Posted by: sharingyoochun | April 29, 2010

[Spazz] Elle suit Junsu

Once again, Xiah Junsu tries to intoxicate us with his powerful charisma. The TVXQ angel voice wears, for Elle, modern clothes inspired by traditional kimono pattern. (Junsu.. SYC requests samurai cosplay)
Let’s see how Junsu endorses Dries Van Noten – Spring/Summer 2010 collection

Patterned Shirt and Cardigan


Knitwear top

Coat and pants

Jacket, t-shirt, pants and woven leather shoes

Junsu endorses Hermès by V.Nichanian (S/S ’10) in Harper’s Bazaar.

*”Elle suit [swee] Junsu” is french for “She follows Junsu”.. Since “Elle” is also the magazine name, you can understand “Elle follows Junsu”.

这些相片不是我们的, 但是我们的工作是寻找, 修改,和分享他们。 谢谢注明。
Those pics are not ours, but this is our work to search, to edit and to share them. thanks for crediting.


  1. O___________O…….> O<!!!
    Junsu-yah~~~ so HANDSOME XD!!!

  2. o_o
    still can’t understand with this kind of fashion.
    still think that trench coat(?),pattern pajama pants,and gramps sweater are fug.
    and thank god they didn’t made Junsu wear that shorts.
    still prefer Junsu without anykind of clothing.XDDDDDDD

    n what an awesome research by kenoa.
    thanks for sharing.

    • BWAHHAHHA xD I was saying the same thing, bbut got smacked by my friend saying its ‘HIGH fashion’ xD lol

    • DUDE HOW COULD YOU!!!!!!!

      (lol hardcore dries van noten and fashion in general fan)

      lol XD*smacks self XDD*

      lol sorry I LOVE this collection 😀

      as soon as the pictures came out I was like LOL dries van noten <3333 and I hadn't even seen the mens collections yet lollll kkkkk (just the womans)

      lol junsu you are sooo handsome 😀

      and I LOVE the clothes ❤
      (gets smacked by people above me XD)

  3. our Junchan rock them better !

  4. I love the first pic. Junsu is so cute.

  5. almost couldn’t believe that those can suits him good.
    yes, “Elle Follows Junsu ”
    staffus did a good job to let junsu bring his own fashion’s style. (Junsu is in charge on this promotion too right?) XDD

    thanks for sharing.

  6. oh my..i like the black suit, the first outfit and the last on him!!Junsu is rocking the style!!

  7. lol did elle tweet that? everyone is following thsk. japan is in twitter n thsk era XD

  8. stylish junchan XD i like the shirt and junchan endorsement for Hermès is hawt ❤
    thanks4share 😉

  9. mmmm…not because he is my bias but I prefer junsu than the runway model!…the clothes just fit on him…

  10. i’ll never look at that hermes top the same way again LMAO thanks for sharing ^^

  11. i think he can also be called the model of tvxq already! with a better body shape, the clothes he is wearing really stand out.

    thanks for sharing!

  12. preview of new song.
    amazing junsu..

  13. I’m sorry but everytime I see the last pic it’s remind me for AnAn magazine 🙂

    Maybe someday we could see him posing for this magazine like Jae 🙂

  14. i love love looove his pose for those coat and pants 8’DDD

  15. omo..he’s very handsome in any ways!!!

  16. ^^ our dolphinie’s hotter ❤

    thx for sharing dear!!

  17. XDD
    Junsu is just handsome…
    *spazzing over Junsu*

  18. great seeker….all outfit is suit Junsu…even it’s a lil dif but I realize it’s fashion. Junsu looks good.

  19. junsu is just simply handsome !!!

  20. (weird how I knew kenoa unnie wrote this post before even reading the credits .. ^^)
    ahh, so now, not only Chun is followed by fashion ..!
    Dolphin boy is getting hotter and hotter with time, nomnom~
    ( ・ω ・)

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