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[Trans] U-Weekly Singapore Issue 312: TVXQ, Successful Comeback!‏

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TVXQ Will Not Reveal Their Love Relationships?

The highly popular five-membered idol group TVXQ who ever caused a whirlwind commotion in the music industry, returned at the beginning of this year as a duo after a two-years-three-months break. Though everyone were skeptical in the beginning on whether the duo of TVXQ were able to fulfill the emptiness left by the three members (JYJ), through the release of Japanese album TONE, their outstanding performances and singing skills were greatly applauded by fans. TVXQ as a duo, confirmed their successful return!

Safekeeping TVXQ’s Aura

Q: In the beginning of this year, you returned as a duo, the feelings must have been different. How was it then?

Changmin (CM): When we returned this year as a duo, I was rather happy and excited.

Yuhno (YH): Although we returned as a duo after a two-years-three-months break, many fans still came (to support us) and I became emotional all of a sudden. In order to bring upon an interesting performance, we went through intense rehearsals but I was down with flu in the end and wasn’t in my best state, thus was quite regrettable.

Q: In order to break from the TVXQ’s five-membered mode, you must have work very hard. What was the effort made?

YH: During the preparation for the album, it was to retain that epic aura of TVXQ. A vigorous performance was the feature of our live performances, thus this can’t be neglected. I tried adding in many changes in my treble singing and tried exchanging parts with Changmin when singing different song genres.

CM: As the two of us are representing TVXQ now, it indeed is quite a mental load. During our first stage, with regards to dancing skills, due to Yunho hyung’s impression of being full of vigor, I really do not wish the reviews on our performance to be negative due to me. (smiles)

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Cherishing The Complete Memories As Five

Q: The songs that were previously sung as five-membered, are now renditioned by only two. How was the feelings?

YH: No matter the debut stage back then or now, TVXQ is still TVXQ, thus it is not that weird singing the old songs. Although it is now sang by just the two of us, surely there are emotions involved… even so, these songs contains our memories. Be it the past, present or future, these songs are very precious to me.

CM: From the very beginning till now, and the future, we has always been TVXQ and it’s not gonna change. Even if (we) fails, it’s not regrettable at all.

Q: Regardless of TVXQ’s willingness, 2010 must be the toughest year for TVXQ right? However you two seems to be rather calm about the issue.

YH: During the two-years-three-months break, we have always been waiting for the three of them, but they did not return. Under such circumstances, I felt that there should be someone to stand out and protect TVXQ. TVXQ is owned by SM Entertainment, the five of us, together with the vast group of fans. We did not forget this. Thus although it’s just the two of us, we have to prepare activities seriously in order to protect TVXQ.

Q: With regards to JYJ’s issue with SM Entertainment, what are Yunho’s and Changmin’s standpoint on this?

YH: Please return quickly to TVXQ. We have been great collaboration in music. However there were conflict of values during the commencement of activities. To this, each of us are responsible for it. (T/N: The difference in values leading to dispute) But I don’t wish to relate it out here… I still wish them well in health.

CM: The dispute between us has transformed into various discussion topics for many people. It is due to these beautiful yet precious moments that TVXQ is existing. If were to deny these memories, it is as good as denying the existence of TVXQ. I do not wish those beautiful memories to be tainted.

Love And Marriage

Q: Are the two of you still single? If you are in a relationship, would you reveal it?

YH: I don’t have a girlfriend yet but if I were to be in love relationship, I don’t intend to reveal it. I think I will get married when I am 32 years old.

CM: I broke up with my girlfriend ten months ago. As I was busy with the activities overseas, there are basically no time for dating. I hope my future spouse to be less than 30 years old as it might be problematic for childbirth. Keke.
(T/N: Not sure when was this interview held cause I vaguely remember CM mentioned about him “breaking up with girlfriend ten months ago” during this January’s comeback interview.)

Q: What type of girls do you like?

CM: Honestly, I especially like pretty girls but for a love interest, the character is definitely more important. I won’t consider the outlook only. I like girls who will considerately think for others, polite and know the basic rules of life. Although it seems simple, it’s rather difficult to find such a girl. Actually, I’m good with observing girls. Though I have yet to say this before, for example, if I observed 10 girls off-stage, I can see clearly who wears what and how their faces are. It’s clearer than what audience can imagined.

YH: I am the eldest son in the family and I have been making my own decision since young. That has became my habit. But I wish my future girlfriend can decide for me and provide me with suggestions. Surprisingly right? I think I have been outgoing and cheerful but probably it’s because I’m afraid of being lonely? Though I look strong on the outside, in fact, I hate being alone in the room. Especially when there’s nothing to do and I will be vexed and thus would exercise or make plans so that I won’t let time simply passes by. As I know of such weakness of mine, I would hint to myself to become stronger. Of course as a man, I have to be responsible but I think that as a couple, we should rely and respect each other, moving towards the same target. I hope I can become a good husband. Actually I quite like being clean and tidy. When I was living with members, I have to consider others’ habits and thus this trait of mine was not obviously displayed. But when I am out traveling with my friends, friends were shocked to see my tidy room. (laughs) If my future wife asked for my help, I would help with the housework, for example washing dishes… but not before she cooks for me. Keke.

Words To Fans….

U-Know Yunho: We will create a new history for TVXQ in the future and hopefully to create it with our other member of TVXQ, our fans. Every day is a new peak of life and “today” will not return. Thus we have to work even harder and not letting oneself to regret. I love everyone and has always been thankful to everyone.

Max Changmin: I really am thankful to everyone for such a passionate welcome for our comeback. As everyone is around, I am happy and received a lot of courage. When we returned to this stage, back as TVXQ, your every smiling faces shone us brighter on stage. Really am very thankful. In the future, we will work even harder.

source: U-Weekly Singapore
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun


  1. Upzzzz!!!! super love one of the lines! \^_^/

  2. i am not sure how i feel…

    i’ll try to put my feelings into words later but for now, i am a little confused about what i feel when i read this article.

  3. my life is complete now (well, almost lol)
    It feels like a huge rock has come out of my heart and I can breathe when reading how they think about DBSK as 5. As I started reading this interview I tought to myself: if I could just ask them something I’d ask if they still miss them or if they are angry etc…and my questions were indeed answered. I’m so happy I could die now. I now know they are not angry, they wish the best for each other, they still miss them, and they will always treasure those precious memories ❤ My fan-heart is forever happy now 🙂

    • Yes my thoughts exactly 🙂 They finally open up and say how they truly feel bout DB5K. Damn they still love them, shit im gonna cry tears of joy right now.. Cassies hwaiting 🙂

  4. TVXQ were the best when there were five of them. now what’s left are 2 superb duo…and 3 awesome trio.

    …and i’m actually hoping that HoMin are the one joining JYJ in another company once their contract with SM is over. because well, we all know how badass that SM is.

    • YES! I would loveee for HoMin to be part of the CJes family!!^^

      • Me too,honsetly earlier this year I would think they probably wouldn’t want to leave,but SM have pretty much not scheduled them attending for awards shows,and bascially(at leat in Korea)put them aside for other groups.So hopefully unless they want to retire early(before or after)going into the army,they’ll leave SM.I respect both sides decision in doing what they want though.They were being promoted so well earlier this year and then not.If they leave and don’t want to join CJes then Sidus HQ would be a good alternative since they have no problem signing controversial artist like Jay Park(he did nothing wrong).

      • @ jerri

        what? what? what?? girl, you are so wrong on all levels!

        how is SM putting TVXQ aside for other groups? LOL
        they just had a comeback in Jan and promoted for a good six months before having a comeback in Japan. they are now busy in Japan and will be until after their concerts until end of March.

        and, doesn’t even seem like you are a fan of TVXQ since you apparently didn’t read any of their interviews with them saying how they are in SM indefinitely, how they credit SM with TVXQ, how grateful they are with SM…etc etc etc.

      • @ozzy
        I did read the interviews,I put my personal feelings into my statement,I know thier grateful to SM and will stay.maybe it’s my wording.I was happy that they were being promoted heavily in Korea,even though I love how faithful Bigeast are,I think they should have stayed longer in Korea( w/ some rest of course) where they lost lots of fans,so they could draw in newer ones.Yunho also talked about being able to cry if they won at the end of the year awards,MAMA(and another one can’t remember awahile back)they were nominated for and wasn’t able to attend,i’m worried they won’t attend GDA.I personally feel Avex is giving them a better deal.I seperate Avex and SM,for me it seems SM wants to focus on SUJU and SNSD.But at least thier attending Kohaku.

      • @Jerri

        first of all TVXQ is not managed by Avex anymore in Japan. they are now under SM Japan. BUT Avex has now become their they distribute the albums and singles, but the real management goes to SM Japan.

        secondly, SM is a big giant and a very successful one at that. they are the type of label that plans out the careers of their artist years in advance because comebacks take alot of preparations such as coming up with the concepts, finding a long list of songs from which the final list is decided on, recording up to 30-40 songs and coming up with different arrangements, coming up with the vid concept, finding the best producers and directors for the single..etc..

        so if u think about it u will see that had the lawsuit never taken place, tvxq5’s korean comeback after mirotic would have taken place in 2010 right after they had finished promoting the secret code in japan.

        2011 was always going to be SUJU’s year because it will be the year where they will be releasing their last album for a while because many of their more popular members will be going off into the army.

        SNSD was just going to tag along with tvxq in 2010 and SUJU in 2011 since they are the most popular girl group out there and the general public adores them.

        so technically this was not even suppose to be TVXQ’s year, which is why if u notice the main single KYHD was not originally chosen as the main single but it was Yunho’s own solo track.

        but because of the lawsuit TVXQ’s comeback had to be pushed back. im almost convinced that TVXQ’s real major comeback will be next year, but it was essential for SM to have TVXQ comeback earlier this year because they needed the group to get back into the public eye, and reorganize the broken fanbase.

        alot of HM fans were discouraged and bashed by certain stans when news of the lawsuit started, thus causing many of those fans to leave the whole fandome. now after those former fans have heard about tvxq’s comeback they have re-joined the fandom and are getting ready to put more effort into ensuring even higher album/single sales next year. it will be interesting to see what SM has in plans for TVXQ next year

      • @keira
        I had no idea that some of the people that left had rejoined,the last I heard from them was the major fansites turning/boycotting.It will be interesting to see next year.Hopefully next year will be more positive,I had forgotten that Maxium was supposed the be the main single-still wish Our Game would have been promoted too.Sometimes in all this mess I get thinned skinned and bothered easily and then go back to not being discouraged.

      • @Jerri

        i understand what you mean..supporting TVXQ for all those years has been more like a roller coaster ride for me too. one min im over the moon, the next i feel like screaminy my head off at someone.

        but its best to try and focus on the positive by looking over all that has taken place with an objective eye. 🙂

  5. YH: “Please return quickly to TVXQ”
    T_T We all want that too but is it possible for a DB5K sans SME? I think it’s more realistic to simply wish for them to be on talking-terms right now.

  6. is the translation for ch interview is wrong becoz i think the dispute or lawsuit is between jyj n sme……n what yh mean as ‘we have been great collaboration in music’ n truthfully i don’t like how they answer their question regarding dbsk5……..i know someone will be angry with me…but it just my personal opinion….n yes i’m jyj fan….

    • well I am pretty confused about the interview too.. but you can’t expect them to tell much and I think they talked about JYJ pretty well in compared to their other interviews, and yes he doesn’t say anything about them being a family good friends and so on when he was asked about JYJ.. well.. after the dispute they didn’t (couldn’t) even talk to each other for years so where is the friendship? All he can say is that “they were good collaboration in music” also the lawsuit might be between SME and JYJ but even though I am not sure about the correctness of translation after all the things happened I am sure that Yunho doesn’t see SME different than himself.. SME is his life as well as TVXQ so they would naturally talk that way.. Homin quitting SM looks weird to me as well as JYJ re-joining SM.. I just dunno how these guys can end up together again…

    • “We have been great collaboration in music” It means they (5 members) have been working well together as a team in terms of music (can be singing, dancing, composing).

  7. i love them ^.^

  8. Love U guys “fighting”!!!

  9. Sorry guys but this is from an older chinese article of the same magazine if I’m not mistaken. They republished it which should have been made clear.

    • I think it doesn’t matter much it they said it soon or not because it is obviously after they made comeback, received good support, sang old TVXQ songs and so on… so they should have similar thoughts now too.. if something drastic didn’t happen…

    • ur right..the answers are identical to those i read months ago when they made their first comeback.

      TVXQ have not talked about JYJ or the conflict in any of their official new interviews since back in May/June..they have made it clear that they wanted TVXQ’s name to stay out of the lawsuit and not be tainted by conflicts and arguments.

      this is clearly a rehashed interview (more like an article that contains answers TVXQ made from various interviews all collected into one page)

      In either case i dont disagree with them. IMHO the probability of seeing TVXQ join JYJ in CJeS is the same as seeing JYJ go back willingly to work with SM once again, which is probably zero.

      musically, JYJ have already found their identity in pop/dance music, while Yunho and Changmin seem to be very happy performing in the SMP style of music which require fierce vocals and choreography.

      i think musically both groups are at their best right now doing what they love to do the most. we shouldnt try to rob that away from them just to make us fans happy.

      what i do hope for however is that they will still be able to re-bond and reform their friendship after all this is done. what made me love TVXQ5 the most was the precious bond b/w the members, and it would be a dream come true to know that the bond has been reformed.

      • I completely agree!

  10. Why was my comment deleted? O.o

  11. Well… reading over this article again… it looks like they compiled info from various other sources and made an article of it. That’s why it reads so strange. I definitely remember half of this stuff being said by Yunho and Changmin in other places.

    • exactly its rehashed stuff from their first interviews and the press conference they had for KYHD.

      even the pic on the cover is from early one when the comeback happened

    • Yup, most were from older interviews. And the “Love and Marriage” part are from El Sol.

  12. I love the 5 boys.

    I think beloved Yunho and Changmin had tried their best in delivering words related to the dispute between SM and JYJ. HoMin still care about their fellow JYJ but SM is where they are working. They surely can not say anything against SM.

    I also love to see them re-unite, but I am also content with the current 2 groups. If JYJ and TVXQ 2 are happy with that, I am simply wishing them the best.
    But if they are going to re-unite, they should leave both SM and C-jes. I am not that fond of them both or care less. It is quite impossible for JYJ to come back to SM due to all the difficulties created for them by SM (and Avex). I can understand why Yunho sticks to SM. He is loyal and feel indebted to SM. Yunho does not necessarily need to think so, because as much as SM has done for TVXQ, HoMin have also done their best for SM. It is a mutual relationship. Again…if darling Yunho is sticking his beautiful mind to SM, let him be so. His (and baby Changmin) happiness is the most important thing for me, SM or not.

    I just wish that one day Jaejoong, Changmin, Yunho, Yoochun & Junsu can perform together, not as a group, but as to remember the past.

    Love DBSK always! JYJ/TVXQ forever!

  13. TVXQ is owned by SM Entertainment, the five of us, together with the vast group of fans
    wow Yunho is really idiot..he said fans are owned of SME ..what???
    he really sold his soul to SME
    JaeChunSu are not owned of SME..dear Yunho ,they are not a thing ,they are persons
    even you are not owned of them…just a employee
    he loses my respect every day more

    • are you that so f*cking IDIOT??? cant you read the lines properly??

      yunho means tvxq is owned by SM, tvxq is owned by the five of them, tvxq is owned by the group of fans.

      you are are so stupid. how old are you?

      is the majority of JYJ fans like this?? no wonder you guys are so easy to be manipulated and keep acting like ass towards yunho and changmin.

      • @ elle: I am JYJer too (I am DSBK) and I am not easily manipulated.
        Jaejoong & Changmin are my bias…^ ^

        Don’t you think due to your anger, you generalise us unfairly?

        Thank u…

      • Don´t talk shit about JYJ fans!! The only people who are so easy to be manipulated are HoMin´s fans!! HoMin give a shit about JYJ!! I think too that the artikel have be wrong subbed!! HoMin even didn´t want to see Jaejoong at a event, so I can´t believe that they say something like they miss JYJ!!

        And I m 23 years old!! HoMin have now a lot of hatters, because of their behavior against JYJ!!

        And the album “Tone” from HoMin only sold well, because DBSK fans didn´t wanted to loss to groups like SNSD, and not because it was so good, because “Tone” was shit!! And that told you a ex BigEast member with a TVXQ tattoo!!

      • @Linda jaejoong youngwoong : JYJ poor to have crazy fans like you, full of hatred and resentment

      • @ Mili I m not full of hatred and resentment!! I m disappointed about HoMin!! Do you believe that interview??

        If HoMin wanted to talk with JYJ they do it, but they did nothing!! Jaejoong tryed to conect HoMin, but they didn´t want it!!

        I m tired of HoMin´s lies!! Let DBSK(HoMin) and JYJ be what they are right know…different groups, that will be bettter for all!!

        JYJ were hurt so much, it have to ends now!!

      • @Linda Youngwoong Jaejoong
        haha look whose talking..yeah telling people to not talk shit about jyj fans.. when you yourself are bashing Homin.. thats even worse! your degrading Homin’s hardwork, your calling them liars.. yeah and Homin have alot of haters because of ignorant fans like you… fyi, this article consists of interviews from the start of the year! so your abit late buddy.. with everythings that happened.. do you think Homin would say “Please return quickly to TVXQ” anymore?!… jeez -.-

    • you look really dumb right now mikkka

    • @ Mikkka: I think you misunderstood the context. You need to read it again properly.

      Yunho is a smart person. He is not likely to make that mistake you were accusing him for. Please hold yourself from attacking Yunho while depending JaeChunSu. There is no battle here to accommodate that.

      Support all 5 members!

    • @mikka: are you trying to attacking Yunho and Changmin??!unfortunately you’re fail!you should mind your own bussiness than making yourself like a idiot in here!!!

    • you rly look like the real idiot here..
      He said TVXQ is owned by SM the name! ..not the individual people! and he meant cassiopeia, the fan club is run by SM ..not the fans themselves >.> use some common sense dear and dont try to twist the meanings of his words to bash Yunho…

    • Another person who hates Yunho and also can’t read. How unsurprising.

      Isn’t it sad that antis seem to have this attribute (the “i can’t read properly”) attribute?

  14. I feel so happy that they speak up and wants the 3 of them to be back, while the other 3 wants the 2 of them to follow. I love how they want to be 5 again but is rather indecisive of which is the right path~

  15. YH: During the two-years-three-months break, we have always been waiting for the three of them, but they did not return.

    -Let’s all keep waiting Yunho! I know someday the 5 of you will stand in one stage again. ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH! ^_^

    YH: Please return quickly to TVXQ.

    -Aaaaaw! THIS! T.T

  16. I KNOW!!! This few words of yunho really caught my attention. When he said they’ve been waiting for the 3 of them but they did not return, my heart was like ‘drop’… sigh. But the next sentence really made me realise something.

    YH: “I still wish them well in health.”

    That yunho had always been caring for them and loved them till now, despite everything that had happened. Even though he realised that their most probably not coming back to SM.. ;( But that’s why i will always support and love DB5K no matter what happens. COS I KNOW THEY WILL COMEBACK TOGETHER AGAIN. IM SURE OF IT. Like its just that Cassie feeling i guess? 🙂

    (But on a side note: JaeChunSu, please quickly return to TVXQ!! It hasn’t been the same without you guys!!)

    I mean i could go on and on, but the point here is to Always Keep The Faith and keep praying, cos what homin and jyj need most now is all the support they can get from Cassies. We are what pulls them through each day, so everyone, AKTF!! 🙂

    • Agree with you, i have those feelings so I’m waiting for DB5K comeback too, Always Keep The Faith!

  17. […] … -comeback%E2%80%8F/ Cre: syc Vtrans: lucy_fa@DBSKbox […]

  18. Mmmmmm….. So sad watching all of 5 member separated…
    Hope they’ll will sing together as TVXQ5 DB5K…

  19. During the two-years-three-months break, we have always been waiting for the three of them, but they did not return. reading those words hurts soooo much T_T_T_T_T_T

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