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[Audio+Trans] 131112 Jaejoong On FM Tokyo ‘Apollon’

Host: A wonderful guest has suddenly walked in to the studio, can you introduce yourself?
Jaejoong: Hello everyone, this is Jaejoong!
Host: Oh, what a surprise! Jaejoong, nice to meet you!
Jaejoong: Nice to meet you.

Host: You suddenly came into the studio, I’m so happy. Even though you secretly came to Japan, there seemed to be a big commotion at the airport, was everything OK?
Jaejoong: Oh, I was very happy. It’s been in awhile since I’ve come to Japan.
Host: Yes. I heard that you will hold a concert this weekend, on the 15th and 16th at Yokohama. What kind of concert will it be this time?
Jaejoong: I’m going to hold a live concert at the Yokohama Stadium. It’s going to be an outdoor concert.
Host: Yes.
Jaejoong: I have a good feeling about it.
Host: Yes, an outdoor venue will be great.
Jaejoong: Yes, it will be nice.
Host: Then, we look forward to the concert.
Jaejoong: Oh, will you come to see my concert?
Host: Oh! Can I go? Is it OK?
Jaejoong: Hahaha..
Host: I’ll definitely go!
Jaejoong: Let’s go!
Host: Yes, I’ll go!
Jaejoong: Hahaha
Host: So, Jaejoong-san, we have a theme for our show Apollon, and theme is ‘secret’. Could you tell us about one of your secrets?
~SECRET OF APOLLON~ (voice over)
Host: Yes.
Jaejoong: Hahaha
Host: Excuse us.
Host: Do you have any secrets you could share with us?
Jaejoong: Would it be bad if I didn’t say anything?
Host: Ohh, we really wanna hear it. Please?
Jaejoong: Ahhhh.. a secret?
Host: A secret.
Jaejoong: A secret… hmmm, is it okay if I say this?
Host: Ohh, is it a big secret?
Jaejoong: What?
Host: Please tell us.
Jaejoong: Yes, it is a quite a big secret. Even though I do not take a shower, I do not smell.
Host: Ahh!!OHhhh!
Jaejoong: Hahahahaha!
Host: That’s a great secret!! Can you tell us in detail?
Jaejoong: To put it bluntly, I don’t smell even if I don’t take a shower.
Host: Ohh, so even if you don’t shower, you smell good?
Jaejoong: Hahahaha. It’s a little gross, isn’t it?
Host: Noo! This is a great secret that we heard today! I see. So even though you don’t wash yourself properly all the time, you still smell nice right?
Jaejoong: Yes. I don’t use any body lotion.
Host: Yes.
Jaejoong: I dont use perfume either…
Host: I see.
Jaejoong: Also, I haven’t stopped smoking yet – Ah, I’m trying to quit properly next year.
Host: Yes.
Jaejoong: So I smoke, and I also drink.
Host: Yes
Jaejoong: And still I get asked by a lot of people, “What perfume do you use?”
Host: Ah~ You don’t use any of it, but you still get asked?
Jaejoong: Yes.
Host: So, you give off a great smell I see.
Jaejoong: The smell of a man. No, the fragrance of a man, ahahahaha.
Host: Well actually, there is some distance between us right now, but you do smell nice!. I see~
Jaejoong: Excuse me.
Host: This is great! I heard a really nice secret.
Jaejoong: Hahaha
Host: Thank you very much.
Jaejoong: Excuse me.
Host: For today, I heard that you’ll be leaving now~ But I heard a few minutes ago that that you will be on Apollon’s broadcast tomorrow~
Jaejoong: Yes.
Host: It seems you recorded ahead of time?
Jaejoong: Yes. Hahaha
Host: THe broadcast will be tomorrow, I’ll be looking forward to it! Good luck for your Yokohama live concert, too!
Jaejoong: Thank you.
Host: Thank you very much. This was Jaejoong.

source: maki tanaka
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