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[Trans] 100403 Bigeast mail – The boys will stop working as Tohoshinki

this is too heartbreaking. Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hello this is Bigeast Office.
Today the press released the following.

About “Tohoshinki”

There is information about our companies artist “Tohoshinki”.

– They will stop/pause their activities as “Tohoshinki”
As “Tohoshinki” they will pause their activities but for young people with a future and who has talents, we will support each of the 5 members activities.

From on now please watch “Junsu” “Yoochun” “Jaejoong” “Changmin” “Yunho” and take care of them.

Avex Management

Tohoshinki will pause their activities but Bigeast is where everyone treasured and a place for the 5’s bond.
As the Bigeast office we are planning to keep Bigeast.
For the Bigeast members its very troublesome but by the end of April we will announce officially so please wait for a while.

2010/4/3 18:00
-Bigeast Office

trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun



  2. OMG! i dont know what to think.


  4. OMG!!!

  5. that’s just….. unbelievable. it hurts, deeply. oh god.

  6. omg why????????????????

  7. T__T
    so,DBSK had stop/pause their xtvt..and now THSK too..!
    it’s really heartbreaking as i really want to see the 5 of them together again..i guess there’ll be no more new song released by this moment..*sigh*

    But anyway,i’ll support the 5 of them..individually or group,they are the best 5 men ever..!!
    yoochun!junsu!changmin!yunho!jaejoong!! hwaiting!!

  8. Well is it stop or pause?

    I’ll wait for the official announcemt at the end of Apr.

    • the official announcemt at the end of Apr is abt Bigeast…..><…..

  9. NO nO No…I am trembling uncontrolably now…NOOOOO..I JUST CANNOT ACCEPT THIS..

  10. oh my…

  11. i’m crying now…

  12. gdi. the day finally came. T.T

  13. i always support 5 of U, JJ YC TH CM JS.

    hope u all sucess in the future!!!

  14. *hurts*….

  15. i cant believe it!! O__O this is truly too heartbreaking!!!

  16. they are at their height of their career in japan and now they will stop being together…….

    at least its not news about disbandment, i will accept anything but disbanding!!!!!!

  17. TT^TT

    does it mean that there will be no more tohoshinki..but as individual..yunho, changmin, jejung, yuchun and junsu???

    if it is, it really aches my heart…

  18. so thers no tohoshinki ???????? NOOO dont say that PLZ


    support all 5 TT

  19. NO! I cab’t believe it! I don’t want it! I want Tohoshinki!

  20. Finally…

    it comes up like this…..


  21. I can’t believe this…………

  22. WHAT.
    stop their activities. disbandment then? WHAT?

  23. i know this is bound to happen..but reading it black n hurts a lot:(

  24. WHAT DA F*CK?????

  25. wtf????? no more thsk??? i want them to break 1000,000 mark…oh noooo!! sob3

  26. I’m gonna cry right now…

  27. …………

  28. just pause right??
    NO STOP????

  29. How long are they going to be on hiatus for?!?!?! WTH!!!!

  30. oh!!! T T

  31. sigh, this day finally come. my heart hurt, i cant cry, i cant think, i cant do anything
    but i know i will always support them. each 5 of them and from the bottom of my heart i will wait for them. they will come back, i will wait as long as i can
    i just cant lose them. they are just so precious to me

  32. WHAT????????????
    until when the activity pause?

  33. reading all the cmments,make me feels sadder..T__T
    but chills ppl..this is only for a while! (i hope so)..let stay keeping the faith.we know tt they will not betray their fans like this..they will comeback,i noe tt..for now,let us keep the faith and believe in them ok..
    admin,sorry for the double cmment..
    i’m wondering,bout their stopping/pausing xtvt thingy,who decide this?is it by Avex?or by the 5 of them? i cant really understand what max-san wrote in his twttier,but it’s related to this thing..anyone?care to translate tt..? T__T

    • oh,nvm..the article is up in the next post..u r fast admin..!!

  34. it can’t be! what’s their reason for doing this?

  35. omg…please i cant belive what i read!!
    today isnt april fool… oh NO!!
    im crying!! its too hurt!! my heart broke!!
    i want more time to accept this news!!

  36. I know I will always support them.

  37. FUCK.

  38. I just can crying right now……

  39. I just don’t know what to think right now. 😦

  40. I don’t get it. Are they on hiatus as a group for now?

  41. I’ll see this as PERSONAL DEVELOPMENTS process..they will come back BIGGER and BETTER at the right time..

  42. i just hope it’s pause not stop …


  43. Y_______________Y
    a total heartbreak………….

    but i still gonna support them.

    their songs still plays in my mind and heart…

  44. that’s what the recent happening right? individual projects and so on. so better wait for the coming announcements and don’t panic.

    whatever happens, even if the band might disband in the future, i will still support each of the them.

  45. oh my god. oh god…

  46. If the group’s activities have been paused for now, I am fine with that, as long as they freaking come back! I will wait.

  47. i hope today is first of April .

    so it could be another April Fool day..joke

  48. *group hugs*

    • huggiess…!!
      and now i miss my old SYC family’s really the best when we comfort each other when this kind of things happen..T__T..
      u know who u are dearies..!miss u guys so much..!!

      • hugs~~

    • *join*

      • *hug* I’m gonna cry… 😥

    • *hugs*

  49. oh no… im so sad….

  50. I know this will coming, but when i have to read
    this so officially like this, this is really hurt.

    I hope that the time we can see them singing together again will come, no matter how long I have to wait I;ll always wait.

    Maybe this time is the time they pursuing they solo carer and their other dream, but I hope someday we can see them together again.

    Writing all if this really hurt me, but I try to be a mature fan here, and always support them.
    I hope they have a long time group as ShinHwa,
    they can apart for sometime, but they will reunite again when the time is come.

  51. Why???????????? 😦

    dont do that Avex… Pleaseeeeeeeeeee..

  52. No, No, No, No

    No personal activities, please…

    Please give us DBSK, 5 or no one…

  53. no

    continue to keep the faith
    past, now and future

  54. wtf is this, aw i cant accept this, huhuhuhu so heartbreaking TT_TT…
    but oh well we cant do anything, unless the issues are solve then they cant appear as tohoshinki or dongbangshinki anyways, and what they are doing now is already that so what’s the surprise lolololololol..


  55. are they stopping/pausing their activities becuz avex’s contract with sm about dbsk/thsk ends in like june-ish???

    Damnnnn i just want them back as 5!

    but i will no matter what support them.

    oh and biigeast fanclub is already over 200,000!

    they have to come back!

  56. i believe in them five and that their bonds are stronger than we think “there is no wall you cant overcome” — love you with all my heart

  57. confused……………it just a pause rite?

    seem that the journey to see 5 of them together still far…BUT NO MATTER WHAT I SUPPORT 5 OF THEM..AKTF…….

  58. what is this thing?

    Stop or Pause?

    What about ?

    No, I don’t need 5 boys, I need a group called DBSK…

    And… what about Ho, and Jae, and… Yunjae?

    • T__________________________________T

  59. What?
    I badly need the 5 of them


  61. -speechless-
    TT TT
    Why did it have to come to this?
    I posted this to xiah-sshi and tvxq australia – sorry if i didn’t credit properly…

  62. dang! what is this?
    i feel like crying..

  63. This is too much ..
    I can’t believe that the first thing to read in the morning is this ..
    My heart hurts too bad T^T

  64. I CAN’T ACCEPT THIS >< =(((((((((((((
    WTH is happening =((((((((((???

  65. So confuse…..

  66. i just finished watching their concert at tokyo dome,and suddenly opened the page of SYC….

    my happiness had gone.

    i am confused.

    this totally breaks my heart,damn!

  67. pause
    only pause right
    just for solo project right
    plz tell me that’s right 😦

  68. wait…
    TOHOSHINKI only going to PAUSE/STOP FOR A WHILE right?
    How about DBSK? maybe this mean comebaqck for DBSK?
    sigh. I’m REALLY trying to look at this news in a POSITIVE way


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  71. Please dont say always keep the faith.

    Now I dont know keep the faith in what.

  72. what? this is not happening is zit? omg NOOOOOO
    damn what the hell is happening now?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. cant be!! please~
    always keep the faith!!!!

  74. This makes my heart stop, really.
    I means I try to understand what all of them have gone through and this might be the best decision for now. I think that this is not a sudden decision but it’s something they’ve been thinking for so long. So, live must go on.
    God bless to all of them.
    Hope, one day we will see 5 of them stand on the stage together as TOHOSHINKI once again (SOON).

  75. no no no this is just breaking my heart right now T_T

  76. my heart is broken until I can’t let out a single tear..

    somehow, I still feel calm..
    cz I recalled what JJ sang in his anan photoshoot..
    tomorrow will come!!
    and what Junsu said in his last interview, just a wait a lil’ longer!!

    so no need to worry!!
    maybe avex said it earlier because the fans might be more worried if they didn’t find any releases from the boys later..
    so they decided to tell us the current situation!!

    isn’t it better than having a bitter end??

    Always keep the faith!!

  77. tohoshinki…TT midoyo.

  78. i dont know what to think now … T_T

  79. Why do they ask their fans always keep the faith then they do this???????


    • its not their decision..
      its a real life where an artist have to follow their company decision..

    • bye bye forever Quynh Le!! i wish never see u at any DBSK site!!


  81. holy-baloney! please somebody tell me that my eyes are deceiving me? this is NOT happening…

    NO!!!!!! but why? why to should stop/pause the activities. i just don’t get it.


  82. i cant breath..literally..

  83. omg omg omg!!!! this is very worrying…
    ok, i’m trying to rationalize the situation here. the boys are doing their own solo activities right? then perhaps they have committed themselves to their own activities and might not have time for thsk activities?

    or perhaps they think since they’re still waiting for the court to settle the lawsuit, they might as well stop activities, and concentrate on their own things. i don’t think i make sense…my brain is scattered with trying to process this info!!

  84. ” They will stop/pause their activities as “Tohoshinki” ”
    they didnt say disbanding right? i just hope that they are just on hiatus……. and they will comeback together again!!

  85. NO. NO. NO. tell me this isn’t true! No. I…NO! I refuse to believe this…PLEASE GOD! Don’t let it come to this!!!!!

  86. no no no no!! this is not happening!! noooooo DX

  87. Gosh~
    Tell me that late Foolish April. Pleasee~


    What’s happening?

  88. brb~ bawling in the corner,..


  89. NOOOOOO…
    what the hell is going on?

    it’s just a lie, right?

    it’s not true T____T



  92. Plzzzzzzzzz nooooooooooo…….

  93. […] TVXQ…IS OVER?????!!!!!!!! DISBANDED?!!! It is 5:17 AM…..And…I just read…Avex has released a statement saying TVXQ will be stopping/pausing their activities as Tohoshinki…. (Here) […]

    • No one said they will disband so cool your heads!

      Well it was to be predicted so it didn’t shock me that much >___>
      Just think Cass! First Avex has bombarded us with Tohoshinki music in a short amount of time – so it was already fishy, then we learned that SM Entertainment is Officially Investigated for Unfair Contract Terms and coz of that the boys lawsuit was put on pause coz government is clearing now the case so it’s understanding that till then their Japan activities are put to a pause temporary also.

      Always Keep the Faith!

  94. What’s this. Really, what’s this.

  95. As good artists who love their fans THEY MUST release a press conference to tell us themselves.I DEMAND THIS…… TT^TT

  96. I just came back from my very tiring outing and this is what I get.
    It’s okay. IT’s temporary *I hope*
    Always Keep The Faith darlings. Although they might not be Tohoshinki for now, they’re still our Tohoshinki in our hearts.
    Group hugs everyone~!

  97. You can’t be SERIOUS?! WTF? I can’t believe when I first saw TVXQ on the web I called them gay but I ended up liking them. 😦 It’s been 2 years since .. :(( this can’t be happening. Seriously! LIKE WTF.

  98. my tears dropped when i read this….but i believe its just a PAUSE!! no stopping….!!!!!!!! PLEASE~~!!!!! 😥

    • Well dear in Japan they say soft words such as pause so fans won’t freak out..i think it’s permanent.. TT^TT This is too much to take in one go…My heart aches so much….

      • permanent?? really!!! so no tohoshinki anymore!!!!

        no!!!! hell no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  99. At least it’s stopping not disbanding!
    I have a strong feeling that they may have solo activities for a while or so then after that I believe they will come back.

    Seriously I believe in their talents and their capability to do solos. But I believe Jaejoong will never leave Yunho.. And Junsu without Yoochun? Junsu will be bored yeah! ^^
    And remember their tattos?

    Let’s wish them the best for their solo activities (if that’s what they want) and continue to keep the faith!
    Thanks SYC!

  100. WTH!! tohoshinki was our last hope to see them together… *cry*

    F*** U SM !!

  101. TT____________TT … whyyyyyy

  102. I feel numb. And I cry… It’s heartbreaking. T__________T If it’s really the boys’ decision then I will somehow learn to accept it.

    My only hope is that they will still keep in touch and continue to be BFF.

    PS. “Stop” doesn’t mean “Disbandment”. It’s normal that some groups of artists don’t produce anymore work together as before.

  103. i will wait till the end of april then.. pls tell me this is all a joke..
    man is this depressing!

  104. How am i suppose to sleep tonight???

    SME, ur doom!

  105. ………………………………………

    i can’t even believe what I am reading.
    this is such a liesss, ohhhh, what should i do, my tears keep… ukh.

  106. I can’t help but cry again. I thought everything has ended long ago.
    I NEED WHOLE TOHOSHINKI. I don’t wanna see them… being alone.
    6 years together!! How… this SEEMS so fake. Just damn how can they suddenly stop their activities. T___T
    LSM is the one who’s at fault, neh?

  107. m trying to be positive.. i mean.. what more can they release right? they are busy on their solo activities and they havent recorded a thing yet.. so yeah.. ive been expecting this.. but i think its not disbandment… is just a pause and ill wait for them till the day they can perform together again.

  108. yeah, this is very heartbreaking .. i’m speechless .
    but i’ll wait until the boys announce it officially in a press con ..

  109. #alwayskeepthefaith is trending now!

    always support the boys!

    I just really can’t believe it. Pausing and stopping activities aren’t the same.

  111. please syc…
    i beg u…
    can pls still sharing 5 of them in the future????
    pls i beg u…. T.T

  112. how can yunjae love end so easily like that?

  113. i know this coming but still…. sigh….. how sad it is. what will happen from now onwards?

  114. i don’t know what to say. i can’t belive.
    this is the worst dream.
    it’s can’t be true.
    please, tell me it’s only a joke

  115. Its really heartbreaking….I also wish that today is still april 1st and this just april fool joke…

    All emotions mixed up now…my heart really hurt and everyone hearts must be also hurt…

    There’s nothing we can really do….I decided to believe that they have their own reason….maybe they want to experiencing something different as individuals….all we can do only believe them and support them

    Yunho once said this (refer to SYC’s TVXQ quote compilation): “No matter how far we’re separated, we’ll come back together one day. TVXQ is just such an important place for us”

    Then, We should wait for them @ their ‘home’ right *tears*

    What made me a bit disappointed is they didn’t talk themselves that I just feel its a bit unfair for us fans :(…

    Wish them all the best…FIGHTING oppa-deul!

  116. yeah… I will honor it. It’s their decision, I’m just being to emotional, It’s shocking ;_; that’s why.
    yeah, all I need is supporting them until the end, whatever it will be. I will always try to keep the faith.

    But I hope… they will talk about it. So we can know what happen and what we should do to make our heart condition or everything better…

    AKTF !!!!

  117. Fuck, this is too sad.
    I don’t know what to think anymore. Are you guys coming back? I think I’m going to cry.

  118. people, i know this is hard to accept but they NEVER released anything regarding disbanding right?

    I’ve been waiting for them to come out to say something, to tell us what the hell is going on but I guess the law suit is preventing them to do that.

    I know it’s hard to keep saying AKTF. Sometimes it even makes me wonder whether I’m just being foolish or what. but at the end of the day, I will still keep my hopes high that they will be back. We’ve been keeping our faith all this while and I believe us, Cassies/Biggeast will continue to do so. we don’t call ourselves dbsk/thsk’s fans for nothing. We are stronger than that.

  119. shit shit shit shit….. T_____T!!!!!!!!!!!…ok… calm… breath……….T___T


  120. yah..i will support for EACH boys…but i still need the combination voice of TOHOSHINKI

  121. only GOD knows what actually in their heart. and fan’s faith is one of their strength

    • so true, =T our love and faith strengthens them

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  123. huhuhu.. T_T vakeet???but…huhuhuhu

  124. […] in DBSK News | Tags: max matsuura « [Trans] 100403 Bigeast mail – The boys will stop working as Tohoshinki [Info] 100403 THSK official site announcement ‘THSK will pause their activities as Tohoshinki’ […]

  125. OMG!~ *speechless*

    i cant type any words for this. Just accept their decision.

    God Bless u!

  126. my playlist happened to play “When We’ll Be Together” when i start to read this article..
    this is too sad to start the beautiful days of Spring..
    cassies, let’s keep the faith!

    DBSK.. 화이팅!!
    cassiopeia.. 화이팅!!

  127. Reading the comments of so many fans, is so heartbreaking. You feel the love of the people, who always supported them.
    Feeling this love of the fans, let me see clear, why they are so special.
    Even in those hard times the fans stayed at their side and never lost the trust. To have those sincere people surrounding them shows their ability to move peoples hearts.

    Because the boys gave their best the last six years, I am going to give my best in supporting them and waiting.

    • I’m with you girl! ;3

      No way we will abandon our boys even now!
      We still hang in here!!! (or at least I do *lol*)
      We won’t give up that easy!!!
      We already fought until here…then we can’t stop halfway,isn’t it right?
      Hope to the end! (^o^)/

  128. I cant really believe this is happening because I’ve been keeping the faith for almost a year now.

    I want to stay positive about the issue but i cant help but think negative.

    I just hope people will support the members like how they support DBSK.

  129. NOOOOO,,NOOO,,..I M CRYING,,,PLZ,,i cant think of anything now,,,huhuhu,,its soooo heartbreaking!!!!T_T

  130. o_o
    ano…WHY!? T_T

  131. Well i guess its over isn’t it. Wish they’ll – TVXQ, SM, and Avex releases an official statement soonn.

    Am not in shock coz i kind aexpected it but I had little faith it’ll be ok but well everything happens for a reason. Now am gonna but all their releases b4 they disappear too.

  132. ….. D:

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  134. […] Credit: sharingyoochun […]

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  136. ….

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  138. Well it makes sense. After doing a best-of album and two singles, Avex has run out of group products to release. Meanwhile ALL of the members are currently involved in time-consuming solo activities. Tohoshinki would’ve been on de facto hiatus even without the announcement. And announcing it as a ‘pause’ does, aside from being Japanese-tactful, leave open the possibility of a future reunion (though even with a ‘break up’ that would still be an option).

  139. AWWWW.this is such a heartbreaking news.i cant control my tears ):

    BUT i am so gonna force myself to ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH! i believe the five of them will be back together and shine even brighter!

  140. im not… i want to… i…
    /walks away head bent.

  141. Not good 😦

  142. Doesn’t they say they will be together till the end?
    Is that mean they will never come back as a group?
    What the hell..
    WHY? Who’s the reason?

  143. Everyone, all Cassies,
    don’t lose hope…
    Remember Junsu in the sohu interview,
    and jaejoong both said,
    to wait for them.
    I think they didn’t say this for fun.
    They probably knew what was coming.

    This suspension was probably just brought
    forward 2 months early since their Avex
    contract expires in June..
    And they prolly can’t renew it since SM
    definitely wont let HoMin do so..
    So what we can do now is wait for our boys
    and the lawsuit with SM to be cleared…

    Don’t be disheartened~
    Always keep the faith, like always 🙂

  144. oppa-s MUST come back

    Cassiopeia is made by 5 stars, remember?

    KIDARIKAEYO, always keep my faith here!!! TT^TT

    although fans are crying here, i believe that the 5 are the 1 who HURT the MOST…

  145. OMG!!!

    after all this waiting and all this waiting…


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  147. BELIEVE…

    To be honest.. I kinda have two split opinions about this matter. In one side I just kinda ‘fury’ ??? I mean… ‘why do they do this to fans, who’ve been waiting for them for sooo long???’ But then…on the other side… I’m pretty sure the members also in agony, since they highly appreciate their fans…So I guess it’s hard for them too.But what I’ve been afraid is that fans get tired of waiting…*sigh…*

    I guess there will be no TVXQ until world cup ends…since I’m still believing tht most artist will be on hiatus during worldcup…

    But lets keep praying that there would be some good news abt the lawsuit…Cause it will settle everythin’…. >.<

    Always keep the faith, girls??

    Btw, seriously, Cassies are the most resilient fans ever!! Especially korean cassies… they had to wait for 1 year 7 months before the boys made a comeback in 2008. But then…the lawsuit happened… And still cassies still wait for them! And support them…
    I'm sooo proud of cassies…

    • i agree with what you say about korean cassies. they’re really strong!! i guess that is one of the reasons why dbsk is so successful, for they have such a strong fanbase, both in numbers and in will to continue supporting them when the times are bad. and we must also be strong.
      after all, love is never meant to be easy. and to make this love work, we have to be strong and hold on even during the hard times 🙂

  148. […] Credit: sharingyoochun […]

  149. I’m not a cassies but i fully support them no matter they are DBSK or Tohoshinki … It doesn’t matter how long they take untill they all come back as a group again because i am sure to wait.

    To DBSK/Tohoshinki ,

    I promise “i’ll be a good girl…” so, you all must promise to take care and be back as 1 soon !!


  150. cry me a river..everybody knows this news..i only got it now…i’m all on to bitch SME in school tomorrow..rot in helllllll

  151. okay fine, we will wait.

    they said they gonna announce it officially in the end of this month (april), so cassies, let us just wait n hope for the best.

    honestly, from my humble opnion, i dont think they will disband regarding this scenario. they will never be.

    the company wont let it be. there will be to much consequences to be faced if they allow that to happen (too much i tell u!). that is why they (the company) are trying their best not to let the DISBAND of DBSK/Tohoshinki/TVXQ happen.

    TVXQ, My HERO, My MAX, My U-KNOW, My XIAH, n MICKEY, we’re the one, ETERNALLY [kiss the baby sky]

    I keep praying, don’t forget it, baby we KEEP THE FAITH eternally [break out]

  152. ……juz kill me instead of this…pls don’t leave us because we have THIS ONLY ONE GROUP to love with all our hearts!!

    i can give half of my life span if they can continue as TVXQ/DBSK/THSK….then i will spend the other half by watching their new activities……

  153. hi, i like your posting

  154. WHAT???
    So DBSK is disbanding, or just pausing for awhile until the whole lawsuit is settled?

  155. oh my god? noooooooooooooo dbsk ILOVE YOU forever!!!!!!

  156. i’m dying right now

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