Posted by: sharingyoochun | April 18, 2010

[Vid] Cute TVXQ fanmade clips

Note from SYC’s amins, we are so proud of every submission ^__^ let’s view 2 fanmade vid

【TVXQ】 Everyone’s under the sky by Salyu – tokyo grafitti –

One of the section of Tohomobile.
Member answer the question from fan.

Q. What is the recommended music that you listen to recently?
A. “Everyone’s under the sky”by Ayaka

– Junsu –

other members
Yunho : “rainy blue” by Hideki Tokunaga
Chanmin : “ichibu to zenbu” by B’z
Jejung : THE DEY song
Yoochun : “I’ll Be Missing You” by PUFF DADDY&FAITH EVANS

I’m fan of Ayaka since debut.
Her lyrics are always touched my herat.
So I was glad to hear that.

And I want TVXQfan to hear this song.
I made this video and I added the English lyrics on the video.


Yunho Micky Noky Brothers – 하하하송 Parody from 한다정 and Minhee


  1. nice fanvid!!!!

  2. cant view the vid..YT blocked here.will watch it later..thnks for sharing!
    and Min listen to ichibu to zenbu?omg..that was my fave too..!buzzer beatt…!LOL..

  3. LMAO last oneee xD and first one so sweet ^^

  4. 【TVXQ】 Everyone’s under the sky by Salyu – tokyo grafitti –
    I can’t stop crying..
    fanvid always make me cry!!
    I’m agree..lyrics really touching~
    Thanks for made it, it’s very beautiful..

    Yunho Micky Noky Brothers – 하하하송 Parody from 한다정 and Minhee
    it’s so cute..and make me smile but..
    I can’t seem to stop the tears rolling down

    Thanks for sharing!!~

  5. OMG noki brothers parody!!!!! wins!

  6. the 1st one … lovely!

    the noky brother parody XD … i love it!


  7. I can’t be official cassiopeia ( I live in south america) but I’m proud to be cassiopeia of heart becouse I love tvxq so I’m cassiopeia ^^

    • it doesnt matter if you are cassie or not..
      its the thought that we will always support them that matters. =)

  8. the first fanvid made me cry T___T

    noky brothers parody jjang!!

  9. ayakaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! <33333333

    I love her and I love Junsu for loving her song!!! OMG, I knew there was a reason why I love Junsu's voice. <3333

    This made me unbelievably happy! ~^___^~

  10. noky broher so cute
    always keep the faith

  11. love noky brother parody.totally cute!!

  12. I just don’t understand why JaeChunSu didn’t wanna be one TVXQ! My friend doesn’t like to explain so my head goes around and around! could anyone explain? or am I so silly and stupid? I don’t like this so much, my friend scold at me :”No one need you to understand!!!”. And it makes me feel terrible…><I wanna cry now!!!

  13. the first fanvid make me cry….I can’t even smile in the 2nd vid…T__T

    thx for sharing with us…

  14. both vids are awesome !

    i was about to cry bcoz of the 1st vid
    but the 2nd one made me smile …

    thanks so much!

  15. oh, I miss 2U..

  16. lol…..the norky brothers parody was seriously very funny….hahhaa…i almost cried bec. of laughing…..tnx for brighten up my day………..

  17. LOL at the norky brothers video. So cute and funny ^^

  18. noky brother ~ yc’s rabbit. why not chicken x’D

  19. you know all this fanmade videos are making me so emotional and happy at the same time.

    thanks for sharing!

  20. The first video is so was beautifully made..& the second one is really cute..Thank you for sharing ^_^

  21. so touching and cute…

    can I also submit my fanvid??

    Thank youuu >.<

  22. omg i love the NoKy brothers parody!!!
    Yunnie bear and Micky rabbit.hahah xD
    they followed all the actions too!
    amazing fans ❤

  23. under the same sky…we share this same faith and love ~ forever~

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