Posted by: sharingyoochun | April 19, 2010

[Project] Junho Showcase in Singapore

Hi there people
as you all might know by now, Junho would be having a showcase in Singapore soon and Junsu would be there too.

To show our support and encouragement to Junho for his debut, SharingYoochun would love it if you could write a simple message to the Kim brothers. As you all might know, Junho is just debuting so there is still a long journey for him. Junsu on the other hand, is feeling rather down in regards to the recent event.

So with that, let’s do a simple scrapbook message for the boys.



50 – 80 word message to Junho and Junsu.
Language to be preferably written in English or Korean
Name and country of where you are from
Thumbnail picture of you (size: 100×100)


Send to: with the title “Message for the boys”


Closing date:

Friday, 23rd April 2010.
Korea Time


Last by not least

*Please remain quiet when either Junho or Junsu is singing*
You do not want to ruin the moment and here screaming fans instead right

It would be great is fellow SYC readers going for the event can go together as a group to go to the airport and the event but sadly, I, Legra would be busy helping out on the day itself to organize one. But I still hope I can meet some of you on the days that the boys are here though.

Till then please remember to click on our ad banners alright

SK-ITH has come up with a simple project for the event.
By the way, Quest would be providing lighstick for the event as a whole. This event is just a small touch to it when Junsu performs.


Zuno’s first single album “Beginning” is produced by Quest Group and will be released in Singapore on 22 April. Exclusively available in all HMV stores.


  1. Im going~ Any meet up?!!!

    I definitely agree about the screaming thingy.
    I like to listen to Junsu or both not the screams.
    *crossing my fingers* on that.^_^

  2. Can I ask, where to buy a red lightstick in Singapore?lol!

    I dont have one tbh~

    • i think you can try comics connection 😀

    • You can try Daiso. I bought my lightsticks there for the Seoul’d Out festival as well….they even sell dolphin shaped lightsticks there!!! 🙂

      • Dolphin shaped lightstick?rofl!!
        Where is Daiso though? Im not really a Singaporean so Im still not familiar w/ everything here.

    • You can get it at the shop besides KFC at Bugis Junction…^^

      • ok, thank. I’ll look for it.^_^

  3. yay!! i’ll participate in the scrapbook!! =]

  4. can we write it in english??

  5. I was just thinking.. What if.. after Junsu’s performance.. before he exits the stage.. You guys should yell ‘ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH!’

    hehe.. just a suggestion.. ^^

  6. mehh..should i fly to singapore just to see them at the desperate here..

  7. how about a purple lightstick for junho too? afterall it’s his showcase (:

    • ouh, lightstick would be provided by Quest for the showcase actually.
      this is just a small touch to it


  8. btw is it ok if i dont put the thumbnail picture on it..

    • ouh, i was thinking of pasting our pictures in actually ^^


  9. i can’t make it that day but i think i can participate in the scrapbook! (:

  10. willing to meet the SYC and fellow fans to go for the event!!!! ^^

  11. […] [Project] Junho Showcase in Singapore […]

  12. can’t make it for the concert but will participate in the scrapbook! 🙂

  13. i participate in the scrapebook..but i dont know how to ensure my pics is 100×100..
    if it large..can the admins adjust it?
    *i am so sorry~ but i dont know*

    • ahhh..sorry forget to say thank you~
      THANK YOU!~MANY THANKS for syc efforts =)

    • i’ll edit it later then… thsnks for participating


  14. im sry for being blur :p but do we design the message? or just send an email of our message? thanks. 🙂

    • ouh, you just have to write the message in ^^


  15. Cant make it for the concert, but will b at the airport for screamin. Oh my, i still cant believe i am gonna see junsu oppa in flesh~

  16. done with the project, thanks for the opportunity 🙂
    Eszter, Hungary

  17. sadness i can’t do anything……..stupid exams…my last one is on the 23 by the time i’m done…the deadline is over….

    hope you girls have fun there…and make sure to represent all of us who can’t go ^_^v

  18. I can’t attend the showcase.. 😦

    But,Yay! Scrapbook on the Way!!! ^^

  19. erm… can we write the emails in Chinese? since Junho can read chinese right? i’m not going but i thought i would send an email~ >_<

    • writing in chinese huh… okay i guess.. i can ask my friend to help write then ^^
      cause all the messages, i will write it in a book and not printed.. ^^

  20. done!!!not too sure about the picture but anyway hopefully the boys will read it!!=p

  21. hmm.. just wondering if any of you guys are chasing them?

  22. i’m doneee!! send mines in!! =]

  23. Wahh Awesome~
    I’ll participate in the scrapbook but idk how to put my picture into thumbnail ><

    Sorry T_T

  24. any meet up plan ?
    hee hee
    i’m still thinking bout what to say to the twins
    crossing my finger about the screaming thing
    hope everyone can keep silent while the twins singing and talking 🙂
    thanx for arranging this project

  25. hey. we have mailing the project to ? here?

    • sorry for the late reply… but yes, send it to there… if you havent send, then send it soon alright.. i’ll accept yours then ^^

  26. 100×100 means 100pixels x 100pixels???
    it’s so small, rite?

    • yaaayyy i participated. can’t wait for the ticket collection and the showcase day! *dugun dugun*

  27. YAAAAAHIIII……..!!!!! it’s simple.

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