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[Trans] 110530 Elle Girl 100 Idols Short Assessment – No. 1 : U-Know Yunho

Judging Panel :
1. Elle Girl Feature Editor Kim Young Jae
2. Feature Director Lee Woo Sung
3. Fashion Editor Oh Joo Yeon
4. Feature Editor Kim Narang

T/N: This is a short assessment of 100 idols (50 male, 50 female) and points are award for style, charm etc. Results are purely subjective (based on the panel’s personal opinions)

No. 1 : U-Know Yunho

A. Vocal Power, Performance
Proving in the recent TVXQ stages that his vocal prowess is that of “Live” standards, his ability to sing impressively while executing intensive dance moves is amazing. (4 Stars – Kim Young Jae)
To summarize, “Remarkable speed of improvement.” (4 Stars – Lee Woo Sung)

B: Looks, Style
Idols looks will change as time passes, but Yunho’s look and style is still in top form. (3 Stars – Kim Young Jae)
His looks radiate, but is sometimes too mature. Looks manly even when dressed simply in a white t-shirt and pants. (2 Stars – Oh Joo Yeon)  

C: Talent, Sense of Variety
During “Love letter” and “X-Man,” his exciting dance performances and athletic abilities are well-recognised, and he is well loved. However, for his recent appearances in variety shows, it seems like he hasn’t adapted well in terms of speech and reactions. (2 Stars – Kim Young Jae)

D: Others
He has a “wild” look in his eyes that is similar to Rain’s, and (I) hope that he will be able to overcome his problems and reach his peak once again (Kim Narang)

Source : [Baidu TVXQ + Elle Girl]
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  1. why did they rate him 2 stars but still place him as number 1?
    Does that means those ranked after him gets fewer stars than him >_<ll

    • I think it’s all the stars added together so Yunho got 15? D: not sure.

  2. Awesome~Yunho with his “wild look in his eyes” is No. 1, baby~ that’s how cool he is! >.<

  3. He hasn’t “adapted well?” Are you kidding me? He is at his prime. Every inch of him oozes charisma….

    • Maybe what they mean is that he looks little uncomfortable in variety shows lately…maybe because of the long hiatus or maybe of the current situation…but he seems a little bit on guard?

      • EXACTLY!~ I noticecd that too.

      • Yunnie 😦

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