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[Trans] 131112 [C-JeS] This is C-JeS Entertainment.

This is C-JeS Entertainment.

Today, the person who was responsible for spreading malicious rumors and false information about the members of JYJ on DC Gallery under the ID ‘Holic’ came to our offices to give her apologies. The parents of ‘Holic’ asked us to take into consideration the fact that she is a minor and requested for favorable arrangements to be made,  but we have rejected their requests. Our compensation for damages lawsuit will continue on as planned, and as we have stated before, this company will not engage in any favorable arrangements or consultations with malicious netizens.

Not only are we dealing with the recently surging spread of malicious rumors and false information about the members of JYJ, but we are also investigating all slanderous and abusive comments that are guilty of contempt with the help of the Cyber Terror Response Center’s intelligence team.

We will continue to post notices on these cases as they develop, and we would like to send a warning to those spreading malicious slander and false rumors to others.

Thank you.

Source: [C-JeS Official Homepage]
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  1. It is very likely that I will get some negative comments about what I feel the need to say.

    I think it is WAY past time for Korean Management Companies to take a hard-line stance against malicious activities by so called fans or anti-fans. In my mind a stalker is a stalker. There is no need for any other label. NO ONE should have to hide who they are just to go to the grocery store, for example. I have to agree with C-JeS in standing firm on this. However, they must stand firm in all cases or the punishment of this minor is simply a witch hunt and solves NOTHING.

    Of course, if other management companies continue to let this sort of behavior go unchecked, nothing in the Korean music world will change.

    Kudos to C-JeS for looking out for its artists. I’d like to meet them one of these days and shake their hands. Nicely done.

    Parents! Police your own children. KNOW what they are doing on the ‘Net and teach them right from wrong. Any infringement on someone else’s freedoms which amounts to more than a simple negative comments, posted somewhere AS AN OPINION, deserves to be dealt with appropriately.

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