Posted by: sharingyoochun | May 31, 2011

[Vid] 110601 Yunho – Strong Heart Preview

credit: 123aquaprincess


  1. strong heart??is he appear again in strong heart??

    • yup so exciting! it’s a battle of previous strong heart winners ^o^

  2. am i too bad if i wish that hyunjoong would talk about his famous friends? :))

    ohh yunho!! :)) i wanna see you grace the strong heart stage again with your dance moves!! go leadershii~

    • “FAMOUS FRIENDS” hahahahahahahaha.

      • Jaejoong,Yoochun,top, and hyunjoong are the f4!!!!!!! Yunho is Jaejoong’s husband!! Hehe I love YunJae!!! I miss them as ONE
        Always Keep The Faith!!!!!!!!!:)

    • nope! at least not that bad….kekekek

      • not at all,really…
        I do even hope he will talk bout that famous friend…
        appaaaaa~~ T___T
        I miss u so badly..
        I miss u all 5 in one stage :((

    • I hope Kim Hyun Joong mention his best friend in Strong Heart.. (cough.. cough.. Jaejoong)

  3. With all the dirt Yunnie knows on JaeChunSu I hope Hyunjoong will bring them up and then Yunho will be all like ‘Oh yeah well check this out’ and then tells an epic funny storey about his members.

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