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[Pic+Trans] 131028 Jaejoong Japan ‘Elle’ Magazine

 photo Mitsumani_06jpgoriginal.jpg

Trans: I think in ten years I still wont be married! It seems my destiny is to not marry any time soon~

 photo Mitsumani_08jpgoriginal.jpg

Trans: It’s been decades since I’ve met JYJ’s members. But still when the three of us get together, we’re so rowdy! (laugh)

 photo Mitsumani_09jpgoriginal.jpg

 photo Mitsumani_10jpgoriginal.jpg

 photo Mitsumani_07jpgoriginal.jpg

Trans: I love you – Jaejoong

 photo Mitsumani_05jpgoriginal.jpg

Trans: I do enjoy thinking about the interior designing of my house. To the extent that I have monomania, I like keeping things very tidy. If it’s not neat, you don’t feel like going back home right?

 photo Mitsumani_04jpgoriginal.jpg

 photo Mitsumani_01jpgoriginal.jpg

Trans: It’s been a really long time since I’ve met my Japanese fans, and since I’ve spoken Japanese! My Japanese has gotten bad!

 photo Mitsumani_02jpgoriginal.jpg

 photo Mitsumani_03jpgoriginal.jpg

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  1. Jaejoong Oppa All Ur Fans Miss U All The Time
    Thanks A Lot

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