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[News] 101201 JYJ Seoul Concert Contributed Huge Economic Ripple Effects with Ten Billions Value Added

Male group JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) showed off powerful tickets power on the foreign fans, and once again proved that they’re still the central point of Hallyu wave.

In commemoration of the release of their worldwide album ‘The Beginning’, JYJ announced to conduct the large scale two days concert on last 27th and 28th at Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium entitled ‘JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul’.

There were around 3000 international fans came visiting South Korea in order to watch the concert from Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and other Asian countries, while there were also fans coming from United States and Europe. Due to these fans’ visit, the local tourism market in November finally got the long-awaited boost.

JYJ concert was even mentioned in a tourism industry magazine prior to the D-day, “There are expected as many as 20,143 Japanese visitors will come to South Korea. JYJ’s Seoul concert that will be held on November 27th and 28th is the large factor.” Another tourism official said, “Out of 4,113 people, at least 2,500 are ‘Hallyu Tourists’ who come to watch JYJ’s concert.” The group’s immense popularity can be proven on these statements.

In fact at the day of concert, five hours before the concert started a lot of fans from all over nations already gathered at Jamsil Olympic Stadium. There were fans especially from Japan, China, Thailand, Philippines, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and many other fans from around the world were wandering around at the venue area, transforming the concert event to be an international festival instead. Inside the concert venue, there were also guidances written in China and Japan, added even more feeling of watching an international event.

A travel agency official who was spotted at the scene, commented, “People who are watching this concert has been the cause of the growing number of tourists in South Korea.” and “JYJ have always proven their power as Hallyu stars, they’ve been doing this great job from all these times.”

He also revealed, “Due to the flock of tourists in Seoul, it was really difficult to do advance reservation at downtown hotels (around the date). Probably through this concert a ripple economic effects values about ten billion won would have occurred.”

In meantime, it was only a month ago these JYJ stage performances received a comment as “JYJ activities must give bad influence to Hallyu.” from Korean Federation of Pop Culture (in short, Munsan) who sent requests to local and cable broadcasters to refrain from distributing the appearance of JYJ on their programs, thus stood in negative position.

Munsan sent a memorandum to each local station on last October 11th, “(JYJ’s TV appearances, etc) would throw cold water to South Korea’s cultural Hallyu wave and the country image as a whole.” and also, “Our popular Hallyu wave culture will walk on degradation (due to JYJ)” as they pointed out.

However, looking from the result which JYJ achieved this month in Seoul, as well as other 6 Asian cities in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, China, and also 3 major cities in United States through the group’s previous showcase tour that successfully mobilized thousands number of international fans had become evidences to put the weak published claim of Munsan on the ground, also giving proof of the group’s huge ticket power.

credit: todaykorea


  1. this made me grin like crazy
    Loving this article a lot

    • me to^^

      • And me 10 >.<

    • me three.. ^_^

      • me four ^^

      • me 5 ^^

      • me six

    • me seven

    • sobbing im 8ight

      • 9 is a nine number, rt? Me nine ^ ^!

    • me too!!!

  2. munsan really should stfu now.
    so proud of the boys!!! ^_^

    • I so wanna eat u ,lol,,any McDonald here too ??!! XDD

      • ROFL
        I wanna get me some KFC ><

  3. ha! in your face kfc!!!! you puppets! ha!

    jyj fighting!!!!!!

  4. hah…in your face KFC!

    • ur comment is exactly the same with me except i was going to say haha in your face KFC.. keke

      • lol~ comment twins ^0^ we fans do think alike..hehe

  5. HA! In the face, Musan=U=!!
    What r you gonna say now? Didn’t the true and royal cassies proved u totally wrong?
    U and Sm are just the same 😛
    JYJ-Homin fighting!^^

  6. Love them very much!! I admire their commitment and guts a lot!! Thank you JYJ, you make our efforts all seem worthwhile….

  7. KFC where are you???? Hahahaha
    *just hours ago i ate KFC chicken* LOL

    JYJ JJang!!!!! I think they attract more tourist than smtown… Hehehe

    SM KFC, WHO????

    • i’m craving for KFC right

  8. hah,,what can i say


    • thumbs up!

  9. I hope Munsan pages for the damage they did to JYJ and bad for the Korean media have turned their backs on the kids

    • exactly. but i doubt anything will change, sigh. 😦
      but anyway, what’s most important is that the boys see this support and love the fans have for them 😀

  10. I saw this at allkpop and I was grinning like a madwoman. This article gave me shivers. I really can’t put into words how proud I am of the boys.

  11. as i expected :D:D:D

    now everyone really have to thank JYJ for it

    GO GO GO JYJ and our TVXQ

  12. Wahahaha all I can say is “in your face”! The boys do not need to retort these claims against them, they justify themselves through their actions… The whole thing against them was bullcrap in the first place, those people can go suck it up now…

  13. and thus i hope from this positive news,the boys can appeared in tv show!!
    i’m dying to see them on variety tv show..mubank,ctp etc2..>.<

    • u say it well…

      TV appearance please ><

    • I wanna see them on “Happy together”
      Luv this show!

  14. Munsan ahjusshi, you should really read this article, and please do take note before you write those letters. don’t make yourself so low. you are not kids anymore.

    this is great article to open some media’s eye! JYJ you really rock Korea! and of cos Asia!! Cassiopeia, you are the best! *thumbs up*


    • what what what??? I’m hungry 😦

      • kfc! eat it… but share with junsu. ya know he loves his chicken. ^^

      • lmao fans reactions is so cute ^o^

    • Eh?? Eat KFC???? Kidding…On your face KFC!!!…. whatever your organization name is…lol..>_<…..

      • Oh I wanna share with Junsu but he said this KFC is too dirty to eat…he doesn’t want diarrhea from eating bullsht or dirt…

        You know our Su is very health concious puwahahah

    • Damn, you guys .. I want KFC now -_-

  16. proud of my bbs
    you boys have gut and courage, you guys can do it
    JYJ fighting

    Korea better close down that KFC thingy, who talk without thinking first!they are the one who give bad impact to Korea!hahaha


  18. All cassies and fans should write to all korean broadcast and Musan, to tell them bring them back on TV. I believe they will if their postbox is filled with letters from cassies.

    • the address, please?

      • really good Idea, need more in formation pls..koean fans pls help.. your homework now..the boys have change…show your power, casses!

    • Yes, we should do that. Please all cassies help the boys.

  19. Go die KFC***, let my boys go!!!

  20. +10000000000 >w<b

  21. Take that Munsan! Really! Do your market survey right and open your eyes people~*angry*

    I think because of what Munsan did had really made JYJ went all out and stomp it in Munsan’s face. Has any other Korean Pop act did what they did in less than 3 months and conduct massive attraction? NO~

    I’m proud beyond myself and seriously…JYJ Rocks~!

  22. *chop* *slice* *dice* *boil*

    *serves Munsan their own words on a plate and commences force-feeding*

    • A+++

      *joinin u serving them*

  23. PROUD XD

  24. wow, love this article, i’m like on your face sm

  25. in ur face, stupid KFC!

  26. Shrug….I’ve never expected anything positive from their homeland for a long long time.

    When you say you like DBSK or JYJ or anything about the five boys in Korea, there must be some people giggle about it.

    It’s like these people are some kind of tribe living behind the very high mountain.

    • i know what u’re mean. i’ve been meet with some korean youngster who came to my country. when we (me & my friends) told them that we really love DBSK, they’re like “what? are u sure?” and do some giggles like u’re said. Although it’s not the reaction i expect, but i didn’t care about it. i thought every people has their own taste. now you mention it, maybe there’s something… more? idk.
      whatever, nice & brave article. JYJ deserve best!

    • yeah some of them are like that…
      only hip hop is cool and stuff…
      nah i’m too old for that…
      On top of anything else I always say these people are pitiful especially if they are korean; it’s their own loss to miss such beautiful music and creatures on earth ha ha
      first people would think i am korean wave crazed…I always specify to them that ‘no..i’m not korea crazed…I’m dbsk crazed…one and only!’ puahaha

      Proud to be cassy yeah?

      • me too! i told my “kpop frensss” than I’m aint kpop fans..Im only dbsk fan. that’s all! ❤

      • I agree. I’m not a kpop music fan either. I used to watch kpop varieties shows and I only realized after hearing tvxq sing how musch I really liked it. Now tvxq and jyj’s music are the only ones I like because I just haven’t found another artist in kpop or even in the U.S. music scene that I like.

        And, I think that in korea, the general public probably doesn’t know of tvxq’s progression over the years. In japan they really promoted alot of ballads and really improved in their singing technique but the korean public mostly get to see them as the typical “idol”. Plus, they mostly promote fast pace songs with dance in korea.

    • Really? Are you sure? There’s no one in Korea who doesn’t know who DBSK is, so I doubt they were giggling because they don’t know…maybe they were just surprised that there are non-Koreans who like Korean music groups. I myself only found out a couple of months ago about Kpop’s international fanbase and was really amazed/intrigued.

      Or maybe they were mocking DBSK? I mean, everyone here knows them but many think they are just pretty faces…there are so many idols here and the Korean music industry is turning into one giant idol factory (gag), so it can get easy to lump all of those idol groups into one big stereotype.

      @nyx I understand if you are only DBSK-crazed and want to remain only DBSK-crazed but I hope you give Korean culture a chance. I mean, we’re as flawed as any country with our fair share of blood-sucking jerks (coughSMcough) but really it’s amazing how far this country has come in spite of all that Koreans have suffered and all the threats they live with every day (coughKimJongIlcoughfatheadcough). Although my own people bewilder me at least once every day, I can’t say they lack balls, guts and dynamism that translates into a whole lot of drama (both the good and bad kinds) ^^

      • yeah agree..korea is no different from any other countries in the world.
        there are good things (I bet there are tons) and there are bad things. blood sucking jerks are abundant anywhere in the world. bad journalism is rampannt and my own country and my own people make me facepalm most of the time in the whole day..
        korea is cool, you have JYJ and DBSK ❤ ❤

  27. I’m very glad and proud for JYJ. Despite many enemies they had; they also had many allies; who still support them. I hope more and more people support JYJ. Thank you very much for everyone who always support JYJ. They are the best.

  28. Munsan should appologize to the boys & take their letter back from all those TVs station & let the boys perform freely. Munsan should also clear the boys’ name. Not just that, Munsan also should also fine since what they had done had given the boys financial lost & the bad image.

    • Totally agree with you…
      JYJ-Homin Fighting!

    • I totally agree with u.. But will they do it ? Shame on them!!!!!

  29. now we got this over with, can we please have our boys on variety show again, owkay?

    • oh I miss jaejoong’s talk and js clumsiness in variety show!

  30. HAH! IN YOUR FACE, KFCPAI (whichever comes first). Look at how much power these boys have ^.^

    prepare yourself, SM. Cos these boys are gonna buy over SM and get HoMin back! muahahahaha~~~~
    (how I wish..)

    • yeaahh!!! be careful with power called JYJ :))

  31. woww i love this article ha ha
    Musan SM go the hell =))
    I love JYJ and so proud of you my boys!!!
    awesome job!!!!

  32. kfc is sm puppet. Huhu, what a shame.

  33. This article is what I’ve been waiting for!. Thank goodness their are still smart journalists out there who don’t care about SM and are willing to to write the truth about JYJ.

  34. Lol at buying Homin back. Oh man, I wouldn’t wish for anything else if that were to happen sigh.-.- (nah, jk, but…;)

    JYJ you guys did an amzing job and proved those suckers wrong!!

  36. the writer will has my kisses now!!


    now just need them to be on tv again and the cable tv will be jammed!

  37. nobody can turn dbsk either JYJ or homin down..,

    this article is the best..,
    mr KFC or whatever the name is.,apologize to jyj and cassi please~~~
    bcoz of you.,we cannot see them on tv..,

  38. LOL and that kapcai-kfc-organization-thing said that jyj gonna do some harm to their precious hallyu wave *roll eyes*

  39. Capcai u should apologize…

    • LOL junjjang…XD
      u r so cute

    • JunJjang if there is capcai, then I want to eat it *loling so hard*

  40. Just reading only the topic makes me GRIN like crazy gal.
    They deserve some good comments from the media, don’t have to be great but at least give them some credits.

  41. can i ask, is today korea a well known newspaper??? do a lot of people read it??? i just hope positive articles such as these get to as many readers as possible, so that people are not affected by what all those bullshit organizations have been saying

  42. Who wrote this article?
    I’m gonna go and make him mine right now LOL~


    Only know how to talk a sht about the boys…they should learn how to apologize. But hell since they are headless chicken I don’t even think they know what apologize means.

    Chicken is chicken…always chicken out…

    woahhhh this makes my day…

    Sorry Jaejoongie hubby…but I’m falling in love with this journalist kyaaaaaaaa

  43. I’m happy to crazy!!!….SM, Musan???Kfoolchicken??? SLAP ON YOUR FACES!! HAAAAAAA

    Proud of Our boys!

    Love this journalist!!!

  44. hahaha, this article is the best so far
    Never mess with JYJ (or any DBSK members for that matter)

  45. can anyone write or make a petition to this kfc association…get million of CASSIES signatures and sent to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!can we do that???

    • This KFPCAI doesn’t have a website. I already tried finding it some time ago. The best you can do is look up the websites of the main Korean broadcasting stations (SBS, MBC, KBS). There’s also the Korean Communications Standards Commission. Their mailing address is:

      Korea Broadcasters Building
      923-5 Mokdong
      Yangchun-gu, Seoul 158-715
      Republic of Korea

      • thank Jimmie…will try to do anything for our boys!!!

      • doesn’t have website. lucky they dun have one or else, their website might jammed with cassies pettition.

      • pls Korean Fans ..Pls help our boys, write lettes.. alot letters..I so happy, the boys may have a good change came back. loveeee this article so much!

      • Thanks Jimmie! Do you live in Korea? I am not surprised that Munsan would write such letters but are the Korean TV stations not independent? It’s not like in China where media is totally controlled is it? Surely it’s obvious JYJ is not bad press for Hallyu – on the contrary! Anyone can tell these are hardworking and earnest artists, trying to make their way in the world of Kpop in particular, and music in general. Their global appeal does so much in bringing individuals from different cultures together – just as this forum is proof of!

      • @ju
        I’m Korean, currently living in Korea (though hopefully in a couple of months that’ll change). As for the independence of Korean broadcasters..the ironic thing is, KBS, the only station somewhat nice to JYJ at the moment, is the only publicly owned broadcasting station in Korea. SBS and MBC are private and technically independent. There is censorship in Korea but only on issues of ethics. But, you have to realise, Korean society is obsessed with hierarchy and preserving hierarchy, because everyone is forced in one way or another to invest in the hierarchical system. So, in a way, there’s more self-censorship that actual censorship. Munsan probably holds the key to a lot of private investments, so pissing it off could jeopardise the stations’ funds for the future. This could also explain why only KBS dares to resist. Because most of their funding comes from the government/taxpayers, they can afford to disregard entities like Munsan.

        Then there’s also the Mnet channel, which I believe was bought out by CJ Ent. not too long ago. CJ Ent. is chaebol, it is directly linked to the family that runs Samsung. CJ looks down on SM and SM fears and despises but emulates CJ. Supposedly the two are getting closer, but so far that’s not affecting the music scene. So, I’d say CJ and KBS are the two channels I see most likely to listen to fans’ requests to support JYJ.

      • Oops..I meant to say Mnet and KBS

      • @Jimmie: I thought MBC is the only private broadcasting company? SBS is also privately owned? I thought it was public.

        What do you think are the chances of our boys being in dramas? I know KBS is a definitely possibility but would the other two stations buy/support dramas that have members of JYJ in it? Thanks!

      • @Cecilia
        I’m pretty sure SBS is private…in fact, I think some distant relative of the Samsung family (they’re everywhere) helped set it up. MBC tends to be quite non-conformists…they are rather left-wing and gets some crap thrown at it for being a nest full of Commies. They have close ties with Hyundai, but then again, of the chaebol, Hyundai is known to be the most left-wing (notoriously strong labour unions). So, I’d say, after KBS and Mnet, MBC would be the most likely to support the boys. Don’t forget also, there are a plethora of cable channels in Korea now that are more willing to broadcast ‘controversial’ stuff. My mum said she saw a report on Micky Yoochun and JYJ’s concert on tVN.

        I think, at this point, the boys still have a good chance of getting a drama, especially Yoochun because of high reviews of his acting in his first drama. Thankfully, the television world and the music industry are different and separate…actors, male actors at least, enjoy a relatively high degree of freedom. But, I dunno how long that will last. Companies like SM are trying to merge the idol system and television, not just by acting as agents for their singers but also by buying up radio and media shares, which inevitably means there’ll be more connections and influential people favourable to SM within the TV industry.

      • @Jimmie

        Just one more question: Since KBS is government owned, does it have more funds than SBS and MBC?

        I really hope to see the boys in dramas because to sustain their music careers, they need to become more visible (not just in Korea but in rest of Asia) and the way to do that is through dramas.
        Also, meant to write *definite* and not *definitely* in my previous post =.=”

      • wow…@jimmie..thank for the info and insight look of Korea entertainment line ..i just realized our boys seriously have a HUGE mountain to climb…all politically connected….i salute our boys who dare to challenge and fight for their right…..sound scary but the definitely WIN THE FIRST ROUND…let hope for the best!!!!!!i want to c Micky badly again ……

      • @Cecilia
        That I really don’t know. Sorry. Its fund are somewhat more secure and guaranteed, but is it more than SBS and MBC? I really don’t know. Also, I think the exact amount of funding varies with the political administration. The current president Lee Myung Bak used to be a CEO, and so he favours privatisation. Since he took office, the government seems to be less present in KBS and more present in a new channel they opened called KTV. I don’t know if the Myung Bak administration is funding KBS less, but it looks like they’re definitely increasing resources they put into KTV. But KTV doesn’t broadcast dramas so it shouldn’t affect celebrities

        And your point about dramas, I agree with you. Yoochun is probably already on most drama directors’ A-list. So acting would seem like a good fall-back plan for him after his singing career. However, at some point he (and the rest of the boys) will face the reality that to remain free of companies like SM, you have to get the backing of the chaebol. But being dependent on chaebol has its own restraints and conditions. The only other viable option I see is that the boys liberate themselves from this system entirely by working outside of Korea, even outside of Asia…focus on becoming successful and building up connections in America for example. It looks like they’re doing just that and I wish them the best of luck, as this is the best case scenario but also the hardest to achieve.

  46. im so happy ^^

  47. In their faces ,,

    Hope they can make a normal promo. like any other artist soon , good luck baby’s : )

  48. JYJ LET’S GO!!!

  49. I don`t know who Musan is nor what does KFC mean, but I have an incredible feeling about this achieve. It was like I knew they will prove but didn`t know it`s going to be that soon. And the Cassiopeia`s world record has been surpassed. By Cassiopeia itself.

  50. Finally smart article about JYJ….

  51. LOL and what KTB was complaining about?srsly -.-

  52. FINALLY, someone talked about the stupid comment and action from Korean Federation of Pop Culture (in short, Munsan). I hope they will reconsider their action SOON !

  53. JYJ will continue to grow more and more large!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope KFC chicken will apologize or at least retract their command….
    Or if they don’t do that then I hope stations just have the guts to go against SME

    If you think about it logically if SME decided to boycott one of the big TV stations then it would be SME’s loss. They seriously depend on those stations to get higher album sales and more fans for their groups.
    JYJ at least doesn’t need to depend on those broadcasting stations in Korea anymore.

  54. What the hell are they talking about??? I just managed to convince myself that they are seriously hurting the hallyu wave! LOOOOOOL!!!!!!

  55. JYJ is a treasure beyond measure.

  56. Hey, another sign that Korean media aren’t all hopeless losers =)

  57. My sister and me were there representing France too!!!!

  58. TAKE THAT MUNSAN!! i wonder what they have to say to this aye? i demand an apology to JYJ, and let them perform on music shows!


  60. International fans hold the key to JYJ’s success. Korean Cassies don’t impress the media, but international fans coming in large numbers, that changes everything. When they do a concert tour later, we REALLY have to support them. That will shoot them to the top where they can be recognized beyond the “idol” label, especially the west. I don’t know why but Korean media really counts that success differently. SM will be nobodies compared to them.

    • exactly!!!!! i guess korean media are obsessed with kpop being known in the west after all. So, when their next album come out ( which is really sooooooon), when they go on tour, we , i-cassies must suppport them with full force!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Yes, we have to support it. I’m waiting for their next album. Please all cassies make it another record.

    • You have no idea how right you are! ^^

  61. can i ask, does anybody know whether this TODAY KOREA newspapers is well known in korea??? is it recognized??? i just wanna know whether it is influential. i hope it’s influential enough to make people who don’t know jyj have a positive attitude towards them.

  62. what’s funny is there is a KFC near the venue concert.. so you can imagine it makes me smile when i saw it.. lolz..
    KFC made a fool of themselves with their statement about JYJ being a threat for hallyu waves..

  63. *threw truckloads of cold water at munsan*

  64. this is a really great article. i hope kfc??? reads this and amends thier catastrophic mistake in slandering JYJ.

  65. wahahahahahaha…muahahahah!!!!!! IN UR FREAKING FAT FACE KFC!!!!!!!!!!!!!i’m sure u’re looking for a hole huge enuf to buried ur ignorant face for making those accusing statements~~here’s the consequences for acting withing using ur brain! EAT TAT!!!!!! I HOPE U CHOCK ON IT!!

  66. […] [News] 101201 JYJ Seoul Concert Contributed Huge Economic Ripple Effects with Ten Billions Value Added (via fashion follows yoochun) Male group JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) showed off powerful tickets power on the foreign fans, and once again proved that they’re still the central point of Hallyu wave. In commemoration of the release of their worldwide album ‘The Beginning’, JYJ announced to conduct the large scale two days concert on last 27th and 28th at Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium entitled ‘JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul’. There were around 3000 international fans came vi … Read More […]

  67. …had become evidences to put the weak published claim of Munsan on the ground.”


    im so happy for the boys.

    • *Munsan

  69. amek kau!!!

    feel like i wanna eat KFC for lunch

    • ahahahaha! Amik KO!!!!! jgn main2 ngan kipas-susah-mati JYJ!

      • lol…nahh..amek kau.. for messing with jyj and cassies



    thx for sharing dear!!

  72. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA IN YOUR FACE MUNSAN!!!!! must be hurt like bitch!

  73. This article really make my day. Going Korea is always in my to-do list but now I’ll make sure I go during JYJ’s concert so that they attribute my visit to the power of my boys!!

    Thanks to all Cassie who turned up at JYJ Seoul Concert (both domestic and international), because of all of you, our boys can now hold their head up again before the biased Korea media. Munsan, shame on you! KFC, what a fool, I’m laughing at u, hahaha XD

  74. i will go for micky… proud of jyj

  75. I hope we get to see them on shows and radio in korea because I miss hearing them speak in korean. Plus, even though they sound nice singing japanese but they sound the best when singing in their native tongue. Wish them the best!!!

  76. hahha…i really love this article and the writer…great…
    show them..jyj is not bad influence….

  77. lol what does KFPC have to say about this?
    JYJ’s lawsuit did not affect the Hallyu Wave. Their concerts are helping the economy. Will they still keep banning them from shows? tsk3…

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