Posted by: sharingyoochun | May 31, 2011

[Trans] 110530 Dream Concert’s ‘Idol Fashion Code’? #4 – TVXQ

On the 28th, idol stars flocked to the 2011 Dream Concert which was held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Seongsan-dong. If actors and actress wear tuxedos and dresses on the red carpet, what do idols wear when they stand in front of the photo wall? Let us inspect the photo wall fashion of idol stars at the 2011 Dream Concert.


TVXQ, who returned as a duo, were seen in all-black attire. While Choikang Changmin wore a shirt with a China collar, U-Know Yunho finished off his coat with a belt. Many say that the two represented the perfect image of a ‘ChaDoNam (T/N: Literally means ‘Cool City Man’, meant for chic, urban men)‘.

While male idols all wore ‘black’ as their basic color and added more masculinity to their look with boots, female idol groups were seen flaunting a variety of mini-dresses.


Source: [Style M]
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  1. Love their outfits, they look very manly~

  2. All they needed was wicked shades.
    Men in Black. FTW!

  3. WOOWWW!!! ♥

    thx for sharing dear!

  4. New look and new style~ Phew-wit~!

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