Posted by: sharingyoochun | October 16, 2013

[News] 131015 Joo Sang Wook Picks Top Three Nicest Celebrities, One Idol Makes the List

Actor Joo Sang Wook picks who he thinks as the top three nicest celebrities in the entertainment industry.

On October 14, he was the featured guest on SBS’s variety talk program “Healing Camp” where he freely talked about his life as an actor.

MC Lee Kyung Kyu asked, “You’ve worked with Han Hye Jin on ‘Thorn Birds’ and with Sung Yuri on ‘Feast of the Gods.’ Who did you get along with better?” Joo Sang Wook answered, “I think that both people are pretty much similar.”

He continued, “Out of all the celebrities that I know, the two of the top three I would pick would be Han Hye Jin and Sung Yuri. The third person might be unexpected, but it is DBSK’s Changmin.”

credit: soompi


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