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[Audio+Trans] 131113 Jaejoong On FM Tokyo ‘Apollon’

(Starting at 1.30)
Question: Where do you think is the best place to visit in Korea for girls right now? He told us it is Sonnuikifuying (T/N: A city in Korea, not sure of the right name :P)?
Host: With that, I’ll introduce today’s guest who released his first solo album last month ‘WWW’ Kim Jaejoong! Nice to meet you~
Jaejoong: Nice to meet you~
Host: So Jaejoong, why did you recommend this place to visit?
Jaejoong: Ahh first of all, it’s actually close to my house hahaha
Host: Ahh, a secret!
Jaejoong:Yeaaa so it’s close to my house, and it’s a place that my friends and some staff I know go to frequently. I’ve heard it’s a place that has all types of saunas…
Host: Ahh that’s why you recommend it for girls.
Jaejoong: Yes.
Host:It’s a place with saunas and spas, right?
Jaejoong: Yeah~
Host: Is there a lot of places in this area?
Jaejoong:Yeah, there is a lot .A lot of hotels too. So I think if you’re going for sightseeing, it’s a good place to go.
Host: Ah I see. I’m interested in looking into this place! Thank you so much. After this, there are more secrets from Jaejoong to look forward to!

Host: This is Kim Jaejoong, who has just released his album ‘WWW’. We hope to hear lots of secrets from him today. Please take care of us Jaejoong~
Jaejoong: Nice to meet you~
Host: The overarching theme for your solo album this time seems to be ‘love’. Why was this theme chosen this time around?
Jaejoong: Everyone in the world experiences love right? I think everyone experienes it naturally. I went with the rock genre this time, and the idea I wanted to express was that everyone can understand (feel) the same things. That’s why I chose ‘love’. And the reason I chose ‘Who, When Why’, because if you don’t have someone, if you don’t have a place to meet that someone, and if you don’t have a reason to love that someone, then that love can’t come into existence.
Host: Wow, this really is a title with so many feelings. Thank you so much. Going along this idea, we wanted to ask about the various things that Jaejoong loves~ First, we’re gonna start with this secret!
Question: What is one place you would definitely go when you come to Japan?
Host:I wonder if it’s asking to ask you this?
Jaejoong: Oh no, keep the questions coming haha.
Host: So is there a place you really like, or you always go to?
Jaejoong: Yes, I do~ Like Don Quijote store…
Host: Hahaha! Don – don – don – don qui?
Jaejoong: Yes, Don Quijote. Coming to Japan for the first time, about 8 or 9 years ago, at that time when we went to that store I was very surprised.
Host:What was surprising?
Jaejoong: Everything’s there!
Host: Yes
Jaejoong: Just by that, I was very surprised. It has all the things you need, and things for your house. It sells everything.
Host: Haha they do sell everything!
Jaejoong:It makes me wonder ahhh why don’t they have a place like this in Korea.
Host: Which Don Quijote do you go to?
Jaejoong: That’s a secret~
Host:Haha that’s a secret!
Jaejoong: Actually, even though Roppongi is so crowded and filled with people, that’s actually where I go.
Host: Oh! You told us! Haha so you go to Roppongi?
Jaejoong:Yes. That’s what I’ll say here and go somewhere else instead hahahaha.
Host: Hahah I see how it is! What do you buy at Don Quijote?
Jaejoong: Ah, I don’t buy anything. Just by looking around it’s fun~
Host: Ah I see. There really is a lot of stuff! Is there a type of food you definitely want to have when you come to Japan?
Jaejoong: Ahh definitely have to go to a ramen place.
Host: Ah, ramen and Don Quijote. Such unusual responses ahahha. What kind of ramen do you like?
Jaejoong: Ehh, I actually I like any kind. I prefer spicy ramen. So if there’s a place with spicy ramen, I would definitely go check it out. Actually I want to recommend a place. It’s on the opposite side of Meguro station, the ramen is sooo good there. Have you been there by any chance?
Host: Ahh I think I know. Is it the place that has spicy mapu tofu?
Jaejoong: Oh oh! You know it!
Host: Is it okay if I say the name of the place?
Jaejoong: Let’s do it~
Host: Hahaha. Should we say it together?
Jaejoong: Let’s let’s~
Host: Or should we keep it a secret?
Jaejoong: Well we’ve already said this much, everyone probably knows already?
Host: That’s true, it is a famous place.
Jaejoong:Ahh yes it’s a famous .
Host:Ahh so Jaejoong will be at that restaurant~ The name of the place is Nakamoto Moko Tanmen.
Jaejoong: Is it okay to say the name? Hahaha
Host: Ahahah that place is very good indeed~ Are there any other places you visit when you come to Japan?
Jaejoong: I really like the clothes in Japan. So I definitely go shopping.
Host: Do you time for shopping?
Jaejoong: Even if I don’t have time, I’ll definitely find it somehow.
Host: Ahh, you really want to go right?
Jaejoong: Yeaah
Host: Could you tell us the places or cities that you go to?
Jaejoong: Places I go are usually the more crowded places. Like Shibuya, Harajuku, Ginza. Areas that are really filled with tons of people.
Host: Woww~ Today we’ve heard a lot of secrets! Thank you so much. Next we’ll move on to secrets that Jaejoong’s fans want to hear!

(Started at 0:30)
Question:Do you have any gestures that girls do that make your heart skip a beat?
Host: Ahh, so Jaejong, do you have any gestures like this? That make your heart race~?
Jaejoong: A few years ago I said this on the radio~ When girls ride bicycles wearing short skirts~ Makes me a little nervous…
Host: Eh? That seems pretty normal!
Jaejoong: It’s normal here, but I never see it in Korea. It’s only in Japan.
Host: No way! Is that true?
Jaejoong: It’s true! I’ve seen some clips like that on tv like for commercials, etc. But not in real life.
Host: Ehhhh. A lot of high school girls here wear skirts and ride their bicycles to school…
Jaejoong: Definitely don’t have that in Korea~
Host: Oh I see, they don’t do that…So seeing that makes your heart race?
Jaejoong: I feel like people are going to think I’m weird…It’s not anything creepy~ Just the differences between Korea and Japan. So seeing those differences, it surprises me when I see it so it makes my heart race a little bit.
Host: Ahh, this is a big surprise. Any other gestures?
Jaejoong: I think everyone might be like this actually…Someone who looks at me intently…I don’t know why but it makes me nervous~
Host:Hahaha I see, so longer than 3 seconds? That’s true, talking to someone with long eye contact could make you little nervous. Wow, that’s a great secret!
Jaejoong: I like this~ Next time I’ll come with more prepared.
Host: Hahaha if you remember anything, please let us know~!
Host: Today we were able to hear a lot of secrets from Jaejoong! Now, to introduce a song from his album ‘WWW’
Jaejoong: Yes, this is “Just Another Girl’.
Host: Thank you Jaejoong!
Jaejoong:Thank you very much~

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