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[News] MBC’s “Miss Ripley” Ranks #1 With Its Pilot Episode

On May 30th, MBC’s “Miss Ripley” kicked off to a fantastic start by ranking in first for the Monday/Tuesday time slot.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the pilot episode recorded at 13.2% in viewer ratings, a definite headstart compared to KBS’s “Baby-faced Beauty“, which recorded 11%. Meanwhile, SBS’s “Lie to Me” ranked last for the time slot, recording at 10.6%.

Viewers were especially captivated by the fast pace of the story and actress Lee Da Hae’s shocking transformations, all of which developed into a plot that left them looking forward to more.

Lee Da Hae plays the role of a bar hostess who runs away from Japan in order to find a new life in Korea. She ends up lying to recruiters that she’s a Tokyo University student in order to find a job, but her lie unfortunately results in ominous consequences.

source + photos: OSEN via Nate
credit: allkpop


  1. Congrats Chunnie~ U really deserved it!!!

  2. wowowow

  3. Yey!

  4. 😀 chunnieeeee!!!

    thx for sharing dear!

  5. I dont like this news… If chun werent there in the drama, they wont even get this rating at the start…

    But they didnt even mention the power of our chun baby…. 😦 I know the story line is good… But lots of ppl pay attention cuz of our boy not other ppl,,,

    • Oh come on, it’s not like the other casts are mediocre actors/actresses. They’re all famous & well-loved by the public.

      Lee Da Hae is freaking famous and many people anticipated her comeback in this drama. Kim Seung Woo is a famous veteran actor and very well-loved by the public. Kang Hye Jung came back to acting after some years of hiatus, so many people also expected her in this.

      Plus, YooChun had a very small amount of scenes in ep. 1, as ep 1 strongly focused on background story of Mi Ri (played by Da Hae), so it’s natural that YooChun wasn’t mentioned.

      Let’s just be grateful that YooChun has this great opportunity to work with talented actors/actresses to strengthen his acting skills.

    • ? Its not all about Yoochun, I mean yea its a plus but he is working with very experienced and popular actors/actresses and he isn’t the main character, Lee Da Hae is. So most people are paying attention cause of the other actors and Chun of course but also cause the plot line is very good.

  6. i’ve watched the first episode (without subs) and the drama surely is captivating. i actually love the dark, mysterious theme the drama has. lee da hae plays her character so well..actually all the characters are well-played. but while lee da hae and that other lead male has this dark serious mood in them, our Yoochun and that other lead girl are like the sunshine in a gloomy day~!! i can’t wait for them to meet up!! :))

    i’m starting to like the storyline of this drama…as expected from our Chunnie, he chooses his projects well. Good Luck Yoochun! ♥ and also all the Miss Ripley casts~!!

  7. I am lucky, I watched 1st episode with subs. Can’t wait for it’s 2nd episode. Well done Chunnie!

    • english sub?? link please …

  8. Congrats for Yoochun. Everyone, thank you very much

  9. sorry LDH but I’M watching this drama ONLY BECAUSE OF YUCHUN!!!

    • me too am watching this drama because of YOOCHUN ONLY THAT’S IT!

  10. Congratulations Yoochun. You`re so very deserving and worthy of success.

  11. Yay for our Chunnie!

  12. ep2 25.97

    • you mean percentage?

      WOAH~~~~ DAEBAK!

  13. Congrats beloved chunnie, keep fighting! U deserve better.. Wohooo!

  14. Honestly, I do agreed I watched this drama because Yoochun is in it. But the 1st ep its alright ,have to continue to know the story .This drama seem to have quite a few secrets to unfold, I like Kang hye Jung too.

  15. yeay no.1!!!! 🙂
    haha.,even w/o eng sub.,still gonna watching it..dun care!! ^^

    hopefully it will come out soon at astro S One.. 🙂
    and congrats to baby-faced beauty too~~~love that drama.,
    jang nara is super cute and there’s a lot of skks actors like the one who played choseon, park min-young’s mother and skks principal., lol XD

  16. even if this drama is good or not as long as yuchun is there ill definitely watch it..that’s the power of yuchun on me..

  17. congratz yuchun n ripley’s actors . very good storyline….people wanna keep watching.
    it will be a hit among the audience


    all actors and actresses deserve it! actually their theme is too heavy for spring drama, but thats the point: rare theme, A-list actors and actresses, heavy plot!

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