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[Trans] 100427 ELLE Japon Junsu – Interview Q&A

Xiah Junsu– A Brand New Future

Tohoshinki, a mega-popular group, can be viewed as a type of social phenomenon
And a member of the group with a God-given musical talent that seizes people’s attention, Xiah Junsu, will release his first solo single in May
This will be his first step in coming out as a solo artist in the name of “XIAH junsu”
Right now, he has many ideas that depict what will happen in the future

23 year old true side zero-contact!


Q. A game you often played as a child?
Soccer. In my elementary school journal, about 80% of the contents were about soccer

Q. Do you still like it now?
If I have the time then I will play soccer. The position I play is left-forward

Q. Who’s your favorite soccer athlete?
Before, I used to like Thierry Henry from France, but recently, Lionel Andrés Messi from Argentina

Q. Did you have an enlightening moment in wanting to become a celebrity?
After seeing how handsome Korean group HOT were singing onstage

Q. Dancing or singing, which one do you like better?
I like both. Using your voice to present and using your body to present are two entirely different things and each have their own uniqueness

Q. Something that you are very conscious about yourself and take care of well?
The management of my voice. Compared to headaches or stomachaches, the damage of my voice makes me the most depressed. My condition will then follow and drop down

Q. What do you carry in your bag?
Recently, it would have to be razors. In comparison to other men, my beard isn’t as thick. But from one year ago, there were suddenly a lot growing out…

Q. Your favorite place in Korea?
Near the Han River

Q. Your favorite place in Japan?
Odaiba, Tokyo. You can see the water from there and the night scene is very beautiful

Q. Your most cherished item?
Wallet. If I didn’t have money and my driver’s license, then it would be very painful for me…

Q. What Japanese celebrity do you have a close relationship to?
Tachibana Keita of W-inds. He really is a guy of great personality!

Q. Favorite color?
Purple. I liked blue as a child, but once I reached 20 I started liking red. But because I still liked blue alot, I didn’t know what to do! I thought and thought and realized that mixing the two colors together would make purple!

Q. It has been said that you own a dog. What’s the breed and name of it?
I have 3 at home now~ Shaki, who is a Samoyed. A Golden Retriever named Hoky, and (no translations)


As Korean celebrities, Tohsohinki has gained plenty of attention and popularity through commercials and variety shows, while at the same time, establishing extraordinary achievements in the Japan music industry. Starting from this spring, the members have taken the first steps in their individual solo activities.
As the other members are participating in the filming of Korean and Japanese dramas, Junsu has remained persistent with his music, debuting as the soloist, “XIAH junsu”. Junsu will produce his own special features as an artist that includes a charisma that solely belongs to him. At the same time, he will show off his sexy side to us. Wanting to show off his own individual image, he especially lost 3kg before the shoot! Right now, he is fully concentrated in the producing of “XIAH junsu”.


Q: (no translations)

Q: What type of contents will it include?
There is one song that I arranged and composed myself. The lyrics have only just been written (handing the lyrics over for everyone to see)

Q: What I should say is, is it more mature? There is a very sexy atmosphere in here…
Success! These type of lyrics can only be deduced by XIAH junsu. Not being restricted by the style of the songs, I want to present the dances, but also to expose everyone to the more emotional sides to the songs.

Q: Your singing is always sentimental and full of feeling, touching the hearts of numerous people. Is there a specific way that you sing?

I normally follow the feeling of the song. You can say that I wing it while singing at the same time, trying to figure out the best way to go. If it wasn’t like this then I wouldn’t be able to convey the sincerity and true feelings of the song. I believe that a song without feelings is unnecessary and phony. The most important factor in singing a song is not about techniques, but rather the feelings. When I sing sad songs, I become the most sorrowful man on earth!

Q: When did you get the inspiration for your composition?
I got the sudden inspiration while making “XIAHTIC”, and the ideas of this solo song were all conceived in the car

Q: Is the feeling of debuting as a solo different from debuting as a group?
In a group, the members have to think of their characters and roles in the group and there must be a great level of cooperation between members. As a soloist, I only need to focus on presenting the best of myself… However, I still have an immense amount of pressure on my because I don’t want to disappoint everyone’s expectations.

Q: What are your future activities?
I don’t have a definite plan yet. Maybe this type of feeling… (uses a mixture of gestures to represent his uncertainty)


(t/n: The Q&A above is a draft and not the whole thing. The translations from Chinese were a little inconstant so once the real interview is released, this will be changed along with it… Thanks for your patience!)

source: [baidutvxq]
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  1. “””Purple. I liked blue as a child, but once I reached 20 I started liking red. But because I still liked blue alot, I didn’t know what to do! I thought and thought and realized that mixing the two colors together would make purple!””””

    OMG!!! So cute! His unique way of solving a problem… Can’t help my self lol at that… That’s SO JUNSU!

    • lmao Junchan’s always too cute kekekeeee

    • lmao i know right! i cracked up at that too. its so typical of a thought for junsu. our lovely innocent angel. even now he is all grown up i still can see a child in him.

    • kekeke…

      he’s a genius solving a problem like that….

    • kekekek soooo Junsu isn’t???

      Genius problem solver…

      No matter what he do , he is the cutest thing EVER XD
      I mean, OMG the color thing is just so CUTE ..
      please kill me or teach me how to be cute like him XDDD

  2. i love his answers lol its so real n genuine. i always notice junsu answers in interviews are all honest n truly expresses his true self. rofl razor wow i cant believe his bear is only thickening now ^^ susu is becoming a man. but he always remain pure.

    su cares alot for the quality of his throat. his puberty incident have definatly tramuatized him. hoky is sucha cute name. reminds me of yunho and micky. n purple line was derive from susu if i remember correctly lol. the blue sky n red sun? XD

  3. Jun-chan fighting!!!!!!!!
    we are rooting on U!!

    no future plan yet..
    we know that you wanna sing on stage with your members again..
    let us guide all of you back to home!!
    we always support you and other members..
    let’s keep our faith together eternally!!

  4. “I got the sudden inspiration while making “XIAHTIC”, and the ideas of this solo song were all conceived in the car”

    all in a car? alone????????? xD
    I really hope alone becausde the lyrics.. are.. a little.. xDDDDDDDDDD

    I really love his answers so much, is so natural *___*

  5. Junchan your answer to the purple thing is so cute! Lol so typical junchan 😀

    Kinda remind me of the jeolchin notes show where he just practically followed everyone’s opinion. Someone said A, he became A, someone said B, he became B. Lol junchaaaan. Love u so much!!

    Gudluck with your solo baby 🙂

  6. mixing colour is epic..HAHAHA

  7. i sense, red represents cassies, and blue represents elf, cassielf…lol *sorry for spazzing

    soccer is everything for junsu, he isnt changing, i still remember in one of ontama or japanese show, he said his fave place in japan is odaiba..i love junsu the way he is, so honest, pure, innocent yet so mature

    gud luck with ur solo, junsu oppa!!

    tfs syc 😀

    • hyuksu!! XD!

  8. thanks for sharing

    go go for read… >3<

  9. I luv all junchan answer, his love for soccer never change^^

  10. “God-given musical talent that seizes people’s attention, Xiah Junsu,” – yep, that’s about right ^^

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE reading his interviews =D
    REAL, funny, mature, heartwarming, innocent, mischievous at the same time…

  11. haha^^ his innocent answer to his favorite color is really amusing. cracked me up.

    how typical Junsu oppa is:)

    can’t wait for his single:)

    btw, does anyone of you know how many versions are there for his single???^^

    thanks thanks:)

  12. You gotta purple like that, Jun-chan!!!
    LoL!!! Why don’t he realize that he can actually like both red and blue?

    Keita!!!!! Forever my no.1 bias.
    But Jun-chan…. Why do I have feeling that you answer him because he’s the only one that you know close enough? You gotta make friends! Networking!! Or you can just steal Jae’s rolodex!! XDDD

    • ouh god they mean to be best friend~ they have a lot of command~ example both professional in soccer ~ i love you junchan for liking my keita XD

  13. “Before, I used to like Thierry Henry from France, but recently, Lionel Andrés Messi from Argentina”

    oppa…let me introduce u to another football legend his name is Javier Zanetti n he’s from Argentina too same with Messi, actually he’s Messi senior and he’s one of the best leader ever, maybe he should hangout with Mr.leadersshi…..then we both can hangout too, while watching Inter Milan beat Ac Milan 10-0……LOL

    • Zanetti is awesome!! I would never ever forget that goal with the help of Batistuta at a world cup, versus England. But Zidane is the best ever! XXXD

      • OMG I LOVE ZIDANE. The 2006 Fifa world cup KILLED ME.

        But at the moment, I’ve got to admit that Messi’s my favorite. “Messidona” was like woah. I totally spazzed when I read that Junsu loves him too xD


  14. Junsu is man with deep unique thoughts 🙂

    Thanx for sharing (trans) this, cant wait for the full one ^_^

  15. mixing red and blue…that’s really cute!!!he’s always a cute guy…^^

    his beard grows a lot?hmm,now i wonder how junsu will look with beard…hehehehe

    thanks for sharing!

  16. I love you junsu! I cx wait for your single! Oh My geeee Im so excited!!!

  17. “it would have to be razors” OMG I can’t believe he said that! let us believe you still have your baby face Su

    “I used to like Thierry Henry from France” damn no one likes that soccer player anymore.. my country qualified to the world cup in S.Africa by cheating grrrrrr! what a shame~

    Ouuuh Junsu as a solo singer.. so much pressure right now! FIGHTING!!

  18. omg yah i know why su likes blue
    coz its chun fav color << gets slap XD
    sorry guys but im yoosu shipper lol

  19. aww, i used to like red when i was a kid junsu. now, i like blue. and purple. and black. and gray (no one cares anyway LOL) but i’m back to loving red (because red is cassiopeia!)

    oh junsu, definitely you won’t disappoint me and other fans with your God-given musical talent (i love this phrase, seriously).

    HWAITING with your solo debut my lovely love! AKTF~

  20. Thanks for the translation
    Junsu souds relaxed and carefree… except for the last one
    I love purple too LOL

  21. He lost 3 kilos bcs of this photoshoot? Aigoo~ fighting Junsu!
    Purple is my fav color too. wee. ^^

  22. I’m from Argentina so i love Messy too XD

    Jun-chan … you are sooo cute!
    we will be no disappointed coz no -matter what- you always gonna be amazin!

  23. Aww ;3; Susu is love ♥

    He said “Argentina” ;O; -dies happy-.
    I’ll make sure to visit Odaiba when I go to Japan <3.
    Every day I feel more and more curiosity about his single ;3; I want to hear it noooow~

  24. he’ve matured alot! like really a lot.
    wish to see more of the new side of XIAH JUNSU.

    thanks for sharing!

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