Posted by: sharingyoochun | May 31, 2011

[Pic] 110531 Shane Yoon Twitter Update

Beanie brothers #drunktweets

Poker face! #drunktweets

Pool face! #drunktweets

source: shane yoon twitter


  1. shane’s tweets.he helps us a lot to get a glimp of the dorky cute boys.:D

  2. Aaahhh~ they have such a good friend in US beside mr.egg 🙂
    Happy enjoy your time!! 😀
    JYJ Hwaitting :*

  3. thanks SYC….

    wow… look yoochun focus on playing poker….
    hoho… who`s beside u? the misterious girl..? 😉
    have a nice day guys!!!!

  4. .. sorry yoochun I now I should focus on you in the first pic .. but i can’t cuz my baby is in the background =P

  5. ohhhh yoochun soo funy..haha
    omo~! junsuuu~!!! he is super handsome~!^^

  6. Pool Junsu Sniper Style.

    • did u guys remember haptic…? CF taken with SNSD…
      that hahaha…. just remember me about yunho can`t play pool… cute face..

  7. the girl next to Yuchun is the girl who shakes Yuchun’s shoulder in someone’s stalking clip ,right?

  8. in first pic jae looks strange but his skin is so clean..I’m never interested in pool but junsu’s changing my mind

  9. Yoochun looks so adorable<3333

    I'm really really sorry to say this my beloved JaeJoong, but that hairstyle is a no-no. XD It covers his beautiful eyes too much. ;_;

  10. Junchan on the 2nd pix!!! 8DDDDD

  11. JJ ♥♥♥ so cute ^^

    thx for sharing dear!

  12. Junsu yah~~~ ^O^ i so love him!

    anybody know what is the model of Yoochun’s cellphone?

    • latest white iphone 4

  13. am i d only one who hope that d girl is chunnie special someone…


    i really wanna see all of em with any relationship~~

    at least that make em looks normal for me..or else…i still thinks they’re human with superpower =)

    • me too:)…and then get married…have the kids..just like other people;p

  14. I want to see your eyes Jae.. 😦
    chunnie and junsu so cute~ 😀

  15. I like these types of pics

  16. Junsu is trollin’ in the background of yoochun’s picture. xD

  17. look so funny ^O^

    thank you so much

  18. Junsu playing pool…i love it when he’s atheletic.

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