Posted by: sharingyoochun | October 23, 2013

[News] 131023 Jaejoong reveals second pre-release track ‘Butterfly’

Jaejoong has revealed his second pre-release track off his first album ‘WWW: Who, When, Why‘!

He’s already gotten fans plenty excited with his first pre-release song as well as the video teaser for his upcoming title track, but he’s not stopping as he has just dropped the song “Butterfly“.

While “Sunny Day“, the first pre-release, was more of a ballad, “Butterfly” on the other hand emphasizes strong aggressive beats, giving you a sample of the wide variety of songs included in his album.

It’s been revealed that in addition to this, another teaser is on its way for his upcoming title track “Just Another Girl“, but enjoy the latest pre-release in the meantime ahead of the full album release on the 29th!

credit: allkpop


  1. Amazing Song…The Words Are Nice
    Thanks A Lot 4 Sharing

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