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[News] 101018 JYJ will Continue to The First Worldwide Concert in November

JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) will hold their Worldwide Concert ‘JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul’ for two days on November 27 and 28 at Jamsil Stadium.

JYJ representative on the 18th revealed, “The concert will be under direction of Jeri Slaughter who formerly directed concerts of world’s top pop artists such as Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and Christina Aguilera. A world-class live performance South Korea has never experienced will exist through JYJ’s concert.”

Currently there are six countries and nine cities expanded from JYJ World Tour showcases and about 18 songs will be presented on the concert stage, members’ unreleased self composed songs will be revealing live as well. The concert will use special color laser device called Phenon, recognized as world’s first real-time video technology with interactive media digital operation.

JYJ on last 12th opened the showcase for their global album in which world-class artists namely Kanye West and Rodney ‘Dark Child’ Jerkins participated, double title song in the worldwide album ‘Ayyy Girl’ and ‘Empty’ together with other tracklist were unveiled to South Korea fans. The showcase received favorable reviews for brilliant and stable live stage performance.

Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu said “We finished the local showcase in great success due to fans’ supports that leads us to gain more courage and self confidence. Although the schedule is tight, but we’re commited to continue going forward for a successful world stage each and every day”

Meanwhile, ‘JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul’ will open the ticket sales on the 19th at 20:00 through Interpark website.

source: joynews



    i already got a little taste of them yesterday and im addicted. i want more1

    • me too…yesterday too short…
      i want longer~~

    • oooohhh!! i share your thought here!!

    • too short T-T..

      this concert sounds epic!

    • me too… it really short time…
      i cant remember anything from the yesterday showcase… my got memory lost… so evebody who got vid for yesterdy performace … please publish it….

      i addicted …. come again to malaysia….

    • agreed!!!

    • yeah me too!!

  2. Ahhhh please come to Sydney boys!!! PLEASEEEE

  3. I really don’t like them overworking, but there’s nothing i can do about that :/

  4. “JYJ representative on the 18th revealed, “The concert will be under direction of Jeri Slaughter who formerly directed concerts of world’s top pop artists such as Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and Christina Aguilera. A world-class live performance South Korea has never experienced will exist through JYJ’s concert.”

    AM I DREAMIN OR STH???????????

    OMG 18 SONGS!

    For the one who think they do this after the news of HOMIN’s new album, you r TOTALLY WRONG! THEY PLANNED IT ALREADY!
    That ‘s why Yoochun promised fans to come back for a concert!


    But take care

    • Well according to the newsen article they called up SME about HoMin`s Comeback and they said ‘We have not made a decision yet. There is no concrete plan as of now.’ They’ll release it some time soon but just maybe not next month. grrr I was super excited for Homin comeback too.

  5. YAAAAY!! Imma happy fangirl~!

    Now quickly announce the rest of the tour stops!

  6. omfg so excited n apprehensive. they have sucha tight neck schedule.

  7. yesterday was indeed, too short T__T but I’m very thankful, nevertheless ^^ shall save money from now then for the concert ^^

  8. KCassies can now consider themselves blessed. They have both HoMin and JYJ at their fingertips, they must be sooooooo Happy it kills!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I dont know what to say, they still need to finish their showcase.

    But Im so excited!!!

  10. 18 SONGS!!!unreleased self composed songs…..\\
    OMG… excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. so proud of them!! hopefully they’ll face less hiccups this time round. :)) LOVE THEM!!!

  12. askjfsd OMFG
    worldwide concert
    they are coming to many countries for this?
    like w/ the showcase one? wow
    sounds awesome! <333
    i wanna knw ticket info for the US showcase! T-T

  13. the unreleased songs hopefully will contain korean and japenese songs miss them singing in korean and japenese.

    • same here I NEED KOREAN SONGS!

  14. I wish they will release the dates soon so I can start planning my trip where is closest to me.

  15. omg, seriously? They’ll barely have time to rest after their worldwide showcase…I kindda wish they just did a worldwide concert instead then. >___< I really want to go if they plan on coming to LA for the concert though. Omg, JYJ is making me go broke…@___@

  16. 18 SONGS INCLUDING UNRELEASED SELF COMPOSED????? tottally spazzing right now! not to mention the ‘world class live performance’

    best of luck boys and please try not to overwork urself, even tho i think you already have 😦

    PS – the tickets for US needs to be on sale now!

  17. Can’t go either showcase nor concert!!!
    I need the DVD!!!
    OMGGGGGG unreleased composed songs!!! I’m dying from happiness!!!
    HoMin Comeback
    Junsu Mozart DVD
    n now JYJ Concert!!! YESSSS!!!
    *gonna go on diet again LOL so many things to buy*

    • HoMin comeback is no-go. check allkpop.

      • What?!

      • better that way!
        I mean as Homin I’ll support them.
        But as TVXQ with 2 mems, no thanks!

        But I have to save money 4 the concert tho

  18. Why it have to be November,, sigh if they hold the concert on December then i can make it T_T
    On November i already have trip to Japan. How am i going to skip class and going to Korea. What should i do??? I really want to be there..

    • My Mom and Dad going to kill me for sure if i going to Korea,,, Two counties in one month ahhhhhhhh what should i do?

      • Being cruel here, but there’s nothing you can do^^ I hope they release a DVD so that I can re-watch it over and over again… Their lives are always so fantastic!

      • Come to Malaysia them..
        JYJ said that their concert in Malaysia will be sometime around Jun and July..
        Really hope it’s true..
        i’m saving right now..


    oh yes yes yes

    • That’s the main part that I’m excited about.

      But these boys are working themselves to the ground. I wish they’d take it slow but I guess given their situation…

      • I hope they’ll stay healthy and get enough rest. By then Yoochun’s drama should’ve finished filming though, and I don’t think Jaejoong or Junsu are doing anything right now that the Mozart concert finished up.

      • ^ I still had irrational hope that Jae will be in Poseidon but I guess my hope finally died since there’s no way he could do it w/ his schedule. Adieu, my marine cop Jae ;_; Your uniformed visage shall only ever grace my dreams for now.

      • *sniffles*

        dun worry ceci, there will be more chances for hotcop!jae

    • Yeah… I just can’t wait what other kinda songs they composed…
      I so love their “the Beginning” self-composed songs… and expect that the other songs will be as amazing as these…

  20. will Kanye West will perform together in this. that’s just mindf***k! JYJ really get a big shot in this project. Jeri Slaughter is very famous. Makes me wonder how they actually get all this incredible producers.

    • Youchun mentioned Warner music tried to hook them up with NeYo before, so I think this is one of their collaboration!

    • Gangman CJes? LOL. OK sorry, that was a cold joke.

      • it was but i still laughed

  21. Holy mother of god, please let the ticketing system be better this time…don’t let us line up overnight please…

  22. Excited!!!! Im going to the s.f. showcase to warm up for the concert!!
    Can you guys translate this… does this have anything to do with what SM filed against them?

  23. Hold uppp. So this is different from the already-scheduled showcase in Nov 19th in LA, right? If so, I’d like to come to this one instead! EIGHTEEN SONGS, BABY! and songs they composed too ❤ wooooot. MUST. SEE.

  24. Ah so the rumor that was posted last week is true.

    And I just happen to be arrive in Seoul in NOvember 27. dlafjsdl;fkadkfpalskdfl;ksdflkasdf

    • girl GET OUT!


  25. Oh SO much good news *_* Btw, sharingyoochun unnies. In Changmin-nie’s pic on the have Tom Tenor instead of Top Tenor.

  26. Can someone clarify if this is an actual “worldwide” concert or just a Seoul thing?

  27. I think they use SC as a survey, if it succes then they’ll “comming” back with concert.

    • Exactly!

  28. XD YESS

  29. 18 songs including previously unrevealed self-composed songs by the members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now come to think of it, I ought to be really proud of these guys as very often I love their self-composed songs even more than songs composed by those who compose for a living.

    That was the highlight in the article for me X-D But of course the concert director and the laser thing sound exciting too haha.

    Wish the guys all the best and don’t overwork themselves (any more than they have already been)!!!

  30. woohoo
    I have to go!!!!!!!!
    Jamsil stadium is much bigger!! ❤

  31. NeyO? OMG!!! that’s freaking awesome! i let myself crazy just imagining the possibility…Bruno Mars, B.O.B, Akon, Neptunes, JT, Timbaland owh the minf*** of it all….

  32. this is my boys… this is my boys!!!!! I’m going crazy right now (^-^)

  33. ooookay I’m so confused now.
    It says worldwide…but it seems to only gonna happen in seoul…so is it going other places or just seoul?

    • There are some fan reports that Yoochun talked about doing concerts sometime next year when they were at one or more of the showcases this past weekend. We can hope.

      • he mentioned it at the end of the sg showcase – a concert for next year

    • It will begin in Seoul 😀

  34. wow..!! a concert!! 😀 congratz to k-cassies X) and 18 song including members’ unreleased self composed songs…really worth to wait ❤

    but my boys, please take a good rest before starting the concert tour 😉

  35. Oh, God. No. This will make me so depressed; I am so regretting moving from Seoul to Chicago xDD
    Anyway, congratulations to all those Cassies in Korea~
    Anddd I’m guessing they’re having a collaboration with Timbaland, since that was announced earlier, before they announced Darkchild.

  36. I´m so happy for this .
    Lucky K-cassies TT__TT

  37. omona. how to buy the ticket via interpark? its all korean!! its mindf**k!

  38. these theree boys seroiusly ROCKS!!!


    I’m totally buying the album even if I am not going to the showcase or concert. Oh and the DVD. Everything is going to be epic! I hope Prain just doesn’t mess up their grammar/spelling again……


    Canadians fans please join
    Current #: 1025

  40. sooo amazing

  41. overworking is overworking

  42. i’m so excited for them…and for us fans 😀

  43. AAAAAAAAHHH!!! Now they want me to fly to Seoul?? Gahh I need more money! Damn it. Why must it be always in Korea/Japan -______- I wish I lived in either of the countries.

    JYJ!!!! HOMIN!!! TVXQ!!!!

  44. Cassies let’s all save money!!!i am so gonna buy the vip ticket..18 song bebeh!!i’m so excited..i really hope they will keep their promise and come to malaysia to to the concert.

  45. 18 songs including unreleased self compositions.

    DO WANT.

  46. Does anyone have insider info on the US showcase dates? Like, maybe it’s being delayed/no info on tickets because they were working out details for the concert — and they will skip the showcase in US (no tickets sold yet) and replace with the full concert? (please please please make this be true)
    It just doesn’t seem that they’d have enough time to rehearse for a bigger concert (more dance numbers, more wardrobe changes) if they will be in the US 11/13-19. What do you think?


    thx for sharing!!!

  48. Wait, what? I’m a little lost here. Showcase and concert are different right? So after they finish their showcase, they will begin their concert tour? Will it be in the same cities as the showcase?

  49. =.= don’t get me wrong but I think JYJ are rushing T_T.
    I mean, they’ve just started their showcase & released the album this October (both with high prices). And now they’ll have Concert in November, & the ticket’s price is not any lower. Fans might not even recover from their empty pockets yet… T___T

  50. can wait~~ Yoochun + Jaejoong + Junsu~~ u already promise us to come back to Malaysia for the Concert on this “summer” (June/July)

    cant wait it… and please pick better bodyguard is ysterday they are so lousy and not respected other people!!! just bash without a pettiness. is That a Malaysian culture?? =.=”” still burning with thus bodyguard –> the most heaters is the one who always shout “TEPILAH” So rude!

    • i see the fancam…. bodyguard tu teruk betul!

    • I mean, why they hired RELA??? duh? they shld hired a real bodyguard right for this kind of occasion….

  51. i hope Cjes don’t use JYJ as making money tools, their shedule is so so busy, n i think they work even harder when they’r in avex. this make me worry.
    anyway, i’m glad that they can sing more, that’s their dream.

    • I don’t think you can blame anyone for jyj working hard except for them. Their people is kinda working for them nothing is passed or planned without their okay first so this is what they want to do.

    • wow, it’s aldee confirmed for korea!!pls dont forget what u said yest, to come back to msia for ur concert next summer..but yeah, summer in msia is like fr jan to dec, so do come anytime u want, d sooner d better! =D

      • sorry, didnt mean to put my comment here..i think i’m sick aldee..danggg!!!


  53. and once again KCassies is indeed lucky…so, poor me -_-

    My dream that they will come to Indonesia will never happened *shot*

    anw good luck boys ^___^

  54. Errr well regarding the issue about them overworking themselves…they look REAL exhausted to me and hardly can put on a truthful smile especially JJ. But I guess we all know who to blame their situation on. Maybe if SME and AVEX didn’t ban JYJ’s promotion in Korea and Japan and make life so hard for them, maybe those 3 can promote the normal way without travelling so much and performing like there’s no tomorrow in order to promote their albums. Anyways, compared to those 3 on the other extreme side, HoMin are probably bored to death already. “Sigh” I still support JYJ and HoMin all the same.

    Hopefully JYJ comes to Melbourne (Australia) one day ><

  55. OMG!!!! I’m so excited now!

    ‘The concert under direction of Jeri Slaughter who formerly directed concerts of world’s top pop artists’ <<///< OMG!! I've to save money now! I miss you!

    • Why some of my words disappeared T____T
      Actually the complete is

      OMG!!!! I’m so excited now!
      ‘The concert under direction of Jeri Slaughter who formerly directed concerts of world’s top pop artists’

      OMG!! This’s sooo great! so proud of them!♥
      But hope this won’t make them overwork TxT

      Will they perform in the countries they performed showcase,right??
      Oh My! I’ve to save money now! I miss you! Where’s the money T[]T

  56. Do u thnk, when they will be in Msia again? I wanna go~ hopefully during the concert, the management will be better~

  57. dang it jyj
    why announce it now? when deadlines for abstract for conferences held in seoul – all of them have passed already! there’s no way I can get additional funding and sponsors to go to korea
    oh well. yucheon mentioned that they will come for a concert in s’pore next year. better keep your promise, boy!

    • but korea always gets the best deal in any case TT.TT

  58. sat’s showcase was really short, it was disappointing, But, i had great view of Yoo Chun (^-^) throughout so i am not complaining about it.

    I am really looking forward to attending their concert either in Seoul and/or Singapore.

    Hope they do get some rest, Yoo Chun’s eye bags were obvious.

    Looking forward to information about their concert. Once again thank you for updating on information.

  59. & now I’m more EXICTED ,, November will hold many things to JYJ ,, come fast plz : DD

  60. OMG this is gonna be fantastic!

  61. has anyone bought tickets from interpark before?
    can any kind soul help give some tips and points to note?
    will tmr’s ticket sale open for international fans?

    • Here, check this out:

      You can simply just purchase the tickets as per normal, when they release the ticket sales tomorrow.

      Remember to grab your tickets real fast, probably standby at the website at least 5 minutes prior! Good luck! ^^

      • thanks for the reply!

        but currently, the 27th Nov JYJ concert has’nt got a page with english instructions, so, i’m puzzled if its open to all or just korean fans and also if they would provide clear english instructions of the procedures for payment and collection of tickets. ):

    • Yes, it’s open to all. I have purchased tickets from there before.

      You need to create an account for this. You will also need to purchase using a credit card. Once your ticket order is confirmed, print it out and present it at the counter on the concert day itself.

      No worries, just follow the instructions along the way. =)

      • thank you so much for yr help.
        i hope i can do it. lolsss.

  62. hey!! please enlighten me…it’s 18 songs..without this 11 on ‘the begginig’albume,or there are 11 + another unreleased songs???

  63. JYJ!! You promised to held a concert in Malaysia during SIMMER and Malaysia is SUMMER all over the year!!! SO!! You’ll stay in Malaysia for the whole year!!! Miahahahahahaha!!!

  64. It feels like SM seriously pressured the boys very much so they have to act like this (tight schedules, problems in showcase, press conference, etc).

    Please all cassies always pray and support the boys no matter what.

  65. […] [News] 101018 JYJ will Continue to The First Worldwide Concert in November JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) will hold their Worldwide Concert ‘JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul’ for two […] […]

  66. […] performance South Korea has never experienced will exist through JYJ’s concert.” According to sharingyoochun, the concert will also feature a “special color laser device called Phenon,” which is […]

  67. Yay! Good news……….

    They’re unstoppable!!!
    I’m so proud of JYJ.

    If I live in Korea, I will definitely go and watch their concert. This is gonna be huge. With that superb team I’m sure it’s gonna be a memorable concert.

    JYJ fighting!

  68. JYJ fighting. Cassies please always support them

  69. […] source: joynewstrans: […]

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