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[Trans] 131106 Max Changmin’s Finger Flick Punishment Stuns Julian Kang, ‘A Bruise Blooms On His Forehead’

The finger flick punishment of TVXQ’s Max Changmin has become a hot topic.

During the episode of KBS2′s ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master of Variety and Sports’ that aired on the 5th, the celebrity team participated in a 4:4 basketball match with Woo Ji Won and Seok Joo Il.

The team decided to choose a punishment for losing the game, and Max Changmin was chosen to dole out the punishment as he had to sit out during the training session.

The other members made Julian Kang their sacrificial lamb to personally feel the power of Max Changmin’s finger flick. Julian Kang even had the nerve to ask Max Changmin, “Are you confident about your finger flick?”

To this, Max Changmin smirked and flicked his finger against Julian Kang’s forehead. Expecting a weak flick from the singer, Julian Kang had a stunned expression on his face as the flick made a loud ‘thwack’ noise. Lee Soo Geun event pointed at Julian Kang’s forehead and said, “He’s got a bruise now.”

Netizens who saw this left comments such as, “The sound of Max Changmin’s finger flick is amazing,” “Max Changmin really is the god of finger flicks,” “I was so surprised to see the bruise on Julian Kang’s forehead from Max Changmin’s finger flick,” and “Max Changmin’s finger flick is awesome.”

Source: [wowtv]
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  1. seriously…I need the video!! 🙂

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