and damn im still fking in SHOCK… O_________O

    How coincident i and a few buddies juz talked abt this cp days ago… and i keep praying HARD and HARD he will NEVER EVER feature in Anan oneday… but now… shit… JJ i dun mind ur being naked coz hell i LOVE it… but plz not some stupid porno smutty nasty pix with white chiks plz… @____@ if he really does, this may tarnish not only his image but the image DB has for yrs… And to be honest, even a “smut buddy” like me cant imagine him being like Sho, not really totally nude, not any making out scenes, but juz… grahhzz…
    OK, well lets juz wait and see… i still have some faith left in him… as long as he doesnt slowly turn himself into those J boys, im fine with that…

    PS: disagree? plz bear that in mind and dun rep, juz that info alone did kill my brain already. PEACE!

    • S.o need to clarify this is TRUE or NOT asap, then i can juz go and celebrate… LOL

  59. My eyes literally popped out! For a split second, I thought SYC admins added those “thought”-provoking lines in brackets themselves..haha! (Sorry!)

  60. WOW….
    is a BIG and SAD and SHOCKING news ever…..

    can’t give any comments….too speechless…

  61. The thing is there was JJ pic at the very 1st place. Otherwise where else could SYC got the 1st cap ^___^ and info???

    and people kept asking so we just translated ^^

    Ichigo has removed it like an hour ago or something. So we are just gonna follow the original source. Thanks for reminding and for anan itself, they will announce the details later

    • Thanks for always taking good care of ur readers,SYC admins!!! ^^
      We will rely on u for future developments in the case.

  62. oh nooo!!!!! If he does a photoshoot like Jin’s or Yamapi’s I’ll cry… I don’t want him naked!

  63. It’s ok to pose sexily with girls, it’s ok to pose topless (with the tattoo please) but it’s not ok (to me) to pose nude XD

  64. i’ve been thinking …. sexy pics mmmmm
    in japan he never showed his tatou so they may reveal it
    hope this is it ^^
    no models please lol

  65. aww they removed it o.O no fun..
    it should be umma’s opportunity to get wild since appa is far away lolx (jk)…

    • You made me LOL hard xD

  66. Hell noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  67. maybe i m a fool but please make it clear for me: If he will feature in Anan?

  68. As much as I want to see his ass XDDD I don’t want to see it in a magazine >_<

    and I don't think it's a good Idea ..

    I mean .. Korean Media will kill him and make his life a living hell .. I don't want him to go through that .. no .. not my Jae

    Besides .. I want to see a nude YunJae photo shot .. not Jae with a woman .. I won't like it XDDDD

    • the only thing i want to see is yunho groping his sexy ass xD

  69. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!


    you so sexy
    not nude !!!

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee T T

  70. DO WANT!
    let this be true

  71. Gosh. At first I thought why are the comments sounds so depressing.
    Now I know.
    I’m worried. Seriously.
    But as a big boy, I know he won’t go over the limit~
    Anyway, AKTF!

  72. Avex will never let him go naked, believe me. If the level of sexines is around Mirotic photo shoot, I’m ok with it. If it’s more than that, I don’t want to think about it anymore. Jae please don’t >.<

    • but now he could do it himself I think without Avex permission..
      please, be just rumor, PLEASE!!!

  73. Whats this??..LOL
    Why most of you are like freaking out??…take some chill pill LOL
    I dont think anybody of tvxq´s members will be taking some nude pictures…koreans are very conservative…such a shame LOL…probably will be a sexy photoshoot only…

    • but Jae is naive and easy to manipulate, they could say him it was not a big deal and all jpn stars did it and it was necessary so on..
      Jae, don’t do it, please.. T____T

      • “Jae is naive and easy to manipulate”
        he isn’s stupid girl
        JJ DO IT!!!

      • jae is not naive u know? he naive and easy to manipulate? i think rather he is the one manipulate other, u dont know him!!!

      • lol, what? You make him sound as if he has no common sense. Kind doesn’t mean naive and easy to manipulate. In fact, he’s probably one of the members that are good at manipulation actually (not that it’s a bad thing). You need to stop projecting the way you perceive him (and the other members) as his actual personality.

      • @Jane: she does not so you do?

      • @hirokuma: i dont know him but i DO NOT DARE TO SAY HE IS NAIVE AND EASY TO MANIPULTE. if you dont know a person, dont talk about they are naive or intelligent, good or not.

      • we fans all have our images of boys… it is not actually their real personality, it is how we see them.. you know it would be weird if I love person, but don’t think about him at all.. so this how Jae looks to me..
        of course I don’t know him personally)))

      • The guy who smokes, drinks, gets tattoos, has been working since he was a young teenager, and has traveled and lived in many different parts of the world is NAIVE? Jaejoong isn’t jejune.

  74. don’t mind for sexy pics (looking forward, actually =p)..but i hope it’s not d nekid shot wif female model…

  75. Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    T think this Mag is too much sexyyyyyyy (for JJ……I can’t take it….)

    cause his look ‘s so sweet and pure….


  76. thank you SYC!

  77. zomg nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo an-an’s like the last magazine cover i want jae to be on D:

    YAY!!! ITS NICE!!!!

    I HATE ANAN!!!! <3~~~

  79. sorry, but that would be cheap.. and disgusting..

    • Jae, please, don’t do it!!!

    • I think CHEAP is not a word that can be mixed with JJ
      in fact with any member of TVXQ
      JJ DO IT!!!!!

      • EXACTLY!!! That’s why I don’t want Jae in this mag!!!
        but I can do nothing with it.. I’m just too worried now..

      • I think you’re very upset
        calm down girl
        is just a sexy photos
        maybe you are too young to have an open mind
        and accept that they are no longer boys
        we must first wait to see the photos
        before cataloging it as cheap and disgusting..LOL…what a strong words

        JJ DO IT!!!!!

      • I am not young at all.. and I don’t see anything wrong in porn, but you know porn stars are not actually respected.. and showing much skin is cheap itself..

      • I did not know that posing sexy in a magazine makes you a porn star XD
        how many times have we seen the boys showing less clothes … that’s not a bad thing … many of us feel very excited when they do that…
        if you are not young at all, I think you need to mature…or perhaps it is because of differences in cultures O_o…

      • I didn’t mean he is a porn star.. porn was an example..

        well, you know it is different when the skin is just shown by accident, and when he shows it on purpose.. they used to dress provocative a lot, and Jae showed some skin, but idk it just feels different. I’ve seen some shots of this mags, and they look cheap, I hope Jae’s would be more interesting, but as much as I’ve seen, I don’t want him to be like this. He is better than this.

      • Well pornstar isnt a good example…
        And I remember Mirotic promotions it was all about showing skin..and nobody complains about that…
        I’ve also seen those photoshoots of JE idols, but those are not the only examples … there are other people who have posed and were dressed…
        All I know is that TVXQ is different to JE idols, and I think even posing for this magazine, they will be different …JJ’s photoshoot will be different, we must think positive not negative…
        I ended up here
        Returning to Work

      • yeah, I was a bit freaked out, I’m calm now, I’m just sitting here and wait for info))))

        but I don’t agree that Mirotic was only about showing skin.. thay looked sexy and fierce))) it was not cheap at all) they showed the skin, but that was for concept, it was seducive and hot.. but Japan has another concept, their guys are not fierce at all, so their showing the skin doesn’t look sexy.. I hope our Jae would look fierce and hot!!! ^^

    • there is no CHEAP and DISGUSTING if its jaejoong h..i know how you feel, but i dnt like the words you use sorry^^

      • sorry, I should have been more careful in choice of words..

    • I’m sorry.. I was just disgust by the photos I saw, I shouldn’t say this…

  80. even if its tru, have faith in the guy, shy jj naked in a mag, i dont think so


  81. a big NOOOOOO…..!!!
    I even do not want jae show a bit of his butt~
    he’s better than this..
    he’s precious..
    and pure and elegance…
    topless is all enough~

    well, just wait and see if this true….
    hope for the best for joongie!

    • Agreed!! As much as I like him..i don’t want to look at his bare ass..thats just gross…

  82. omg…please dont!!!!!! TTOTT

  83. OMGS i want JJ to be in ANAN!!!!
    i wanna see porn JJ *nosebleed*
    just like Jin,Pi,& Matsu did!!please oppa accept to do it!!!
    call me perv or whatever im sooo damn excited hope it’s true!!!!!
    hope JJ ‘ll not worry of TVXQ image!! -_-“

    • applause, you are true fan of JJ. always be so supporting.

  84. OMGGG!!!! Went to website and have a look….they are really almost “naked” pics!!!
    “nosebleed” cant imagine if jaejoong’s in that mag…..omg..omg!!!

  85. Jae…

    Just T-shirt , trousers and holding microphone

    you look so sweet, beautiful and sexy to us already
    no need for those picture

  86. funny how everyone is freaking out
    U have to realize that DBSK are no longer boys but men now and they should have the right to show their sexiness
    I hope he poses for Anan and i am so sure his not goin to do a nude pic of him cos he has to consider S.Korean’s reaction to it and also the image of DBSK
    Geez give him the credit he deserves he ain’t stupid and Avex aren’t also

    Why don’t u all just wait and see

    • I’m pretty calm already and just wait for some confirmed info.. but do you think it is necessary for them to have sexy photoshoot and to pose topless to show their sexiness?
      Chunnie is always sexy for me))) haha)) and he always was)))

  87. unfortunately i think there will be a caucasian girl that will be shooting w/ him…naked…lol
    Akanishi Jin wasn’t the only one who did it, but also Yamapi from NEWS, Matsumoto Jun from Arashi, but also Mukai Osamu from Sweet Room (the mobile drama Stand by U was theme song for)
    so i guess we’ll just have to brace ourselves :X

  88. lol i saw jin’s anan scans in a tvxq korean blog, but didn’t understand why it was posted. I guess I understand the fuss now. haha. Well, I hope not…

  89. i think its fine for Jae to feature in the Magazine..
    But at the same time..i dont want for him to be viewed negatively..for it to affect peoples opinions of him..or for it to possibly hurt him in any way in future..
    & i dont believe that he will take the ones Akanishi Jin..Yamapi..& Matsumoto Jun took..they were a bit extreme in my opinion..whilst it would be nice to see the out come of the pictures..taken in a more tamed effect..i dont want for him to have to face the repercussions..for participating in a shoot for the magazine..and that has undesired effects because some of the fans or media do not support him with it..he doesn’t deserve for that to happen as far as im concerned..& he’s worth so much more than to be put in such uncomfortable..and possibly degrading situations that will see his pictures..end up with the same similar effects as jins..ect..
    he’s a talented individual..& i just see him as more than a sex symbol..i love jae and everything..& i also like the other tvxq members..but never have i wanted to see them overly exposed..or thought of them as sex objects in that sense..its just too much i feel..when shown some examples of the shots..and neither of the Tvxq members should have to be exposed like that..if it should leave them in any way uncomfortable..but it is Jaes the end of the day..and i do think that he far he would be wiling to go..and not..keeping in mind his image and fans..its not up to us as fans..supporters..and admirers to go against the shoot either..the most we can do as a support..jae & the members with the decisions that they make..and hope that their actions prove to have the desired positive effect..that they themselves hope for..Thank you for sharing ^_^

    • im so sorry Syc..for writing so much 😦

    • i gree with you everything ^^

  90. Why are people saying hes going to pose nude with women?! Did the magazine say he would?! Geez I wish people would just calm down a bit. You guys know that there are also shots of men fully clothed or just topless in the magazine right?! I think Jae knows his limits! The photos arent even out yet and people are going nuts lol

    Another Korean shopping site also listed Jae as the cover of Anan April Issue

  91. can you guys wait for the actual photos to shown before saying things like “cheap” or being all outraged? AnAn does normal photoshoot as well. Big Bang was in it at some point and it was a normal article. Also, sexy doesn’t necessarily mean naked with a Caucasian girl. He could be dressed or semi dressed for all we know. Let’s just wait and see; it could be the most amazing photoshoot ever.

    but if he’s getting naked, it’s not going to destroy his career. If he looses fans then he’ll win some. Besides, JJ doesn’t really have a trashy vibe *coughJincough* so even if he gets naked, I don’t think it would be…bad. Putting a girl might be a little too much for the fans (and South Korea) to handle imo. anyways, he won’t be loosing me as a fan for something like that and I’m looking forward to this. go JJ!

    • i agree^^ he won’t lose me as a fan even if he gets naked… with a caucasian girl… i’ll be shocked, yes, but i’m sure i’ll recover from it!

  92. wooooow , i know this will come one day , *imwaiting4itactually*, if it not now , then later,

    but still i wish he will not broke his image that he is being form all those year , kkkk , it really will be shocking ,

    good job jj , >> plzz dont PS his tattoo <<

  93. for people freaking out, the mag says that’s he going to do sexy, not nude =___=

    and anyways an-an never does nude shoots. nude=front view of you know what. the most they do is erotic and semi-nude=bare butts

  94. lol, and to think I almost passed this article.
    At first I had no idea what you guys were talking about until I googled the magazine….xD

    BAD idea.

    I used to watch jdramas and I “witnessed” Yampi’s fan’s heads explode when his pictures with a female model was released…

    although I never really was a die hard fan, I did watch a couple of his dramas. My reaction was I don’t care…on the other hand, I thought he was trying too hard to act sexy/mature that it was hard to digest the pictures without cringing…

    If Jaejoong does in fact does the shoot, I’m pretty sure there’s going to a a towel wrapped around his waist…which we’ve already seen…
    which makes me worry that they might ask him to do something more risque. 0_0

    i just hope fans and his company will allow Jaejoong to have the CHOICE…

  95. OMG OMG…
    so i was waiting forever for him to be in ANAN…
    im really happy for him. Yamapi did a good shoot…
    lol but i wouldn’t want Jae to go that far…haha
    sexy is good but not butts please! haha

  96. I’ll pray jaejoong won’t do a nude photoshoot..aamiin..
    i definitely agree with anyone who says that’ll be too much.i also don’t want ma tvxq boys do such no no! (esp. yoochun.please never do that, chunnie bear..TT^TT)..

    • yeap, no chunnie’s naked photo.. his butt cheek is only in the room!

  97. LOL at everyone thinking “nude” when all that was said was “a little sexy”.

    This is great for Jaejoong, An An has featured so many top Japanese celebs before and has very nice photography in general (and to repeat what a lot of others have said, no they don’t just do photoshoots like the ones with JE boys people keep talking about). He’s a grown man, it’s good for him to show it.

  98. jaejoong i don’t care WHAT the hell you pose with, JUST BE NAKED!! xD

    girls grow up, sex sells and jaejoong is old enough. just because he’s a singer doesn’t mean he can’t do something extra. he’s gonna find himself someone someday, though i do hope it’s yunho, cuz they’re hot as hell together xDDD

  99. please don’t
    …please don’t
    …please don’t
    …please don’t
    …please don’t

  100. people rellay like to jump into conclusion huh? if you google anan u will only find those nude photo cause they are famous, u tend to forget that anan not only have those kind of foto, before u guys say anything, check anan first, here is the link will explain about that:
    if u read u will know, those type of photo is Sex issue for female and only feture 1-2 a year. As someone said, before jae not long ago, some guy aldready do that so u guys dont have to wory about him being butt nake and have a nake model next to him
    next is i relly feel disapoint in his fan, why they dont belive in him. did the side say anything about nude? did him or avex confirm anything about this? and more importantly, did you guys really think he will apear in Sex issue? a person who dont even let us see his leg?
    fan should understand him, learn to belive him, and here u guys immediately say nude nude photo as if he will do that tomorrow. I bet if this anan thing is true and well the photo out, no nude, no nake butt, he just being shirtless and posing sexy , u guys will go gagagag saying i love u i love u
    one more thing: anyone check the dictionary to find the word “SEXY” also mean nude or butt nake?

    • ok so as much as i know the magazine will be release on April 14 2010
      which means it’s An.An n°1705
      so if you go on magazine world you will see that An.An n°1705 is the annual sex issue
      but i believe jae and i know he will not pose naked or with girls

      • huh, isnt it say Release Date: 2010-04-07 or my something wrong with my eyes?

      • lol ok not 14 but 7 but it’s still the same

      • and from this web of anan:
        + magazin release at 2010-04-07 : i see no world “SEX” here
        + magazin release at 2102-04-14: this want have “SEX”
        Now let go and see the romour about jj will apear in what release:
        Publisher: Magazine World
        List price: 400 yen
        RELEASED DATE: 2014-04-07
        Paper size: A4
        Magazine Code: 20481-100414
        Current state: Preorder open
        Preorder quantity: 105

      • and from this web of anan:
        + magazin release at 2010-04-07 : i see no world “SEX” here
        + magazin release at 2102-04-14: this want have “SEX”
        Now let go and see the romour about jj will apear in what release:
        Publisher: Magazine World
        List price: 400 yen
        RELEASED DATE: 2014-04-07
        Paper size: A4
        Magazine Code: 20481-100414
        Current state: Preorder open
        Preorder quantity: 105

      • Really? On the cover of Anans sex issue? Do you know anymore details on the contents? I was just thinking maybe we’d get an idea of the photoshoot if we knew what the issue was about lol But I really do believe Jae wouldnt go as far as Jin or Yamapi did. If anything I think the farthest hed go would be going topless and if he does I hope they dont edit out his tattoos because Id really love to see it beautifully photographed!

      • @nemo: no he will not, not confirmed that he will appear on anan, and if he does, the issue will be release on 2010-04-07 which is not sex issue
        @lily: if is the same then why do they have to seperate magazine which have sex issue and one which dont have? LOL

      • Is the one on the 14th the sex issue? On the Ichigo korean shopping site it says the magazine is being released on the 7th and the Nepic site it says the 14th. o_O I hope we get details soon lol

      • @lily
        my god, I saw the link you gave us, my god, what kind of questions is that?????????????


        lol, I was blushing the whole time when I read the question. Ok, I just get married, so for me, no problem.

      • oh wait NVM they are both dated for April 14th!

    • I admit I was too shocked to think, now I seriously can’t imagine Jae posing naked)))

    • @NA: i don’t know but i saw lots of japanese blog who were talking about An.An n°1705
      let’s wait and see 🙂

  101. thank u SYC~~~ jae in sexy pics >_< gya~~~~~ ready to lose my bloods hehe

  102. What I’ve long feared has happened. A Kame type photo spread is okay. But if it’s at the level of Jin or even Yamapi…
    But I guess it was unavoidable cos he’s super popular in Japan now

  103. gawd. i researched on that magazine.. and.. shit. i was lmao. XDXD

    hope he won’t pose naked.. just topless maybe?? :))) but i don’t mind seeing him naked in my room. *gets bricked*

    and no gurrrls puh-leaase. :))

  104. […] this, the readers asked us to keep an eye on the original […]

  105. opinions really vary. ^^ but i have to agree with those who say that Dong Bang Shin Ki does not need this one. i mean, i just really want to stick with the wholesome, witty and lovely image of Jaejoong. ^^ people can say that he can do this since he has matured already. but does posing sexy for a mag really implicate maturity in the part of the subject/artist? ^^ hmm. i’ll leave it upon your judgement. i am not in favor of this, but as what has been said, there’s nothing we can really do, can we? ^^ but i won’t support it either. because this is not the kind of entertainment i want to get from any of Dong Bang Shin Ki members. ^^ IF EVER OUR FEELINGS ARE NOT MUTUAL, please don’t bash me anymore. ^^

  106. […] Regarding this, the readers asked us to keep an eye on the original […]

  107. […] [Info] Jaejoong will Feature in An An magazine *Since there are many people ask us to translate so we will keep an eye on the original source ^^ Updated 18:00PM The […] […]

  108. Its hard to believe there kind of magazine teaches girls for a better sex.. opps, for sure in my country they’ll banned that things! the cartoon having sex in the mag are so funny!! LOL at the cartoons!

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