Posted by: sharingyoochun | December 20, 2011

[Spazz] Join the race

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credit: 允馨呐
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  1. hahahhaha….ommo.. this is really funny.. yunho join Olympic..

  2. omg this just kill me! ROFL!

  3. his fez! XDD i cant XDDD

  4. Hahaha…….I am so amused….:)

  5. hahahahahahaha.. I can’t stop laughing XD
    I’m loling so hard here!!!~~keke
    thanks admins.. made my day!!!! lol

  6. LOL SYC team >-<

  7. xD OMGsun! wtf? xD
    Yunho`s face is legit! 😛

  8. haahahahahahahahahha it’s so funy i can’t stop laughing my day was so so so bad i had a fight with one of my classmate but after seeing this i’m so much bitter 😀

  9. LOL Min had such a cute smiley face while Yun’s so serious xD
    haha i love the fan’s idea of using running Yunho !

  10. I LOLed so hard.

  11. omona ~
    WTF was that ???!!
    HEHEHE~ such a lol-worthy spazz …. thnx admins

    PS : 4 some reason I feel that this spazz makes more sense than the SHILLA-CF does ….. at least Yunho is running @ the marathone here XDDD

  12. Puahahahaha~! *rolls on the floor* This is EPIC~! xDDD

  13. The baseball one is my favorite!!! Lmao!

  14. LOL-ing forever!!! EPIC!


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