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[Trans] 100428 XIAH Junsu “XIAH”, 3 new songs in Junsu’s single

1,890yen (including tax) RZCD-46562/B

1. Intoxication 【”Beautiful Love ~Kimiga Ireba~” Inserted song】
2. Kimiga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~ 【”Beautiful Love ~Kimiga Ireba~” Theme Song】
3. Intoxication (Instrumental)
4. Kimiga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~ (Instrumental)

Intoxication (Video Clip)
Kimiga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~ (Drama Image Short Ver.) Offshot movieー ※Included in the first production only

★First production limited benefits: Jacket size card (Total 6 types, 1version randomly included)
★First production limited image benefits: Offshot movie
☆For all versions:24P booklet

【First Production Limited Benefits】
Offshot movie included in the DVD
Jacket size card (Total 3 versions, 1 version randomly included)

1,050円(including tax) RZCD-46563

1. Intoxication 【”Beautiful Love ~Kimiga Ireba~” Inserted song】
2. Kanashimi no Yukue【”Love Letter, after 5 years” Theme song】
3. Kimiga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~ (Short Ver.) 【”Beautiful Love ~Kimiga Ireba~” Theme song】
4. Intoxication (Instrumental)
5. Kanashimi no Yukue (Instrumental)

【First Production Limited Benefits】
8P booklet, Jacket size card (Total 3 versions, 1 version randomly included)

source: Tohoshinki Official Website
translation: smiley @
credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!


Insert song or featured song means songs or musical pieces that occur within the body of a drama. They differ from Background Music (BGM) in the amount of “attention” they are given – for instance, there is seldom any dialogue over IM, whereas dialogue frequently occurs over BGM.

Why does it call triple drama tie-up? because 3 songs from this single, all of them will be featured in dramas.


  1. the CD + DVD version only has 2 songs, whereas the CD version has 3? >_<

  2. Confuse by the Japanese formatting of differentiating CD ver. from CD+DVD version but w/e. I’m getting both as my b-day gift so it doesn’t really matter. Thanks for the info! ^^

  3. i want this i want this i want this BUT I’M BROKE!!!!! *cries a river

    JUNSU!!!!! *is in despair

    *sobs. aktf.

  4. I just do pre-order 2 versions….Bigeast ver. and CD+DVD. I want new song too, so CD version is a must to buy too….this is the first single I spent money for all versions.

    • this is the first single of any solo artists that i actually pre-ordered LOL

      • me too XD
        but it’s Junsu’s!!
        cant wait!

  5. which one is promotional/dance song??…huk3

    • 1. Intoxication 【”Beautiful Love ~Kimiga Ireba~” Inserted song】
      ^___^ that song have MV

      • tq~~..

      • Kimina Ireba song will also have MV. i think.

  6. i preordered CD+DVD ver.
    well i think i wll preorder CD ver. too ^^

  7. LOL Avex really know how to make money ne???

  8. I already pre ordered everything even his magz…HAHAHA now I’m broke ^^;;;…but it doesn’t matter as long as it relates to the boys I will buy it.

  9. Geh~~~~

    So CD+DVD version doesn’t have Kanashimi no Yukue???
    That’s so sneaky of them~~~~~~

  10. wow… many version….*prepare my money*

  11. Are all songs written by Junsu?

    • only one of the songs is composed & written by junsu.
      but i’m sure which one.

      • *not sure

        sorry for the typo

      • @kym Thanks for d answer.I think he only wrote Intoxication ^_^

  12. must support kim junsu!

    thanks for sharing!

  13. ahh this is heartbreak, im definatly getting the cd version. kanashimi no yukue is beautiful. please support junsu single!

  14. oh, it’s a smart way to sell : in CD+DVD version, there’s only 2 new songs but it comes with DVD, while in CD only, there’s 3 new songs, but no DVD….so people would have to purchase all version to have all songs…, but yeah, sneaky…LOL…

  15. oh my..which one to buy!!anyone in malaysia buy this?..i really want to, but through not quite sure how..

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