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[Trans] 120130 Tohoshinki’s TONE Among The “Best 3 Albums” At The 26th Japan Gold Disk Awards

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Tohoshinki’s TONE was awarded one of the “Best 3 Album” under the Asian artist category at the 28th Japan Gold Disk Awards, which was held on the 27th at Nicofarre in Roppongi.

K-pop swept the awards, with popular Korean singers such as KARA and Girls’ Generation, winning 13 awards in total.

Some of the media attributed the addition of the new category of “Best Asian Artist” this year , to the existing Japanese and Western music categories, to the fact that “The high popularity of K-pop made it necessary (to create a new category), as it would otherwise inevitably reduce the number of awards that were going to Japanese singers.”

(irrelevant portions omitted)

Source: [Japan Gold Disk Awards + Searchina via]
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  1. Happy for boys!!! =D

  2. Good Job, my boys!! 🙂

  3. wow! such a good news! congrats boysss!!!! 😀

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