Posted by: sharingyoochun | November 17, 2013

[News] 131116 Jaejoong kicks off his two-day concert in Yokohama with 30,000 fans + rehearsal photos

JYJ’s Jaejoong kicked off his two-day Yokohama concert in front of 30,000 fans! He rehearsed for the event braving through rainy weather as seen in the photos above.

C-JeS Entertainment stated on the 16th, “Jaejoong started his Yokohama concert with 30,000 fans yesterday. Jaejoong was seen carefully checking the sound, stage, and all of the details during the rehearsal.”

“Jaejoong’s concert received a hot response from the very first day. Fans lined up since early in the morning to buy Jaejoong-related merchandise, and even in the cold and rainy weather, 30,000 fans filled the venue.”
Jaejoong is expected to perform in front of a total of 60,000 fans during his ‘Kim Jae Joong 1st Album Asia Tour‘ held at Yokohama Stadium on November 15-16 and will make his next stop in Taiwan on the 23rd!

credit: allkpop

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