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[Cap] Yunho – SBS ‘Yawang’ Part 10 {372 pic}

EP14 ~ EP17
372 pic (rar file)

credit: alrightyh+ peppermint
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  2. WAE? ಥ_ಥ

  3. To be perfectly honest, Yunho sucks at acting. I just watched his crying dramatic hospital scene in Yawan and I felt unsure of how I should react cause it was so damn awkward, and bad.

    • Yoy have the right to your opinion. I disagree quite frankly, but that’s fine too. He is better than quite a few idol actors out there.

  4. @wing, I have to agree with @bebe. I respect your opinion, however I have to disagree with you. It is quite ashamed and unfortunate that no matter his effort, people like you don’t appreciate his hard work. And for you to state it simply that his acting was “bad”, and that he “sucks”, is quite rather harsh, don’t you think? Not to mention and consider the fact that he received a lot of good praises from within the industry. I hope you don’t call yourself a Cassie, cuz a true Cassie would appreciate every, tiny, litlle effort that the boys do.

  5. I am not a cassie nor am I an anti. It is clearly not just me that thinks he’s no good. He even won a place in the top 5 worst idol actor. And if you guys are claiming to “respect” me then it’s really ironic how @4kaykay said “people like me don’t appreciate his hard work” Really? Have I said anything about him being not hardworking? Or that I don’t appreciate it? I was merely stating my opinion, are we all supposed to LOVE everything the five of them do? If I offended you guys well then I’ll let you know you have offended me as well, cassies.

  6. @Wing I am completely flabbergasted how you are being attacked because you gave your opinion. Like seriously? I personally think his acting sucks balls too, and I am a proud cassie. What’s wrong with admitting the fact that he’s a better dancer than actor pssh nothing. And LOL at the hospital scene you mentioned haha totally know what you meant!

  7. Really glad Yunho enjoy his time in Yawang plus all the staff care for him. Personally I think he did improve regardless of whatever other netizens said or don’t say and I enjoy his performance. Doesn’t have be perfect, there’s always room for improvement but that’s what make acting fun. Hope he won’t be disheartened to venture again on the small or even big screen. Creative criticism is fine, but don’t go overboard with random hurtful saying to make what point? I for one look forward to watching him as well as the other 4 gorgeous guys act., .

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